cafe racer handlebars:

Has anyone tried this on the Empulse? Any recommendations? Go to Source

Crashed Brammo Enertia Basic on ebay

Here is for sale crashed Brammo Enertia Basic in Neenah, Wisconsin: I would like to buy batteries from the motorcycle, but unfortunately, export to Europe is not pos… Go to Source

Engine does not stop

Today I made my FXS fall on the right side while parking on a rocky place. I was  stopped when the bike fell. 1) But as soon as the bike fell, the rear wheel started to spin fast, while the throttle grip was cut off. 2) I immediately turned off the … Go to Source

New Tire Recommendations for Empulse R?

I got a big nail in rear tire.  Recommendations on replacement tires for Empulse R would be appreciated.  Go to Source

zero application for smartphone

Hello,mie screen is blancso i have the idear to use mie smartphonei am living in francefor speed limit we use metric (km/h), but i am not able the set metric on the applicationwe can chose only on custum setting but it do not change on the ride sc… Go to Source

Model 2019

mie reseller told me that for 2019 there will be a news modela super motorbike220 mm torques80 kwattsand new thenologie batterie with graphene do someone heard about it? Go to Source

Enertia Basic VCU, Pictures and questions

Hello, after i changed the VCU of my not running Enerta Basic, travelled 300 km in two weeks. Everything looks good for me now. See attached the open VCU cover and the look of the schematic. First I couldn't see anything, that looks problematic. Today… Go to Source

Converting my DS into a DSR

I ride a 2014 DSP for about 3 years now and my son rides a 2014 S sice half a year. Recently I felt over an 2017 SR with 2000 km with an broken frame due to an accident. I bought the SR cheap an it was running an charging without any problem. So my ...

Regen across model years – what have you noticed?

  Other than some demo rides of the other models, I've only ridden my 2016 and now 2018 FXS.    On the 2016 FXS, the braking regen felt quite abrupt.  Looking at the app while I rode, torque would jump to -12 ft-lbs as soon as I hit the brake at any s… Go to ...

Good news after bad – Zero and Cyclemax of Gaithersburg MD made things right

TLDR: Zero gave me a 2018 FXS to replace my 2016 FXS at no cost to me after being in multiple shops for months. While I'm tempted to just say nice things since it seems they made things right in the end, I want to try to give a balanced view of what ha… Go ...