3D printed parts discussion

Folks, So I see a thread about fender eliminator, but who else is 3D printing stuff for their Zero and what kind ? I will be doing the tank bag replacement within upcoming weeks, will share it then. Go to Source

FXS – groaning sound disappeared after a couple of rainy days

I had the annoying groaning sound, and I tried to use some belt dressing as proposed in the unofficial manual. It is a form a grease – I did not use a silicon spray because silicon spray is silicon oil which includes petroleum components that might har… Go to Source

New video showcasing all-newelectric bikes available in 2019 including Zero SR/F

New video highlights all new 2019 electric motorcycles including Zero SR/F. I couldn't believe how many new bikes there are coming including the Kymco NEX which looks very impressive. SEE the review of the Kymco I posted in "other electric bikes" https… Go to Source

Moving to the Netherlands

Hi Guys – Any Zero Motorcycle Riders in the Netherlands on the board – would love to connect Go to Source

FX as a dirt bike

I am wanting to purchase an FX.  I managed to sell a bike and so I think I will be going ahead with this.  This is my first post with questions: http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/boards/index.php?topic=8804.0  I know I am asking some of the same ques… Go to Source

Full FXS Tail shortening

Hey All, I just ordered a new FXS and while I think the bike already looks pretty good, I come from a background of always modifying my bikes and the first things to go are usually ugly fenders. The FXS has some ugly fenders for anyone not taking it of… Go to Source

Helmet and faceshield cleaning

Here is a link to a useful article regarding how to clean and care for both your helmet and your face shield: http://www.soundrider.com/current/1904/motorcycle-helmet-care.aspx Go to Source

Startled the parking lot attendant

I was leaving a parking garage last night.  Pulled up to the attendant to pay my ticket.  She didn't look up until I opened my helmet and said:  "Excuse me?" She jumped about a foot.  Guess she never heard me approaching!  Gave me a good chuckle for my… Go to Source

Bar Risers for better comfort

HiRecently bought a 2018 Zero S with 7.2.Love the bike and get-up-and-go. Looking for a bit more comfort and thinking bar risers. Has anyone purchased and if so where & how much?What size is the handlebar, it appears to be 1 1/8 inch? Any other comm… Go to Source

Interesting quotes from CEO Paschel

So I was reading a Forbes article that was an interview of Zero’s CEO Sam Paschel and here are some interesting things I got out of it: Paschel:  We sell between 2,000 and 10,000 motorcycles per year. We're cranking our SR/Fs on two shifts and have the… Go to Source