My charging cable solution

My bike is three stories below my house in off-street parking.  I currently have it on a 10ga 100' extension cable that I have routed along the old (and very straight and now unused) garden stair railing.  It doesn't get much if any direct sunlight.  T… Go to Source

Remove the bulb off of the headlamp

I have tried super hard to pull off the bulb from the headlamp, but unable to. It seems like its somehow "locked" in and does not move by more than a millimeter or so. Any recommendations on what else i can try to pull it off? Go to Source

FST : Cellular connection & GPS tracking

Currently, the cellular connection of the FST platform (SR/F & SR/S) to the Zero cloud instance appears to be without additional incurred costs.As a consumer/end-user, I do not possess any information about contractual stipulations, end-of-service, or… Go to Source

2020 SRF – Cellular connection

When I go to the cellular menu (kickstand down) the ONLY choice is: « not connected »As a result I can never see the bike info on my app when the ignition is off. Is that normal? Shouldn’t the bike be always connected, like a Tesla is for example? Go to Source

Installing a faster charger on 2016 DSR

Quiet time, staying in finishing my charger project6.6kW charger from Otten , hard wired to a 3-phase mennekes  giving 6.6 + the CalexWiring a ss relay to enable the Calex when on single phase – handy so the Bluetooth works to check status As there … Go to Source

12v Battery

Since I've been pretty much "socially distancing" myself from everyone (both voluntarily and involuntarily) I've had PLENTY of time for reading.  One thing that has me wondering:  I've seen people talking about the 12v battery failing in the BMW eScoot… Go to Source

Grinding / ratteling noise while accelerating hard.

What could it be?-gears from the transmission?-bearings from the motor?-bearings from the rear wheel?-cogging from the motor? chain kit has been swapped already and doesn't make a diffrence. bike runs oke-ish. Go to Source

future BMW electric motorcycles in doubt

In Issue 1 of 2020, Cycle World magazine interviews Markus Schramm, BMW Motorrad Go to Source

Old dead Brammo, dash won’t turn on, battery help!

Hi, My brother moved out of the country and I'm trying to get his old Brammo Enertia up and running again. It hasn't in 4 years or so and has been in the garage for storage. I plugged it in for a few days and the dash won't come on. I checked all fuses… Go ...

Zero SR/F resurection

So I bought a crashed SR/F. Looks like it's been sitting for a while and was totally dead. I got the 12V out and charged it. Got it to turn on, but the main pack is also dead. My planned next step is to try and charge it from a level 2 and see if ...