Port on side of 9DS battery

The dealer and I went searching for the OBDii port on my MY12 9DS today to do the motor controller firmware update.  In the process, I pulled the cover on the high current charging connector on the right, rear, upper portion of the battery pack.  Can … Go to Source

Tail Tidy

So the standard numberplate hanger is an affront to human decency.  Is there an aftermarket tail tidy available or a decent DIY option?   The metal flange above the brake light looks like it would make a simple platform for mounting to. I did do a sear… Go to Source

EmpulseBuyer.com – Next Stop Daytona

Just published a short blog entry to preview my trip to Daytona this weekend. I have a bit of a backlog with my blog entries that I need to get caught up on. My excuse? A very sick family including my 3 month old daughter, and the resulting lack of sle… Go to Source

FX – 2.8 vs 5.7

Hi, first time poster – long time lurker from Sweden here. I'm curious about the specifications of the FX and the difference between the two battery configurations. Version Torque [center… Go to Source

Brammo Dealer Road Tour

BRDT, for short. Craig Bramscher tweeted this photo (and the acronym) yestersday: Quote Brammo Dealer Road Tour (BDRT) Go team Brammo go! Visiting all of our favorit… Go to Source

Brammo’s heading toward Daytona

Team Icon Brammo En Route to Daytona [img width=600 height=399]http://i2.createsend1.com/ti/r/CE/AAF/69A/104820/images/img9868-2-x2.174803.jpg[/… Go to Source

Accessory circuit?

anyone tap into the 12V accessory circuit for powering something?  measuring with my dmm, all the other fuses carry 12v across them, but the accessory one reads 0.  do the heated grips install instructions, perhaps, include somehow energizing this circ… Go to Source

TTXGP Reporting

I'll be reporting on what's going on at the TTXGP through this forum and through twitter (BrammoFreepZ). I was thinking of trying to do a Google Meetup during the race, but I don't know how well my phone will … Go to Source

TTXGP World Series Final – Schedule

No schedule for the TTXGP, but there is a schedule for the Fall Cycle Scene. http://www.daytonainternationalspeedway.com/Tickets-Ev… Go to Source

NYT on electric motorcycles

http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/12/automobiles/electric-motorcycle-sales-are-low-despite-hype.html I posted on Facebook: Quote Some truth in th… Go to Source