Looking for a Touring Windscreen

Hey ya'll. I have a commuter windscreen , would like to trade for a touring windscreen.Anybody up for that? Go to Source

Sevcon-adjusments reset after firmwareupdate?

A Friend of mine increased the regen of my 2016 Zero SR a little and saved that setting on the "Sport" profile. So i can still programm the custom-mode.He did this with the original Sevcon-software for that controller. My Question: Does this get reset… Go to Source

New rider, can’t decide.

Hi all, I'm 49 and I'd never ridden until I decided to purchase a CSC City Slicker last year.  That has a top speed of 46 mph which I seldom hit because the battery drains very, very quickly at max speed.  I've enjoyed it a lot but only being able to s… Go to Source

New guy, think of buying 2014 S

Like the title says: Thinking of buying a 2014 S model. The scoot has a 13KWH battery that replaced the original, 21k miles. Was maintained by Hollywood Electrics, currently in Jacksonville, FL. I live near Charlotte, NC so it will be a haul to pick it… Go to Source

HELP my 2016SR with 93% SOC shutting off with Sevcon 0x45C3 Low Battery Error

I bought a 2016SR recently. First 100km no issues. Now there are several Sevcon 0x45C3 Low Battery Error and the bike is shutting off. Battery was 93% SOC last time. Any ideas? Go to Source

Why is Zero ignoring the rest of the world

Zero's strategy seems to be making bikes for the US market only where people have garages and are able to charge overnight. The eurasian market is huge when compared to US and people generally live in cities and can only use public charging stations. D… Go to Source

2013 BMS dead

Hi guysI have a problem with zero s 2013, one day the bike became dead – zero state of charge on dash(but the battery is about 115v), error 2-3 blinking ( bms problem), the contactor does not closes( no "click" sound, no voltage on controller). i've t… Go to Source

Electric Husqvarna E-Pilen

Here is the story:  https://www.motorcycle.com/mini-features/electric-husqvarna-e-pilen-planned-for-2022.html Go to Source

SRF/S why can we only have one custom mode?

It’s such a shame that although I can set up lots of custom riding modes on my srf, I can only assign one of them to my bike with the app.For example I have a city commute mode with max power/torque and max regen. This is great in the city as I hardly… Go to ...

BMW’s forever chain

BMW has come up with a maintenance-free chain that is supposed to last forever. However, they don't mention what the life of drive sprockets will be.  No word yet what a replacement chain will cost if you have to replace it, though. My guess is tha… Go to Source