One year anniversary

It was exactly one year ago today that I rode home my brand new 2018 S after recovering from my accident on my 2016 (which was declared a total loss by the insurance company).  One year and 8.242 miles later it is still the bike I'll take 90% of the ti… Go to Source

Zeros touring France and Spain

You might enjoy watching this 10-minute video of two Zero riders traveling from England to the Iberian Pole (whatever that is): <iframe width="640" height="385" src="// Go to Source

The Long Way Up

Guess what? and: Go to Source

2018 U.S. Motorcycle Thefts

I received the November 2019 issue of the AMA's American Motorcyclist magazine yesterday.  As usual, it only took me a few minutes to read the entire magazine, but I did come across an article in the magazine on page 12 titled "Motorcycle Thefts… Go to Source

SR/F NextGen App – charging values not updating

Hello For about 2 weeks now I can not get the actual values for charging state and SoC from the Zero NextGen App when connecting to the "bike" (really to the cloud backend) remotely. The values just "stay" false. The app shows a constant SoC of 51 rega… Go to Source

SR/F App (NextGen) – API

Sometimes the need arises to access the data that is available for en EV with an online connection from outside the app of the manufacturer. I have seen a lot of solutions for getting the SoC or other data from the Zero bikes.Since the SR/F comes with… Go to Source

New EU electric motorcycle regulation studies

Maybe you might know what sort of regulations these studies might lead to.  I don't have clue. EU regulations tend to give me a headache.  I have no idea how vehicle manufacturers manage to figure them out and put the requirements into production. But … Go to Source

17mm vs 14mm wide belt comparison

I'm strongly considering purchasing the Luna wide belt conversion kit for my 16 DSR.'m wondering how much more durability the 17mm wide belt yields vs the 14mm? Anyone have expe… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse – tipps before buying

Hello everybody,  I just signed up because I'm currently thinking about buying a 2014 Brammo Empulse. I was offered a good deal, however I am unsure whether the Empulse is the right bike for me. I have read that there is little to no service or help… Go to Source

New FXS owner saying hi.

Got my 2019 FXS a few weeks ago, and I'm loving riding it around Amsterdam. I've been driving an electric car for 6 years, but this is my first electric motorcycle. It's pretty quick, I like it. I've had to dial back the preload in the forks, and open… Go to Source