Shanghai Custom’s Honda eCub

This looks like fun for around-town travel and it also comes in a kit form. No word about pricing, though: Meanwhile Honda is sitting on their hands apparently waiting for the market to m… Go to Source

Question (theory) for wiring Zero bricks for DC charging

For some time now people have stated that fast charging is the bottle neck for long distance riding, being the only real option to limited size battery space on motorcycles.I also think all would agree DC fast charging is superior to AC in all but Tes… Go to Source

2018 Energica Eva Esse Esse 9 review

Here is a long review of this model, including a video. Pretty positive, but the bike does seem to have some issues that could be improved, plus it is heavy and expensive:[url=… Go to Source

Blog or ad?

When does a news blog become an ad or an infomercial? Go to Source

Lowering the Monolith…

After seing all the new diginow belly pan installations, and Mistasam's / Newzeroland tank installation- I was pondering on the potential thermal problems of having hot chargers below the battery- would it not be a better idea to lower the monolith, a… Go to Source

Batteries last longer if charged on a traditional charging station?

Is there a battery life issue with level 1 charging, or am I misinterpreting what is being said here? "Paschel said Zero Motorcycles can be plugged into any 110 outlet nationwide, although the batteries last longer if charged on a traditional charging … Go to Source

Hello from Minnesota

Hello,     Trying to find Synthetic 10w-30 API GL-1 Motorcycle Oil (wet clutch approved) for a 2017 Empulse TT.  Can anyone recommend something?  I am worried the 4 stroke wet clutch is GL-4.  I am currently using Honda HP4S 10w-30 SJ.  I am hoping to… Go to Source

Monolith Power Tank question

I’m running a 14 SR w/PTMain battery is an 11.4 kwh (nominal). Usable is probably about 10kwh.PT = 2.5 kwh13.108 kwh = pre-PT failing The PT is failing.Should I remove it?Unofficial manual – I didn’t find anything there. Cost to replace = likely $… Go to Source

any ideas: license plate frame?

I've been using the dealer supplied frame. Any ideas/photos of something better? Go to Source

Yet another dumb newbie question

I have the lower of the two optional displays set to “trip 2”. I read the online manual correctly, but their instructions regarding reset don’t seem to work. How do I reset the trip meter(s)?Thanks Go to Source