Lamb Chop rides the SR/F

UK vlogger Lamb Chop gets his first taste of the SR/F. He was pleased. <iframe width="640" height="385" src="// Go to Source

Brake Pedal Pressure Switch – Replacement?

2012 Enertia – I noticed that the brake light was not coming "On" when using the "Pedal" brake. However, the brake light does come "On" when using the hand brake. So the brake light is working… I pulled the wires off the pressure switch mounted to th… Go to Source

Comparing production electric motorcycles

Here is a specification and price comparison of the H-D, Zero and Energica electric motorcycles published by… Go to Source

Auxiliary lights for SR/F?

Wish list: LED (low power draw), easy install, reliable.Goal is more to be visible more than better illumination at night, so don’t need super bright.Any actual experience?Other suggestions? Go to Source

BMS broke Who can Help

I have a Zero Xu model 2011 (with flat pouch cells). Yes it is old and I am driving it since day 1. Though it's limited performance I have been very happy with it. But:I have busted my bms in building up the battery again with new cells. (There is n… Go to Source

Callum’s Garbage bike build

LMAO! Check out Callum's blog about starting the garbage bike! It has both literal trash and race heritage.… Go to Source

ELI5 How does the sotck charger slowly die?

I have an infamous slowly dying stock Calex charger on my S I am replacing soon. I was wondering if anyone could explain like I'm 5 (ELI5) how the slow decrease in maximum SOC happens. Well, maybe not 5, but assuming basic understanding of electrical c… Go to Source

Any owners near Yosemite?

I'm lucky enough to live and work in Yosemite, and just bought a SR/F last week. This is my first electric vehicle, my 10th motorcycle. Besides the belt snapping on me at mile 205, I find the bike to be a complete joy to ride, and I look forward to add… Go to Source

What suspension adjustments Zero FX to do enduro

Hello, everyone,does any of you use the Zero FX to go off-road? If so, how do you adjust the compression and extension of the forks and rear shock absorber? What about the springs? It would be interesting to find a guide or a standard that can make th… Go to Source

SR/F charge rate rule of thumb

I am a number cruncher.  Each ICE vehicle I own has its spreadsheet of fill-ups with fuel purchased and miles driven.I can tell you average fuel economy for my F350 loaded and empty.I have numbers for every fill-up during my 120,000 miles of Goldwing… Go to Source