Free money for Zero

California is giving Zero motorcycles $1.8 million for being a green company. I suppose Brammo would have gotten some of that if they were still over there. Tesla got $10 million out of the $20 million that was budgeted. Read about it here:[url=http:/… Go to Source

Good news for Zero, new Grant

Here is a press release on it: Go to Source

Struggling with Color

I keep bouncing back and forth between white and red. The red looks hot, but I'm not a red kind of rider. I really like the white too, but I feel that there's not even enough white there to matter. I think my subconscious has spoken on the matter. You … Go to Source

ESBK Studios Episode 11: Racers perspective on Daytona Interview with my buddy Tom, Mark Miller, and part of my interview with Shelina… Go to Source

Production line

Here's the latest production line picture from Brammo facebook page. [img width=600 height=600]… Go to Source

2012 S ZF6 – Power rating

Does anybody know what the actual power converted into hp is for this bike?Just curious… Go to Source

Lit Motors C-1 (gyro-bike) in NY Times… Go to Source

German 2013 pricing

Below link leads to a German article which mentions some interesting pricing:Enertia+ 7000€Empulse 14900€Both including VAT Use you favorite translator: h… Go to Source

BrammoBrian posts an Instagram pic to Lockerz :(

Just in case you're reading, Brian, here's why I put the sad face in the post title:1. Lockerz does not let me save the images, even when I dig deep in … Go to Source

When $500 is Too Much

My daughter wanted to ride to school on ELMO (Yea, that's Electric Motorcycle…..) long before those rear footpegs from Zero appeared.  Here was my ten year old's solution when I told her I could not take her because I did not have rear pegs like on t… Go to Source