SR/F vs GSXs 750

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Comparing ’17 Eva to SR/F and having to make a decision…

I just posted this in the Energica section but I figured this might be interesting here as well: I have an interesting problem…. I have a Zero SR/F on order but my local Energica dealer also has a new 2017 Eva in stock, at the 2018 MSRP of 18K.My wo… Go to Source

Alarm alternatives and DIY

I just got off the phone with Zero to verify what my dealer told me – install an alarm like Scorpio on the bike and it voids the warranty. Apparently connecting an alarm to the main cables will do that. Which sucks since I bought the alarm before kno… Go to Source

HHD Rear Hand Brake

I would like to install a left hand rear brake master cylinder.But also retain the function of the foot master cylinder. I find this product through google. Ha… Go to Source

Zero Battery Pack Color

I recently bought a 2014 Zero S ZF11.4.  All the ones I've seen online have a black Power Pack, but mine is silver.  Does anyone know why this might be? Go to Source

Online calculator to estimate range?

Hi folks.  First time poster here. I'm contemplating getting a Zero and it would be my first EV.  I need to figure out if the range would be adequate for my usage. So for argument sake, figure on the 2019 FX 7.2.  Spec are:City = 91 milesHighway @ 70… Go to Source

Zero Drive Belts

I would like to get a rough idea how long the drive belts usually  last on Zeros. We often hear about them breaking here,  but few will post a message about NOT having any problems.  I would like to hear from all Zero owners here. For those who would l… Go to Source

17 fxs, sevcon size 6, DVT, MBB to sevcon canbus no communication

Hey everyone first post here. Trying to do some drag racing with a fxs we have.  It has a 75-7 motor and a size 6 gen 4.5 controller.    Everything was working fine,  we bought the dvt kit and started editing some perimeters for the motor rpm in the dv… Go to Source

Looking for an Enertia in or near Wisconsin.

I just realized that my original post was in the wrong section so I'm reposting it here.  I'm interested in buying an Enertia in or near Wisconsin.  Prefer the Plus model but might consider the original.  Let me know what you have. Thanks for reading m… Go to Source

Battery pack upgrade/swap

do you have any info about compatibility for replacement battery pack or increase capacity? I find info about Enertia but nothing for Empulse. Thanks!! Go to Source