CF13-CF14 blinker relay

Hi all, The zero manual seems to have conflicting info for the blinker relay for MY2018 and up. Here: it states:"Look at the pins with the midd… Go to Source

Can we talk about battery discharge limiting?

Does anyone have an idea of the actual parameters for the BMS to start limiting discharge? A couple weeks ago I had longer rides than normal and rolled into my garage with <1%. It was a pretty chilly night, and I felt no response at all from the thrott… Go to Source

Newbie, be kind

Okay, newbie here. Just got a 2020 zero fx. First absolutely love it, but wanted to add some more lights. So adding denali pods on to front fork. Love the convenience of the accessory plug. And already have the summoto plug. But I will be first to admi… Go to Source

SR/F Standard vs Premium – which to choose and why?

New member first post. I’ve owned a few different zeros. I always historically purchased the smallest lightest battery versions possible. I ride these bikes for my short work commute and for fun on weekends. To me, the killer version of these 300lbs is… Go to Source

Unofficial Service Manual for FX+FXS owners

So, after a ton of work I've been detailing in another thread, I created a rough and mostly-acceptable XMX (FX/FXS) manual in a few minutes!For context: I copied the existing Unoffic… Go to Source

Whats Fair? – negotiating with Zero after SR/F failures

I have had a pretty bad start with my SR/F. Mostly all seemed to be the issues with the firmware update In November, just after I got the bike, but there were some weird things before then such as the emergency flashers coming on and refusing to turn o… Go to Source

SR/F range display/calculation

I recently was playing with my SR/F display when I managed to get the range display in two places by mistake. I took the bike out for a ride (one of the days it wasn't in the dealer or stuffed on a firmware update) Guess what:  The two range displays w… Go to Source

Couple questions about the Delta Quiq Charger

Looking at getting one of these chargers (if I can actually find somewhere to buy them from) and have a few questions. First off, the only place I've found so far that sells them is AF1 but they says they a North American version, is there actually any… Go to Source

SR/F Heated Grips Question

I bought a standard SR/F but I wanted to upgrade the grips to the official OEM grips and I did.  I noticed that the left grip gets a lot hotter than the right one.  Is it because the right one controls the throttle and there wasn't enough room or somet… Go to Source

SoC 82% to 80%

Hi, Quick question. My SoC always jumps from 82 to 80 when driving. 81 just doesn’t happen.Does anybody else noticed it on their Zero? Go to Source