future BMW electric motorcycles in doubt

In Issue 1 of 2020, Cycle World magazine interviews Markus Schramm, BMW Motorrad Go to Source

Old dead Brammo, dash won’t turn on, battery help!

Hi, My brother moved out of the country and I'm trying to get his old Brammo Enertia up and running again. It hasn't in 4 years or so and has been in the garage for storage. I plugged it in for a few days and the dash won't come on. I checked all fuses… Go ...

Zero SR/F resurection

So I bought a crashed SR/F. Looks like it's been sitting for a while and was totally dead. I got the 12V out and charged it. Got it to turn on, but the main pack is also dead. My planned next step is to try and charge it from a level 2 and see if ...

SR/F Firmware 17

A new one! But this one is slightly different. I still haven't got it to take, normally takes around five attempts, but the bikes behaving differently this time. When i fire the firmware update, it does it's checks (through the app) and then starts dow… Go to Source

Victory Empulse TT for sale in Raleigh, NC

https://www.cyclesearch.com/vehicle/details/62163381 Go to Source

Charging question

I recently purchased a Sr/s and previously had a Sr/F. When I first got the Sr/s i could charge it and it would give me between 130-145 miles than after an update i started getting very poor miles after charging. I now get between 92-117 miles. I have … Go to Source

Installation of Weiser Technik 2 in 1 driving/turn signal

Did anyone manage to find clear step by step instructions on how to install the Weiser Technik 2 in 1 driving/turn signal on Zero motorcycle. I have a 2018 Zero DSR and I did remove the seat as well as plastic tank but the instructions aren't clear as … Go to Source

Anderson Connector / external Charger

Hi all! I'm new here, and just bought my first motorcycle a few weeks ago: a 2019 FXS 7.2. It's awesome so far! After reading a lot here and on facebook, I've just ordered a 1800w TC charger from ev-components today. Also ordered the anderson SBS75 plu… Go to Source

Brammo empulse r – help a6 code

Hello everybody, this is Valerio from Italy. I've got a Brammo empulse r and i need your help. My motorbike doesn't start anymore and the error code a6 appeared.Please let me know how to solve this problem out. Thank you. Go to Source

ZF14.4 – True Range with 2014DS

Last night I had a rare opportunity to find out what I consider to be the baseline range for my 2014 Zero DS(P).  It was late and all the roads were clear due to the Coronavirus.  I have a familiar route around the roads of Hertfordshire and thought it… Go to Source