Brammo Racing Team at Laguna Seca THIS SUNDAY for Refuel 2012

Just posted on Facebook: "*This weekend* the Brammo race team will be at Laguna Seca for REFUEL 2012, a clean power motorsports event, with the Empulse RR race bike!" Remember last year we got to see some Mission vs Brammo vs Zero action. Go to Source

Misc comments

-Has anybody noticed the fact that you have no regen braking at all, as soon as you start the bike. If you start, and immediately roll downhill, no regen. The regen becomes activated if and only if you use a tiny bit of throttle first. -Has anybody not… Go to Source

2012 Empulse Colors Photoshop

Im working on another color poll (Thanks for the idea 1416!) This time with the production Empulse! The last poll is at 260 votes! I will publish the poll tomorrow morning, but here's a sample: [img width=600 height=267]… Go to Source

Zero "Going Electric" pamphlet

Zero continues to promote their products.  Here is a link to a free 20-page PDF file pamphlet where they offer an overview of their models and explain various advantages of riding electric motorcycles and cover some of the basic technology as it applie… Go to Source

Brammo owned by Polaris?

Did you guys know it?That maybe the reason why there have been some delays… Go to Source

stopped at my local petrol station — and they loved the Zero

close to my place is one of the few left over independent petrol / mechanics type car workshop. I stopped to top up air … with my spoked wheels all the time … the first mechanic came out of the workshop and said – is that bike electric …. now th… Go to Source

conversion LED headlight – another challenge for Australia ….

Had a good conversation with ebay seller of trucklite phase 7 LED headlight, was about to hit the buy it now button and get very honest reply below: EDIT: and here is the right quote !!! before we hackled about the high shipping cost to Oz…. and I pa… Go to Source

Clock for the Zero

I ordered a clock for my ZF9. Check it out. Here is the website where I got it: Go to Source

For Empulsebuyer in beautiful Colorado

Stay safe out there, my friend: Go to Source

Zero in the news, MSF training The comments seem mostly negative due to lack of a clutch. Go to Source