SR/F Rear Brake Pedal

I wonder if others also have problems with the rear brake pedal. I have a duck's gait; my feet are rotated outwards. The pedal seems very small and I have a hard time to reach it. You all know – I'm a newbie rider. Can this pedal be changed? Go to Source

SR/F Bluetooth-Connection Problems & Cellular-Connection Problems

First of all: Is there somewhere a user guide for the Zero Next Gen App, similar to the 'NOT next gen' one like here: or like in the Unofficial Zero Manual? I would like to share my experien… Go to Source

Whats the thing in the SR/F storage compartment?

Just curious, in the wall of the SR/F storage container there is a small black box, some sensor of sorts. Anyone know what it is for? Go to Source

Poor SR/F brake lines routing under triple tree

I was happy when I saw threads for spools on my new SR/F swing arm, a bit less when I checked if my Pitbull front headlift pin #7 fits the triple tree hole.  The brake lines pass right under it (attached picture). There is some play to move it aside an… Go to Source

Every Day Carry (EDC) Tools

I got to deliver masks yesterday to hospital workers in my area, but other than that have been trapped at home with the internet (my roommate is severely at risk due to health conditions). In my cabin fever, I've decided to resurrect this topic and sha… Go to Source

SR/F charging question

I just got my SR/F, and charged it first time today. Have a couple of noob questions, I hope you dont mind. First off, I live in Norway, and my supplier included a type 2 (female) to schuko, it looks like this:… Go to Source

Max Power with battery < 60%

Hi! Today I noticed that my DSR 2020 was not giving me full power and torque beyond 120kmh-130kmh (I know this is max allowed speed, let's not open that pandora's box xD). When accelerating from a stop I had no problem. I noticed something similar once… Go to Source

Zero Soft Sadlebags

Hi,I'm thinking of buying these: My dealer sells these for €172 ($186). Does anyone has experience with these (how do they attach???) or a picture of a bike with them mounted? I cannot find a picture with th… Go to Source

Cake Osa wins an EV design award

Check this out. Cake wins a design award by making a production motorcycle look like a homemade one. Go to Source

Mission’s IP now lives in Canada

So Damon Motorcycles announced they have purchased the Mission Motors IP.  The speed record setting drive trains from Mission will live on and I hope will make it into customers hands this time. Go to Source