Morgan introduces a EV coupe concept w/ gearbox

Morgans have always been neat (if eccentric) cars – wood-framed sportscars, three wheelers, etc. Wired details a concept car that may be on its way to production. Specs are a little low for a sportscar:* 70 kW / 94 hp motor* 5 speed transmission* 27… Go to Source

Real-world range

Having not yet finalized the purchase of the Zero S-ZF9 that the local dealer is holding for me, I'd be interested to hear from owners (especially of 2012 ZF9 models) what your real-world experience with range under different riding conditions has been… Go to Source

Huntington Beach to Laguna Beach along PCH

I've been riding every friday from Huntington Beach down to Main Street Laguna Beach in the morning after I take the kids to school.  My way of playing hookee now that I work from home   Heres a few pics of the beautiful electric bike down in the mai… Go to Source

Brammo Newsletter This Week?

Brammo had stated that their "communication plan (…) kicks into gear (pun intended) in March…including our much missed Monthly Newsletters…." So we should hear something this week right?  Go to Source

Thinking about selling my 2009 Zero X W/2011 battery…

I have a 2011 Zero DS that is fully geared and lightened up for the dirt, and a 2009 Zero X with a new 2011 battery that just sits there collecting dust… I see no reason to keep it as the DS gives me a solid 30miles of muddy dirty fun! I thought abou… Go ...


hey everyone. My black Zero S-ZF9 is now at my local dealer but I can't seem to get insurance. I have 20+ years of clean driving/riding record (23 bikes since I was 18 – I'm now 49). But most insurance companies (including the 2 I usually deal with) tu… Go to Source

Hayes Brakes

The Zero uses Hayes brake calipers. I thought I had heard of the company before and I looked them up.  Apparently, they are an American firm, with their headquarters in Wisconsin.  The have been around since 1946 and make braking systems for all sorts … Go to Source

Coffee at Dawn

Sadly I forgot to take a picture till I was getting ready to leave….I should have taken a photo when everybody was crowded around the bike asking questions (one had lived in Ashland and knew about Brammo). A ride out to the East Mountain…bikers han… Go to Source


And now for something a little different:  About 30 minutes ago I had just turned on the TV and saw a fellow riding a skateboard down the streets of San Francisco with what appeared to be little effort. The story was that he was riding an Li-ion batter… Go to Source

Try this with an ICE bike…

Swap an engine in your living room! Note that these pics were *after* the swap. No worry of oil, fuel, or anything dripping off the bike. My wife and I absolutely love riding electric! I should add that the swap wasn't because anything broke, the AGNI… Go to Source