Did my first 200+ mile day!

Yesterday was "Forget About Work, Let's Ride Day" (at least according to Facebook).  Since I haven't had any kind of vacation this year, I took the day off.  One of the members of my club put together an "Explore Long Island Passport Tour" (think of it… Go to Source

SR / F damaged by rain?

I always make sure my SR / F is well covered under a roof or rain proof cover when parked, but the other day I had no other option than to park over night outside without any cover, and that night it rained. The next day the yellow "Check Engine Light"… Go to Source

Does the Charge Tank balance the cells ?

Hey. I am considering using my charge tank as a low power charger, to avoid using the unreliable standard 1.3kw charger.This seems easy enough with a simple cable like this : https://www.evchargeking.com/fr/chargeur-mobile-type-1-10a now my question i… Go to Source

Ok Zero you need to work harder on your next models

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is this true?"Zero SR offers the highest range in the Zero lineup."Zero SR offers the highest range in the Zero lineup. Go to Source

SR/F changing handlebars

Hi all, hope you're managing to get out, the weather here in the UK is simply gorgeous. I want a more relaxed ride position on my SR/F. First stop seems to be the handlebars. I looked at AF1racing and shuddered at the cost of the SR/S replacements, so … Go to Source

B55 error code. "Battery Fault: SOC mismatch >30%…Contact Brammo Service"

Please help me with this error code B55. Bike not functioning. screen now black.Have attempted to take apart but batteries and electronic board very intimidating.I live in Seattle area but would be willing to consider Oregon service. Go to Source

Brake light connector?

So I was looking inside the tail today to figure out how to replace my broken turn stalk (the light still works) and I don't know what connectors these are: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JNTS3QHBYaz4RZRW9 Does anyone?  The three-pin is the brake light, it'… Go to Source

Koso Apollo – Oxford – … Heated grips

Hi, has anyone installed Koso Apollo or the standard oxford or any other type of heated grip? Any points to be aware of during install? I am very interested in the Koso ones and would like to install them but changing the grips is freaking me out a bit… Go to Source

Charge Tank, Diginow, new cable or upgrade to SR / F?

Hi everyone. I have just joined the forum but I have been following it carefully for over a year. I have an S of 2019 and I use it for business trips (30 km a day) as well as for amusement rides. After a year I would like to have more flexibility for c… Go ...