Brammo. Always Low Prices.

I think we had heard about this as a potential acquisition.  Looks like they closed the deal. Quote Local Technology Company, Brammo, Inc, PurchasingWalmart Building in Talent Walmart re-locating; New Walmart Supercenter in South Medford t… Go to Source

Paolo De Giusti designs an electric motorcycle

Italian automotive designer Paolo De Giusti has designed a slick looking electric motorcycle concept with a removable battery. See the article and some cool photos here: [url=… Go to Source

One BILLION dollars

From the Wall Street Journal:… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse RR in the Corkscrew

Some great photos of Steve Atlas on the Empulse RR in the corkscrew at Laguna Seca (from the EV Live event) are over on Hell for Leather Magazine.  Let me know if you can/can't see the photos.  I definitely don't want to link directly to the gallery…… Go to Source

Guerrilla Charging

I'm off today and I'm waiting for a hair cut when I decided to take a walk around the shopping strip looking for outlets. Some may think it's stealing power but I don't. If the plug is there then to me it's a potential charge point. I have no problem b… Go to Source

More funds raised…… Go to Source

squeaky noise swingarm / rear suspension

Hi all started noticing a squeaking noise around the rear, swingarm, rear suspension. When I push the bike down or ride across bumps one can hear it. Have not been able to exactly locate it though. Looked for anything caught – no mouse to be found  … Go to Source

Zero S – kickstand touches ground on left tourns

Hi,I have 600km on my new 2012 S ZF9 now and already had the side kickstand scratch the road 2 times on left turns. It's really a bad sound and a very worried feeling … Is this common problem or am I riding kinda strange? Chris Go to Source

Want to cover Laguna Seca? Please Donate! "Yes folks, unfortunately money does talk.  I really want to go to Laguna Seca to try to br… Go to Source

On board charger failure?

I rode to work today and plugged my bike in, as usual. I used 5 bars going in. When I came back to ride it back home I was surprised to see that the bike isn't fully charged (after 9+ hours of charging). It was missing the top two bars. I initially tho… Go to ...