First potential problem on my DSR

Well at 37k miles my 2016 DSR finally shows a potential issue. The dash is showing error codes 20, 28, 29: 20 – BMS Low Isolation28 – BMS Isolation Fault29 – BMS Isolation Danger When I start up the bike the Danger symbol flashes rapidly, but when I … Go to Source

2014 Brammo Empulse R not taking a charge

Hi everyone. New to the site I just purchased a 2014 Empulse R that has been sitting in storage for 2 years uncharged. The bike will not take a charge on the batteries.  I read on the forums here that there is a smaller battery that may need to be ch… Go to Source

For sale, steering head bearing plus key blank – Empulse

2x Polaris #3514942 Bearing Cone2x Polaris #3514943 Bearing Cage2x Polaris #3610259 Seal 30×551x Brammo Key Blank require 2x Polaris #3514941 Bearing Cup 40usd + shipping from Montreal Go to Source

SR/F computer hang

SR/F firmware 18. Tried to change the time yesterday and the computer hang in the Set Time menu. Has been like that since then. Waiting to call the dealer tomorrow. Are there any guidelines on resetting the dashboard computer? I could only find directi… Go to Source

Zero FX issues. Throttle failure leading to bike not working.

My Zero Fx this morning decided not to go.I used it two days ago with no issues. I got a check engine light, and it is displaying a series of error codes.It has been wet here, and the bike was covered, but I think humidity might have gotten in it.Do… Go to Source

FXS onboard charger issue

Hello everyone,I have a FXS 6.5 from 2017. Since September, each charge is less effective than the previous one and I'm now faced to a 85% maximal charge… when using an external quick charger, the charge can be fulfilled. Therefore, this is not a ba… Go to Source

Current fast charging options for Zero FX?

Hello everyone Fairly recent Zero owner here (2018 FX) with a simple question, for those more in the know. What are the current options for someone in Belgium looking to fast charge a Zero FX? I looked again in all the usual places, but with Diginow… Go to Source

Regen stopped working?

Today I had a bit of a surprise.  The bike was at 60%, and I ran my errands and… Regen didn't seem to be working? I told it to save its logs, I got 128kb but now I'm not sure what to do to diaagnose. It's charging now because I burned at freeway spee… Go ...

Reverse Display + white backlight

Hi, I have always wondered why the display on the zero's (non SRF/SRS) are designed how they are. The layout of everything is very strange and cluttered and a lot of really small text is used. So yeah I was wondering if anyone had an old dash laying ar… Go to Source

Please talk me out of it!

Today, I rode my Zero SR to Oak Grove Power Sports  (the new larger shop). I was tempted to buy my 11th motorcycle. A new  2020 Zero SR/S Premium with luggage and center stand. For 23K$. No sales guy would even come to me after staring at the bike fo… Go to Source