New Brammo Empulse Owner

Hello All,  On a whim I recently bought a 2013 Brammo Empulse off of Ebay. According to the paperwork, it has about 5k on the odometer and has had the recall work done. I have never ridden before and love the concept of electric motorcycles. The revie… Go to Source

Brammo drawings video

I looking for a video that shows the design of an Empulse, but I have a specific need. Not looking for live action footage. Specifically I'm looking for drafting table type animation of the motorcycle (animated drawings). Has anyone laid eyes an… Go to Source

Dead in the Water

I went into my garage and I noticed that my 2015 SR was showing 00 SOC when plugged into the onboard charger. I turned on the Error display on the dash and I get the following according to the Unofficial Manual: 6 BMS Throttle Enable Wire Error – thr… Go to Source

Delta QuiqQ charger programming etc.

Any Delta charger experts out there? Trying to verify the right program for the Zero. Mine reads 994 when plugged in on the LEDs. This charger works fine. I’m trying to reprogram another 96v that I acquired. Since I don’t have the interface stuff, can … Go to Source

FXS 3.6 Modularity?

Hey all!  First post.  =) I'm looking at the FXS 3.6 modular with the extra battery option for the flexibility.  I'm searching everywhere online, and it's alluded to many times that the batteries can be removed, and charged separately from the bike.H… Go to Source

Does anyone have the Enertia service manual?

Hello everyone.  I was wondering if anyone might happen to have the pdf for the Enertia service manual.  Thanks! Go to Source

Polaris buying Empulse back

Has anyone had Polaris wanting to buy your Empulse back? The battery has gone bad and the dealer said that it would cost 11k.  Good thing I bought the extended warranty. Go to Source

Empulse software and cables

Let's start a topic where we could share our findings on the software and cables side. I start with this :!V6J1nArS!siHe7eJkhPL-9cjuYVa7cQThere is battery diagnostic tools, Motor Controller Software (alignment of encoder and error c… Go to Source

Brammo clothing website in U.K.

Found this the other day and thought that it was interesting.  It seems to be a Brammo website that offers Brammo branded apparel. Does anyone here know anything more about this site?  Just wonderi… Go to Source

SR/F belt adjustment

I have been meaning to adjust the belt on my bike for some time.  On the back it was pretty much up against the rim of the pulley.I had time today and got out the tools.  Hmmm…  My impact sockets only go up to 24mm.  Checks online – 27mm socketHell… Go to Source