Battery life

Somewhere I read about how many full charges you should get until the battery is depleted to 80% of charging capacity rather than stating it in terms of the 232,000 miles for the 8.5 battery. Anyone know what miles per full charge Zero is basing that 2… Go to Source

Extension cord too long?

I notice both the computer-type cord and my extension cord get fairly warm duing charging. Obviously that accounts for some loss of energy. The extension cord I use is very long but is about the same dia. as the computer cord, so it seems heavy duty en… Go to Source

Friday Five (plus a few) with Craig Bramscher I see a couple questions by emp… Go to Source

My review of the 2013 FX and S !!

———-  DOCTORBASS review of the new 2013  ZERO FX and S model:  ———-Yesterday I went to our nearest Zero dealer at Chateau Richer ( about 50km from home) to visit my friend Dave, the owner of Univers Traction Sport t… Go to Source

2010 Zero DS Speedo Sensor

My speedometer doesn't work. I'm pretty sure the sensor attached to the front fork is busted (there's supposed to be a blue LED to show it's active, but it doesn't light up). Does anybody know where I can get a new one, aside from Zero themselves? I wa… Go to Source

EU ABS regulations

The June issue of Motorcycle Consumer News contains a news item regarding the new EU ABS requirement legislation.  As of January 1, 2016 it will be mandatory to fit an antilock braking system to all motorcycles with an engine displacement greate… Go to Source

Refuel Races

Any Brammo owners gonna make it? They have been conspicuously absent in the past. I am very curious how they will stack up against the zero bikes, of which I'm sure there will be many present. http://www.refuel… Go to Source

What size crush washer for Empulse oil plug?

I haven't purchased one of these before.  Does one buy a misc. pack of them, or do you need to know the size? Go to Source

Would buy ZERO if only they had ABS. Am I an idiot?

I am SO ready to buy a motorcycle for commuting to work and running errands here in San Francisco. I used to have a BMW F650 CS with ABS (from 2005-2008), and now I am using a 2005 Vespa ET4 that my partner abandoned. I have tested the S… Go to Source

Purchased a 2011 XU ‘showroom/demo’ model in Kalamazoo. Did I get a lemon?

I just spent serious money for me, on a 2011 XU.  The salesman said it would be highway worthy and would get 25 miles on a charge.  I contacted Zero this past weekend about concerns about the range and found out how to test it.  I did two tests.  The … Go to Source