3d-printable fender eliminator

Hey guys, I just finished designing, printing and installing a fender eliminator / license plate bracket / tail tidy for my 2017 SR. The major difference between mine and the existing R&G solution is that mine puts the plate deep under the tail, where … Go to Source

HadesOmega Spec Empulse TT Suspension Tune + Weights VLOGs

So I finally got around to taking the Empulse TT down to Evolution Motorcycles in Santa Clara to have the suspension tuned.  Wow what a difference setting up the suspension properly makes, it's like another bike now! Before that I managed to get some s… Go to Source

Zero repair centres in Australia

Back in September I was sandwiched between two cars. (Video for those interested <iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Y-pWLT39cac?fs=1 Go to Source

Show in the dashboard the Battery temp instead of motor temp

Hi folks, like the title, how can I show in the dashboard (Screen B) the Battery temp instead of motor or controler temp? Can I change it? Zero 2018 SR Go to Source

Powertank, bigger battery or nothing?

So, what is possible? Current:* DS 2013 (still happy about it, no need for new)* 12,5kW battery (upgraded harnas 100A fuse)* windshield Problem:* almost empty 1 way commute (charge 8 hours at work & home <Diginow in 2 weeks I hope….>) Prefer solu… Go to Source

Front bearings kit?

Just took the Empulse in to get a few things fixed up and the mechanic noticed the front steering bearings were shot and due for a replacement. I was told to get a part number for an All Balls kit – does anyone know what front bearing kit is applicable… Go to Source

Brammo Software

I'm not sure what it is or how to use it but already downloaded everything! http://polaris.diagsys.com/modules.php?name=Downloads Digital Wrench SoftwareBrammo Diagnostics Software (Batt… Go to Source

Belt rubs against shouldered side of the rear sprocket.

The belt of my bike is currently firmly rubbing the shouldered side of the rear sprocket. I've found this helpful post which touched the exact topic in my question and where Doct… Go to Source

Cleaning the white plastics/restoring the white after they’ve faded to yellowish

I was curious of anyone has really found anything or any way to clean the white plastics or "restore the bright white" in the white plastics like the tank and tail plastics.  I have my 2014 DS and the beautiful bright white it came with is now faded an… Go to Source

Do all S, DS racks fit all model years?

So, earlier this year I bought a 2016 SR. Recently I bought a used rack for the S, DS model line. It lines up with the top bolt holes and the seat mounting holes just fine. But what are the small threaded lugs that are welded to the side of the flat st… Go to ...