Pike’s Peak SR/F rear break mod

Had anyone moved their rear brake to the handlebar like the Pike's Peak SR/F?  Trying to figure out what that would cost me.  It always made sense to me to put the break there since there's no clutch. Go to Source

Brake pad woes

At 8200 miles, my FX front brake pads are toast. Another 1/32 inch and they would be down to metal. The rotor is also worn from 4.5mm down to 4.0mm with a deep lip on it, and will probably also need to be replaced. I believe it actually costs less than… Go to Source

Knocking from motor?

I've been outspoken about how reliable my bike (2016 DSR) has been, but here we go.. I've uploaded a video, has anyone ever had this issue before? I'm fairly certain that the belt is aligned correctly, and I checked that there was nothing in the front … Go to Source

…almost a month out of warranty.

Two days shy of one month out of warranty, my SR failed to charge. I plugged it in at work last Tuesday, the contactor closed, and the green light started blinking as usual. When I returned at the end of my shift to unplug it, the green light was lit s… Go to Source

Zero DSR Black Forest review

The August issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine (a UK publication – $12 at Barnes and Noble) contains a long "Test Ride" article of the Zero DSR Black Forest model (better late than never, I guess). The model that they tested had the Cha… Go to Source

Should I buy a Victory Empulse?

Hello. I’m looking for opinions on whether or not I should buy an Empulse. It looks like there are dealers that have new 2016 models for about $6000 to $7000. I’ve read some posts on the forum about people having difficulties (to put it mildly) with pa… Go to Source

6 KW CHARGE TANK for a Zero S 2016 Z9.8

Hi, I'm looking to get a used 2016 Zero S and just wanted to check here if somebody has this combination and if so what's the fastest charging time that's possible? Will be get the full 6kW capability? Thanks! Go to Source

Euro 5 motorcycle emission requirements

Here is a long article regarding the impact that Euro 5 emission regulations will have on ICE motorcycles starting next year. This is quite a long article, but the part that may interest you is the paragraph under the heading "What about hybrids", abou… Go to Source

Questions to SRF owners

Did your dealer match the MSRP on Zero's website? What will be the overall cost of your bike after sales tax/registrations? Go to Source

Charging Cord

πpI'm looking for a replacement charging cord for a 2017 S, and I can't find anyone selling a 12 gauge computer cord. Anyone out there have any leads? Go to Source