ZERO FX doubletake mirror alternative build

I must admit to riding too many miles with really crappy mirrors. Not any more! The new Doubletake Mirrors just arrived and I am very pleased! New look, decided to go with an alternative build and put an adventure mirror on the 3 in/76mm RAM arm plus e… Go to Source

Passenger Footpeg replacement on 2017 Zero SR

Hi fellow Zero Riders, My time posting. Sorry if this question has already been asked. I searched already and I couldn't find the answer. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement passenger foot peg for my 2017 zero SR? I recently dropped my bik… Go to Source

Recommend a Zero dealer for me (London, UK)

Hello, I've had news from my dealer that they are ending their partnership with Zero as of December. Given the huge amount of warranty work I needed on my SR/F earlier this year (more on that here –…. Go to Source

SR/S European road trip story

I think you may find this story interesting, especially as it includes comments regarding the Zero SHAD luggage and how it affects performance. Also, their trip did not go as smoothly as the riders had hoped and included a charger not connected properl… Go to Source

DC-DC Converter Recall, 2021 S, SR, DS, DSR, FX, FXS

Zero Motorcycles has announced a recall, NHTSA ID 20V640, for subject motorcycles to replace the DC-DC converters.  It seems the original converters cannot keep up with the demand when all DC systems are operating at once, causing them to shut down.  I… Go to Source

FX permanently remove charger? Why ride around with it?

I have a question for the experts. Will the unplugging and removal of a stock on board charger create any operational or charging issues / faults on the FX? Plug the charger back in when needed and stop riding around with a $760 charger on the front?… Go to Source

Zero FX DIY front sprocket strap wrench

Providing power to the people by sharing a DIY strap wrench.Ride On!Red Clay Go to Source

SR/F Hazard flashers no longer working

Hi everyone.  Iv been getting to grips with my SR/F now and starting to explore how I want to change the controls. And then I noticed that the emergency hazard switch on the LH bar no longer works. Indicators are fine. Earlier when I got he bike, ridin… Go to Source

DSR bluetooth stopped working

I updated the firmware via bluetooth on my Zero DSR (2019 reg, think it is a 2018 bike), and since then I haven't been able to connect to it.  Anyone else had a similar issue.  I think the firmware update that came out in summer was release 31, but sin… Go to Source

Advice for buying

Hi all (first post). I'm planning to get rid of my car and buy a Zero S. We have another car and mine was only used for my commute to work, about 15Km of road/1Km urban. Also, this would be my first bike.I wasn't sure about 7.2 vs 14.4 because now I'v… Go to Source