The latest new battery tech

Here is today's new battery tech: This company plans to make 3D printed solid-state lithium batteries that are claimed to have 2 to 3 times more power density than current lithium batteries.  I hope you won't mind if I don't hold my breath until these … Go to Source

600 Mile Service on the SR/F, make sure you dealer is ready!

I went in for my 600 mile service yesterday morning, turns out the dealer was not set up correctly.  They need a special cable to connect to the bike (not the same as the cable for the older bikes).  I ended up wasting a good part of my day, first wait… Go to Source

SR/F front brake "click"

To any other SR/F owners: I've put about 300 miles on mine and noticed today a firm clicking sound when the front brake is applied at low speed, coming from the rotor or caliper.  Honestly it might have always been doing this and I didn't notice until … Go to Source

Moto Parilla

Anyone recall the Moto Parilla brand of 4-stroke 250cc Italian motorcycles that briefly entered the U.S. market during the early 1960's?  They were nice looking motorcycles and had decent performance for the day, but were outsold by the similar Ducati … Go to Source

Am I ruining my kickstand killswitch sensor?

2 months ago,Come out from work, bike ('16 DSR) is laid down – cover is nowhere to be found. Witness said a dust devil got to it and the cover went flying into the air, trees were also fallen over. Bike's kickstand got a bit bent inward – took it off … Go to Source

SR/F belt breaks on test ride video. Has anyone else broken an SR/F belt?

This video kind of spooked me. Has anyone else broken an SR/F belt or even heard of one breaking?The worrying part was that he was on a flat and level road, not jumping curbs or hitting a pothole. Start carrying a spare belt? Maybe so.… Go to Source

Replacement Stock Charger Buzzing Noise

I just replaced the original 5 year old on board charger that was dying with a new one that is the latest design. The new charger has a buzzing sound while charging that sounds like a transformer buzzing on an electrical wire or utility power box somet… Go to Source

V58 error

Hi, I accidentally posted this to a V58 error thread in the Enertia section (, so now the post is here. For background:  on my most recent commute, t… Go to Source

Have pdf of Enertia wiring diagram.

Hello everyone.  I just acquired the wiring diagram for the original Enertia and thought that I would share it.  The file size is over the 500kb limit, so for now if anyone is interested let me know and I can email it.  I'll try to get a Dropbox link u… Go to Source

EU two-wheel EV 2019 vs 2018 sales increase by 70%

You might find this short article interesting.  It details electric moped, scooter and motorcycle sales in Europe for 2018 and 2019. Total sales have increased by 70%, year-to-year:… Go to Source