Oil seal behind gear

I'm searching for the oilseal behind the front gear of the chaindrive. It seems Polaris cannot deliver it (or it takes too much time). Does anyone know where to order the oilseal? Thanks. — No need anymore. Found them already Go to Source

Question Charging

(2016 DSR) The manual states to charge after each ride but I was hoping to only charge at work or at least do the lions share there (free electricity). Quote To get the most power pack life, recharge each power pack immediately after each ride. [/quo… Go to Source

onboard charger problem

I have been using my elcon for a while now because onboard charger is not working. When I connect charger it clicks but it fails to start charging,on dash the charge indicator blinks red light. Now I was checking with multimeter and charger gives corre… Go to Source

What the H*** did my dealer do?

Last Saturday,  I rode my 2015 Zero S down to my dealer (about 40 miles away) to have my front tire replaced and have the bike checked for the Auxillary power recall.  I made the appointment specifically so the Zero tech could work on my bike (of cours… Go to Source

277V (AC) charging from 480/277 3-phase service?

Hi all, A bit of an odd question — are any of the commonly available chargers able to function on 277V service? Has anyone done so?Looks like a single phase of 277V@20A = 4.4kW (assuming 80% circuit breaker load and 1.0PF). -t Go to Source

2016 Zero DSR Auxiliary Lighting/Questions

Hi AllI'm in the planing stage of adding additional lighting on my new (to me) 16. I will make these mods in stages.  1st up is a LED main & running bulb. http://stores.advmonster.com/h4-r3-led… Go to Source

Continuous and peak power and torque

I see some people are confusing data between the Zero components and the Zero motrocycle rating. Let me help you to understand guys: Let's take the exemple of the 550A current rating of the Sevcon size 6 gen 4.5 controller of the new MY17 SR and DSR. … Go to Source

OPTITRIP EV calculator You will love it !

Ok guys, i have something for you that it's now time to share.I made a tool in Excel to calculate AT WITCH SPEED IT IS BETTER TO RUN to get from point A to point B in the less time as possible to optimize your actions and manage your trip. It take ac… Go to Source

Faded Frame

Hey all, seems like after a year my frame has turned a bad purple color. After removing the battery/side panels you can see what the color should look like. Looks like a direct sunlight problem, starting a month ago I've been sure to cover the bike whi… Go to Source

Blinking switch malfunction

Hello, Have you already experienced a problem with the blinking switch ? Sometimes, my blinking switch is ON, but no blink. I have to reset it and switch on again to have the blinking light. Does not occurs all the time, maybe 1 time by 1000km… Anoth… Go to Source