Us driving licence system & Enginge output reduction

Hello fellow men, over here in .de getting your motorcycle license is sometimes a bit complicated.There are 3 categories, depending on your age while getting the license:A1: is for 16-18 years old, and youre may only drive bikes with a maximum power … Go to Source

some good accessories for 2011XU

The XU is really fun to ride, but I find a few more accessories make it even better. There are 3 things I think is almost must have for me to make the ride more enjoyable and more practical (for me personally) 1. First one is the license plate… Go to Source

August News. Deliveries this month! (We hope)

Quote from: Gavin on July 29, 2012, 11:26:28 PM So the word I heard was… In production now, deliveries next month…so right in time for somebody heading to Miller?   This is the month where we should start to see so… Go to Source

Enertia Throwing H73 code (bad/missing USB Drive)

My Enertia threw the Service Required H73 code today- I've not mucked with the USB, so it may actually be bad. I've contacted Brammo and will let you know what I find out- I didn't really see anything else on the forums here where people have actually … Go to Source

EmpulseBuyer Blog Entry

Latest entry in my blog: Some regurgitated information from this forum, some speculation… not one, but 2 (borrowed) photos of the Empulse TTX. Go to Source

Lets try this then.. Speculation on 2013 changes…

My fear is the bikes are just going to get heavier.. I doubt anything with the motors as they just switched to these regen friendly types.. Battery? Unlikely.. New model maybe? possible, I've been bugging them for years about making a stripped down DS … Go to Source

ECO vs SPORT modes

Has anyone done any comparison between ECO and SPORT mode from a fuel efficiency standpoint? I've commuted with both, for the most part I was using ECO mode, kWh/KM was between 45-47. The past two commutes were in SPORT mode and the kWh/KM is around 43… Go to Source

Ford Focus EV review

Today my newspaper published a review by their auto/Prius-driving guy, Troy Wolverton (  He was not overly impressed with the electric Focus.  He liked that it was well built, had a navigation system, a nine-speaker sound sys… Go to Source

Empulse Deliveries Month

Our intrepid reporter, Gavin, discovered that the Empulse is currently in production and the fist bikes are scheduled to be delivered next month (August). Quote from: Gavin on July 29, 2012, 11:26:28 PM [quote author=EmpulseBuyer… Go to Source

SUNDAY! Laguna Seca 2012

Brammo's Eric Bostrom got position 2 in qualifying yesterday.  Race is at 11 today PST. Go to Source