Vectrix throttle source

I think everyone likes the idea of the throttle used on the Vectrix scooters. Here is a source for the throttle should you want to replace yours.  No guarantee that it would work on your bike, though.  [url=… Go to Source

DSR – Is this the normal front pulley sound noise?

Hi! I have just recorded an audio clip of my dsr front pulley/motor sound noise. I think that the noise has increased the volume and pitch for the last couple of months. I have checked the belt because I adjusted it 4 months ago and it was running ver… Go to Source

New on board charger

Hi everyone,i need your help: i have changed the on board charger (i bought a 67.115.0 Valeo from EVolve Electrics), but the bike charging at maximum 1 AMPS, not the normal 16.At this point i need 50 hours to charge from zero to 100%…Someone know … Go to Source

Zero insurance in the UK

Hi all, I've just put down a deposit on a Zero SR and am really excited to get my hands on the bike. Does anyone have any suggestions about insurance? (I'm in the UK)So far I've tried dozens of companies but they all either won't touch the bike or wil… Go to Source

My 2020 FX Is a Lemon – Inherent Defects

I purchased a 2020 FX with two removable battery modules in October 2019.  I have driven 2450 miles on it, and have had the following issues: The motor replaced 3 times under warranty, and one time "recalibrated" after being stranded each timeI upgra… Go to Source

Half of a charger fail.

My beloved 13 DS had shown a blinking red warning light when I plugged it in after a hotter ride a few days ago so I unplugged it and let it cool for a few hours then plugged it back up and it charged fine.Yesterday I plugged it in and as the contacto… Go to ...

Is the SR/F Power Tank Available for real?

Since the release of the SR/S and the new parts catalog I have not seen comments about the power tank. I cancelled my order Back in Feb based on the lack of “progress”. Has anybody received it yet? Any feedback? Go to Source

Received a Zero e-mailing addressed to dealers

Hi, I just got a french email from Zero which is clearly intended for dealers, with very specific info about a bug justifying the last SDS and F firmware updates for mbb and bms (versions 37 and 30). I'm not sure this info is supposed to be released to… Go to Source

replacement for Valence u1-12xp?

Hi, could this be a replacement for the valence u1-12xp battery?I found a 3.2V lifepo4 50Ah on aliexpres:… Go to Source

Zero DSR Real range uphill

Hi! I want to do a trip to the beach this weekend, and there is 90km of distance. I can charge the bike at the destination, but not along the way. The problem is that the return to home is uphill during all the 90km. The specs says that I should be abl… Go to ...