Does anyone know what wheels fit a 2016 empulse tt?

Looking for aftermarket wheels for 2016 empulse tt. Anyone know the specs needed or what other model wheels fit this bike? Thanks for any input. Go to Source

Clip-Ons and the risers Zero Cafe moto?

Hi Saw on the Wiki, What is the brand of the clip-Ons and the risers intalled on Zero Cafe moto? I sent a mail to the contact but I haven't … Go to Source

How far can you push an EV Battery

interesting reading about formula-e battery …. Giacomo Go to Source

Zero S 11K curious

(UK based)I should start by saying that I haven't ridden a motorbike since 1986! However the prospect of a job in town and the commute that it would entail started me down a path of discovery.  CBT course is booked for next Monday morning, so I'll be … Go to Source

Big news about its future from H-D [url=… Go to Source

Father/Son duo with no knowledge of this 2012 Zero XU, battery options?

Hello from Texas! I recently acquired what appears to be a very low mileage 2012 XU with apparent battery death. I grabbed the bike for my son knowing NOTHING about electric motorcycles, but being a pretty skilled motorcycle mechanic. Guess what.. 40+ … Go to Source

Sunday Morning Ride

Nothing like an early Sunday Morning Ride. I've had the bike a little over 5yrs now and I'm slightly under 15,000 miles. Bike is doing well but I need some new grips.  Go to Source

Want to buy empulse r rear wheel

If anyone had a rear wheel for sale please contact me. Looking for 17×5.5 wheel.Thanks Go to Source

Looking for a job?

Maybe the home of the hog is the place for you: Go to Source

Hazard lights

I found a way to get the hazard light funtionality on the Empusle.(very convenient for lane spliting in my case) Find the two blue wires from the turn signallights behind the headlight.they are connected with simple connectors.Connect those 2 with a… Go to Source