SR/F squeaking front brake

What can be done against the squeaking front brake at my 'brand-new' demo bike (3'700 km)? I'm happy for suggestions; thanks. Go to Source

SR/F Steering lock – question

I started to ride my "new" demo bike yesterday. To engage the steering lock, the manual says:1. Turn the handlebar all the way to the left.2. With the key in the OFF position, push the key down and turn the key counter-clockwise. I have some troubles… Go to Source

enertia for sale in belgium/netherlands Go to Source

SR/F – what is the number of the latest firmware?

Finally – I got my SR/F and did my first 20 km. (Remember, it was my first time ever riding a motorcycle as the pilot …). It was good !!  However – As I mentioned elsewhere – it's a demobike with 3800 km on it. The Firmware my bike gives me says 5… Go to ...

New GM battery tech

There was an article in my newspaper today regarding the new GM "Ultium Battery Technology".  Here are three quotes from the article written by Peter Douglas: "Pioneered in conjunction with LG Chem, Ultiums will compete with the incredible batteries ma… Go to Source

Low fender for DS?

Is it possible? Go to Source

Neutral Regen

Ever since I got my 2018 S model, I felt like the 100% neutral regen setting I had in my custom settings wasn't working properly.  I felt more deceleration on throttle roll off in "ECO" mode than in my "Custom" mode.  This was NOT the case with my 2016… Go to Source

Tank storage – USB

Quick question. If you leave a cell phone connected to the USB plug, will it keep charging while the bike is parked and completely powered off? Go to Source

SR-F ordered

I just placed an order for a red SRF today. I am getting it with the tall seat, and low food pegs.Thank you for everybody's contribution on this forum. The knowledge and shared experiences you all provided has been really useful to me!Now let the cou… Go to Source

Throttle defective (SR 2015)

Quick background: I bought my ZERO SR (2015) in 2018 with 4.000 km (aprox. 2500 miles) on it. It drove and looked like it just came out of the factory. I drove it for about 5.000 km (aprox 3.000 miles) with a lot of joy and happiness (hence my profile … Go to Source