2011 to 2013 Zero Belt Drive Ratio

Here is a little drive system ratio summary of all S and DS for the  2011 and 2013 Zero Doc Go to Source

ESBK Studios: Episode 22 Interview with John Kennedy of RIT

I get the low down on the Gang from New York. Short:http://esbk.co/2013/05/11/esbk-studios-episode-22-teaser-interview-with-john-kennedy-of-rit/ Fu… Go to Source

Pic’s of Passenger foot rest brackest

Just bought my 2012DS Z9 in March and have over a thousand km on it already. Loving it. I want to put a set of foot rests for the wife so we can take the bike on date night. I really do not want to drop the $350 on the new peg, I have the ...

June 1-2: AFM race 3 @ Thunderhill, Brammo vs gas!

Reserving this top post for race details. Will edit as we find out more. I'm assuming Saturday is practice and qualifying, Sunday is race day. Go to Source

Pricing in the Netherlands

I noticed that EVC (the only dealer in the Netherlands as far as I know) has put up a price on their website for the Enertia +.It is €10.500,- including (21%) VAT. The current US price is $10.995,- which is excluding tax I assume? With the exchange ra… Go to Source

ESBK Studios Special: Post Race with Jeff Smith of SRI and then Brian Wismann of

http://esbk.co/2013/05/10/esbk-studios-special-post-race-with-jeff-smith-of-sri-and-then-brian-wismann-of-brammo/ Interviews wi… Go to Source

FX in Utah – dirt ride results

Here are the results of a dirt ride in Utah on my 2013 FX 5.7 a couple of weeks ago (May 3, 2013) Place: Smokey Mountain Rd / Death Ridge Rd out of Escalante UT, to top of Kaiparowits Plateau. Conditions: graded road with some very rough sections, 1700… Go to Source

I got my new Zero S ZF11.4 yesterday

I picked up my new Zero in Holland and drove it home to Denmark in Europe on my motorbike trailer  Go to Source

Solar powered Zero

Since I live in sunny Florida and work 9-5 each day I figured that would be a great opportunity to deploy some solar panels. I looked online and couldn't find any high wattage, fully portable solar panels. So I decided to make my own. The design is pre… Go to Source

Ghetto helmet lock

Not sure I needed a helmet lock or not, but decided to give this a try.  Basically it's a bar end helmet lock that I found that has a bolt thru it.  If you add clip ons to your Brammo, you get two nice empty bolt holes.  The good thing is that I only n… ...