4 quick routes – and only one short enough for the SR/F?

Well, sorry in advance, but I am bored at work right now so I used the time to map out 4 tours I typically do. I already shortened them because usually on my ICE bikes I do 150-250 miles…So, to tap into the forum's experience, do you think that give… Go to Source

Anyone Have a DSR + Power Tank?

As many probably know, I've got a FX and I like it a lot  but would like to go more miles than it will do.  I've test ridden a SRF, a DS and today, a DSR+Charge Tank. Out of those three, I really like the DSR, but to the lack of L2 charging my area, ...

Charging question for SR/F

Coming from EV cars, Zero motorcycles seem to a myriad of charging options (multiple charging points on the same motorcycle etc).  I'm hopefully going to order a SR/F and from what I can tell the North American models accept a J1772 charger.  I have a … Go to Source

Zero belt repair

I’m on a 2015 Zero SR, on the side of the road with a broken belt. Anybody have knowledge of whether regular motorcycle repair shops will work on it? Also a recommendation for a Dallas shop would be useful. Otherwise the closest shop is 29 miles away. Go to Source

Zero Seat Wanted

I have sent a PM to a few of you, so please forgive me if I seem to be bugging folks.  I'm looking to buy a stock seat or seat pan for a DS, DSR, S, or SR.  My bike is a '16 SR, but they all appear to fit except the very early models ...

SR/F and charging thoughts

So as I sit here patiently waiting on my first electric motorcycle, the SR/F, my mind wanders on random thoughts.  The latest is on charging the SR/F.  This is my opinion only.  Keep in mind, this is my first experience with electric bikes so much of w… Go to Source

Brief First impression of SR/F after ride

Yesterday I traveled to my local dealer for a test ride of the 2019 SR/F. I decided to ride my 2013 Honda VFR1200F down to the dealer for a comparison since it is a relatively quick bike compared to my 14.4 Zero S. I love my Zero, it is my daily commut… Go to Source

Alameda County Sheriff’s Civilian training course

Has anyone taken the Alameda County Sheriff's Civilian training course ( https://www.sheriffacademy.com/class.php?id=103 )? If yes, what advice do you have (um, what will I need to do to pass)? I'm planing to take the course (next weekend) on my 2018 S… Go to Source

It was the charger, not the battery

Here is the backstory:  About 3 years ago my 2014 Zero S with PT started to not fully charge to 100% on both he dash and app. It would stop charging at 98%.  A year later it had stopped charging at 93% and 113 Volts. That was when I bought my new 2018 … Go ...

Another Battery/Charging Concern with my 2019 FX

So last night I'm leaving dinner and I have 30% on my FX.  It's 7 miles home, so I figured I'd take the highway. I'm running along at 65 mph and notice the charge is dropping about 1% every few seconds.  When it got down to 7%, I pulled off on a side s… Go ...