ZERO FX DIY grab strap

Sharing a DIY. Handle…good!Ride On,Red Clay Go to Source

H-D’s new E-bike company

Apparently, H-D is so worried about the faithful berating them for producing an electric bicycle that they had to create a separate company to manufacture their new E-bikes. And they didn't name it Buell.  Here is the story. Looks expensive to me: … Go to Source

Front brake micro switch replacement under warranty

Hi all, Have any European Zero owners had any issues getting a replacement front brake lever micro switch?  I have a 2019 SRF and the switch failed on mine back in June this year.  The dealer has stated they are still awaiting stock from Zero.  I noted… Go to Source

Zero SRF and SRS belt alignment help needed

So I've read the belt alignment instructions that I could find. They all confirm that the axle should be centered using the marks on the adjustment blocks. For reference and https://zeroma… Go to Source

error 601 while trying to register with Android app

Hello all,I'm the soooooo happy news owner of a SR/S 2020 in Paris, France.I've downloaded the Android App in order to connect to my bike. Everything works fine except when I try to register : I receive an "error 601" message.Can somebody tell me wh… Go to Source

SR/F headlamp wattage

Hi all. Anyone know the wattage of the current SR/F headlamp? I'm asking as I'm about to fit a fairing with a 7" hole, so planning to get an LED headlight. Would be nice to get same wattage ( both dip and full beam) so I don't get lots of error messag… Go to Source

Next Gen App Firmware Listing

If you have a Power Tank installed on your SR/F or SR/S you will see two firmware numbers for the BMS.  The Power Tank has its own BMS.  Attached is a screenshot from my phone showing the two versions.  My bike was deliverd with version 17 and has not … Go to Source

SR/F, SR/S Firmware

During a conversation yesterday with Zero Tech Support the subject of firmware came up.  It seems the listing on their web site for the SR/F and SR/S models is incorrect.  The latest BMS firmware is 18, not 17.  Zero likes to keep the MBB and BMS versi… Go to Source

Otten Charger 3.3 kW non-can bus: Does it stop charging automatically?

Hi everybody, I have a question regarding the non can bus 3.3 kW Otten charger:Should the charger stop charging automatically upon reaching 100% SOC / a specific maximum pack voltage or does it have to be unplugged before reaching a full charge?For c… Go to Source

Battery Replacement Options

So after listing it for sale I ended up deciding to keep my bike. It's a 2015 SR. The battery is still in great condition, but I'm starting to wonder what my options are going to be when it does end up degrading past its usefulness. Has anyone replaced… Go to Source