Delta-Q ic650 charger for the 2013 Zeros

Delta-Q has a new charger .. they show a picture of a 2013 Zero on their applications page, so I assume this is what Zero uses for the 2013 bikes. Th… Go to Source

The Hopper electric scooter taxi

The Netherlands have come up with an electric scooter taxi company called the Hopper. Read about it and see a few photos here:… Go to Source

Dealer in the Northeast?

So I got an email from "Team Brammo" a couple weeks ago giving me an update on their progress for getting me my Empulse. Apparently they don't have any dealers in the Northeast because I still haven't been contacted about a deposit. Is there anyone tha… Go to Source

Zero Test Ride

This weekend I took a test ride on a 2012 Zero S. This would be the third electric bike I had ridden after the EnerTrac demo bike and an electri… Go to Source

Day of the Dead Parade…

 OMG was it beautiful. And HOT. Over 80 degrees and no breeze. But just a lovely day. AND SO MANY HUMANS!!!! At least a thousand in the parade alone…and then over a mile of people lining the road. It was insane. I will put up some photos and video l… Go to Source

New "Enertia Plus LE" page on

Just like it says: Quote The 2012 Enertia Plus LE was created to address the specific needs of law enforcement, security and fleets around the world. Using the wo… Go to Source

Tech Toys 360 – Episode One – Brammo Empulse Did anyone catch it?  It aired, purportedly, on November 2. I can seem to find any replayable episodes.Here's the photo from the site, however:[img width=600 height=337]htt… Go to Source

My Empulse Test Ride Experience

I rode it yesterday at Bartel's HD and it was fun except for that really bad chain noise that may sound like a slack but its more like a play on the tranny as if there is a significant amout of clearance between gears that it makes a clunking noise eve… Go to Source

riding in snow and cold

Hi all, have come across a video that shows a Zero X Race edition. (bike has PC fans added to cool motor and I believe thats the background noise the first 5 mins – at 5mins only the Agni making its sounds  ). Seems they have no issue with cold and … Go to Source

For Cat in Hawaii….

A photo of a charging station…. It is on Maui….so not your Island…but still…cool to see… And I bet there are already a few char… Go to Source