Reflective lightning bolt decals added to my new Zero SR, "Flash"

Flash, my new Zero SR electric motorcycle, has been accessorized! • Reflective lightning bolt decals. • DC Comics Flash helmet. • Flash logo keychain. Go to Source

System Fault B40 Error Bike Does not Run

I know there's another thread about the B40 fault but it's burried in the archives so I started a new one for my case.  Sooo the day has finally come Empulse139 is dead in the water.  I made a VLOG about it but here's my story.  I rode the bike the pre… Go to Source

Zero App- Ver 2.2.4(100)- Unable to record Ride Capture

Hi I have had a difficult time capturing Ride capture on my iPhone. I have no problems with bluetooth. I am able to start the ride share capture, but as soon as I put up the kickstand or hip the motor stop switch I get a motorcycle armed messagetellin… Go to Source

Monolith replacement procedure

Is anyone familiar with the procedure taken to replace the monolith on a 2014 SR? My monolith is being replaced and the dealer has fitted the new monolith but they say there is only 3V on the battery? Is that normal? The dealer says they will need to c… Go to Source

2014 Zero S 11.4 – Bad Battery Package

Last November one of the two battery package failed on my Zero.The cost to replace it was more than $7,000That would have been almost half the cost of the bike.If I bought the new battery package and the other one died within the next year, or so, i… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse service manuals, etc.

I have some Brammo Empulse Service manuals that I would like to give to another member that would be able to scan them all in for other users. I messaged a couple members but did not hear back. It's a huge 4" binder with lots of information. Looking t… Go to Source

Have a PDF of the Eneria basic service manual. How do I share it?

Hello everyone.  An extremely generous former Brammo employee was kind enough to donate a copy of the service manual for the Enertia basic so that I could create a PDF to share with the community.  Thank you so very much!  I have finally finished cre… Go to Source

H-D wants to hardwire you

First they were going to Rewire and now they want to Hardwire.  Here is the latest news regarding H-D's Hardwire marketing plan. As usual you will need to scroll down the page to find their EV plan, which seems to me to be given the Buell treatment… Go to Source

FXS 7.2 Battery Removal

Does anyone know if the battery in the 2021 FXS 7.2 can be removed from the bike and charged indoors? Is it possible (if a bit heavy) to keep a second 7.2 battery on charge for extended riding? Or is it only possible on the 3.6 battery packs? Go to Source

Brammo Empulse Snowmobile

One guy from Canada cannibalized Brammo Empulse and improved his Artic Cat ZL800 snowmobile. Go to Source