Vespa Elettrica

Vespa going to sell little electric scooter.  No very fast but get's 60ish miles of range and half the price of say a fxs.  Would make a good in city commute scooter I guess. [img width=600 height=400]… Go to Source

[Review] Hollywood Electrics sport-touring fairing for Zero

This is a review for Hollywood Electrics' sport touring fairing that fits 2014+ model year Zero's.Disclaimer: I was discounted on the fairing price in exchange for creating installation documentation. I was already signed up to buy it, also generally … Go to Source

Alta Redshift SM vs Zero DSR

This was an interesting race, its more batteries and power versus less weight. The Alta sure can launch!  Hate to say it I think both of those bikes will beat the Empulse. Go to Source

Motorcycle Aerodynamics

I think you will find this article interesting. In particular, I liked this quote: It may come as a shock to most motorcyclists, particularly those used to reading boastful claims in motorcycle advertising to the contrary, but 99% of motorcycle OEMs… Go to Source

2015 SR still not fully charging …

I know it was discussed in other threads but I searched the forum and found no answer to this and it is a kind of different with these symptoms: My 2015 SR, with Battery pack 2017 and power tank 2018 only charges to about 94-95% with stock charger. If … Go to Source

2014 Zero SR Firmware Woes

So after 3 months of back and forth with my local dealer I finally got my 2014 Zero SR back with a new battery. The problem now is that the bike is significantly slower before I dropped it off. A little back story. I took a road trip with my girlfriend… Go to Source

Removing front sprocket from 2018 DSR

How do I remove the front, splined sprocket . A T30 torx fits but won't budge it. I assume it has red loctite. Besides heating the bolt to defeat the loctite, does anything else need to be done before safely removing it, then the sprocket? Thanks,–Ray Go to Source

Can’t seem to order a 2018 S model

My dealer has been trying to get pricing for me for a 2018 S model to replace the 2016 that was totaled in the accident I had earlier this summer.  They've been trying for two weeks and have yet to get any kind of response from Zero.  I'm guessing they… Go to Source

prepping for wet conditions

So, today my first failed commute in heavy rain. Besides getting soaked myself, the Empulse didn't fare well either. The high beam light on the dash came on and stayed on. Headlight it self functioned normaly so not a real problem. Now put the bike on … Go to Source

Need help.

Hi there, I'm Tommy. So I have the lower of the two optional displays set to “trip 2”. I read the online manual correctly, but their instructions regarding reset don’t seem to work. How do I reset the trip meter(s)? Any help would be greatly appreciate… Go to Source