Zero App Trip meter?

When I try the trip meter in the app, it always shows the total miles and all calculartions are from there.  There's a little 'reset' button at the bottom, but it doesn't change anything. Is there any way to make it show anything I'd actually like?  It… Go to Source

No more "Store" on Zero website

What happened to "shop" link on Zeros website? Do they no lo get have a store or did they move it? Go to Source

SR/F: 12kW charging in US

Was anyone able to get 12kW charging in US? Is this possible? I ran into this, while trying to figure this out: Go to Source

Brake Lever

Someone knocked my bike (17-DS) over and broke the brake lever. I order the replacement part. I swapped the old part with the new but now everytime I press the brake, it does not depress bake by itself. Any thoughts or reference I can look at to see wh… Go to Source

SR/F LED headlight, good, bad or ugly?

SR/F owners, what is the LED headlight like? Is it excellent, good, or so so? I need to replace my 2015 SR headlight and was thinking about using the SR/F headlight instead (if it's really good). Go to Source

Maximizing Battery Service Life

I've found some scatterings in here on this and gleaned some excellent information, but still have a few questions. If I missed the thread or link, I'd appreciate a hotlink. (Perhaps these threads deserve stickying?)Please do not respond with "Just ri… Go to Source

2018 Zero FX with Knobbies

I put some D606 tires on my FX.  So far tons of grip and rides well on the road.  Also installed rim locks and bark busters.  I will report back once I get her out on some proper trails. Also a sho… Go to Source

Repair Guide: Tank Plastic Clamshell Repair

Hi.  Been lurking for several weeks after buying a 2013 S.  Both this forum and the Unofficial Wiki have been a great resource, and wanted to (slowly) start contributing by documenting some of the mods I've been doing.  First up is an option for… Go to Source

Tassaraja on FX 7.2

Hi Team, Last weekend I cruised Tassajara Rd. off of Carmel Valley: 34 miles, 5 hours, 7000 feet of climbing, and 55% charge at finish. Bike handled it all just fine, though I may not be doing the final 4 miles to the Zen Center too often in the future. Go to Source

Does anyone know how many Enertia units were produced?

Just wondering if anyone knows how many bikes Brammo produced.  Just curious.  Thanks. Go to Source