The pros and cons of riding an electric motorcycle

Let me list the advantages of riding an electric motorcycle (in no particular order): 1.  They are quiet.2.  They don't need to be warmed up before you can ride off.3.  You don't need a choke and another electric motor to get them started.4.  They d… Go to Source

Zero MX and Zero X brushed motors

do you think the zero x or mx is worth buying this model year (2012) even though they have brushed motors? i just ordered the zero x and now i am wondering if i should just just change my order to the ds since i want off-road capabilities and i want so… Go to Source

id like 2 buy….

javascript:void(0);id lik 2 buy… either inertia plus or impulse…. but when??? and which one…my trip to work is 26 miles ,,, one way.. 1st 5 miles is 45mph highway (=59 mph in normal driving)then 5 miles of 60mph freeway(65-70 mph normally)th… Go to Source

Riding in the Rain

I just searched through the owner's manual (2012 S ZF9) and it doesn't mention riding in the rain. I plan to ride year-round, but it would be nice to have the assurance that the bike is OK in the wet weather. When I picked up the bike from the dealer… Go to Source

Zero Pics from 2012 Chicago IMS Show

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Myths and Facts about Electric Vehicles

We've seen articles (and videos) about this before, but it's always nice to have a current one in the chute when someone mouths off about EVs not being particularly good for the environment. http://med… Go to Source

Zero S High-Speed Charging

Has anyone received their high-speed charger? When I picked up my windshield and bags last weekend I was told that the charger should be arriving any day now. Go to Source

Edison Award Finalists to be announced 2/13/2012 – Empulse?

Just saw on Twitter that the Brammo Empulse is a 2012 Edison Awards nominee… will it be a finalist?  I guess we'll find out Monday.[url=!/BrammoSay… Go to Source

BRD seminar video

If you have the time to watch it, here is a fascinating video of a seminar discussing electric vehicles by the co-founder of BRD motorcycles (located not too many miles from my home).  His thrust is that electric vehicles are not really all that practi… Go to Source

2012 Zero S/DS belt tension gauge

I asked my dealer to order a belt tension gauge (as shown in the owners manual) for me. I received a message last night informing me that she was told by Zero that they were temporarily out of the gauges. However they were kind enough to provide a link… Go to Source