Sondors $5000 Metacycle electric motorcycle

Just learned about the upcoming Sondors Metacycle that is scheduled to begin production late this year.  What do you think about this affordable electric motorcycle? Go to Source

The Curtiss One has arrived

Got money to burn? Kind of reminds me a little of the mid-1970's Sachs Wankel rotary-powered motorcycle. Go to Source

Brammo Enertia+ for sale in Portugal Go to Source

30% SOC drop per month due to OBD2 port?

I am creating a new thread as the SOC drop is actually not a battery self discharge but the motorcycle is using up the battery even when it is turned off. European models appear to use 1% per day for 7.2 and 0.5% per day on 14.4 models. For the Europ… Go to Source

Sr/S Sr/F driver noise

I just upgraded from a Zero SR to a new Zero SR/S and I notice that the dive is much noisier, on the SR/S especially in the 20 to 30 MPH range. I went back to the dealer and they got it a little quieter by centering the belt but still very loud. Anyone… Go ...

Engage onboard charger with CT?

Is there a way to mode the bikes where we can engage both the CT and the onboard charger for the S/SR/DS/DSR models? I know the bikes used to do this automatically for the older generation ChargeTanks.I see this as beneficial as i see some 7.3kW Charg… Go to Source

Empulse for sale in UK

Hello all. I've just come across this advert here in the UK for a Brammo Empulse. Go to Source

SR DC/DC Converter Internal Moisture Ingress

Hi Guys, As per the subject, I was wondering if anyone has experienced moisture ingress with the DC/DC Converter. I don't mean on the connector, which is a known weak point, but internally within the converter itself. I have had a recurring error 20 is… Go to Source

SR/F, SR/S Charging in Storage Mode

My 2020 SR/S will not charge when in Storage Mode.  My bike has firmware version 18 in the MBB and BMS, and the temperature is in the mid 40s.  The current SoC is 47%.  When I plug in the charger the charging display comes up on the dash, but the displ… Go to Source

Cut Out During Hard Acceleration

My Empulse has done this twice recently.  When I enter a freeway on ramp and I go wide open the bike will cut out.  It feels like it is hitting a low voltage cutout.  It started doing this recently while the weather is cool like around 60F and I still … Go to Source