Brand new 2017 DS won’t start – is this common?

My brand new, super fun Zero DS won't start, showing "contactor error" and had to be towed back to the shop after 3 weeks and 200 miles. I am ridiculously dissapointed to the point of thinking about selling the bike and taking the loss. How common is t… Go to Source

New contactor, and coil suppression diode

Hello folks,So I have question about solenoid Contactors. If the contactor indicates the make or break amps is 400, does this mean the contactor requires at least 400 amps to operate. Not sure what contactor is best suited for an Alltrax 650 amp contr… Go to Source

Vigo motorcycles

Hey guys, Slightly off topic, but while enjoying some time off yesterday I found this project looked soo promising: basically answers all the topics on my zero wish lis… Go to Source

DS 2017 — In need of mudguard

I've just started riding my 2017 DS, and I have the Zero OEM mud guard. And that is about as useful as tits on a bull. Why does it have a hole in the middle? My back is covered in dirt and water. I've searched the forum and found some threads, but the … Go ...

Hello from East Los Angeles, CA

Hey everyone! Glad to be here. I'm a 40 something library web administrator who dropped out of graduate school and used my tuition money to buy a 2010 Brammo Enertia. I rode when I was a teenager (CB350) and in later years was an electric bicycle moder… Go to Source

19 x 2.50 FX rear wheel

I really wanted to use the latest MX rear tires but they're nearly all for 19" rims, so I changed out the 18" rim on my '16 FX rear wheel with a 19 x 2.50 Warp 9 Elite (7075 aluminum).  Stainless 9 gauge spokes (9S) & nipples (N9309S) came from Buchan… Go to Source

Stoplight to Stoplight with a Tesla Model-S (with my ’16 DSR)

The DSR and I did OK.  I am sure the driver of the "S" was not in "Ludacris" mode, but he got on it pretty good.  We went toe to toe between two different sets of lights.  We only got to 55MPH or so since there was not much room.  Both lights were star… Go ...

Alta MX / Zero FX comparison (sort of)

I just tried out an Alta MX on 6/15 – details in this post in the Alta section.  It's not a back-to-back comparison, but having ridden my 'MX' recently & repeatedly its perfor… Go to Source

Using the American version of Brammo Enertia plus in Europe

Hello,I would like to buy a Brammo Enertia Plus in California and bring it to Europe (Czech Republic).I have two questions:Is it possible to charge the American version of Brammo from the 240V 16A 50Hz socket (European standard)?Is it possible to c… Go to Source

Aux Port Inaccessible w/ Side Rack

Has anyone else had this problem? Was the rack not installed correctly? Maybe flip that L-shaped bracket? I'm waiting on a Y adapter that may be more flexible and could fit in this space.  Go to Source