2013 Zero lineup

— Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle Lineup Yet – Arriving in Dealerships January 2013 — By Zero Motorcycles SANTA CRUZ, CALIF., OCT. 1, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced it… Go to Source


I bought my 9DS from a dealer about 150 miles down the turnpike from my house.  I drove my trade in up to the dealer, picked up the bike and tried to make the 52 miles to the first service plaza where a bud was meeting me with a truck.  I put the bike … ...

EV Plug Wars – An interesting article on Wired

I just saw this article about Tesla motor's new "supercharger" and the plug wars that seem to be on…http://www.wired.com/opinion/2012/09/ev-plug-wars/ Go to Source

Contact from Brammo

Brammo hasn't been all that communicative in the past, so when they do say something, it's worthy of note. The latest news I have from them is an email that said: Quote Hello,  The wait is getting shorter and shorter for your Brammo Empulse!  We are… Go to Source

Belt Life, 2012 D and DS

I've got just over 4K miles on my DS and need a rear tire.  Avons are my choice for the super motard look. I read in another post about a belt snap at 6K miles.  I normally go for as much as I can once I get the tools out so, my question is- How ...

2013 models to debut at Intermot

I am planning to be there on the 6th and will shoot some photo's off course! https://twitter.com/ZeroMC_Germany/statuses/251615871376711680 Go to Source

The sad story of my Enertia + order

As you may remember, last August I ordered a black Enertia+ here in the Netherlands. Delivery would be end of August, the Belgian distributor promised. I could not be happier that the long wait was finally over!I was going the be the first Brammo owne… Go to Source

Guerrilla charging at my BMW dealer

Today I guerrilla charged at my BMW dealer, located 40 miles away, while visiting them to buy a small part. The shop has a nice unsecured 120V covered outlet on the service department's exterior wall. After charging for a couple of hours, I let the ser… Go to Source

Zero XU in new Bond movie?

Just saw a preview of new James Bond movie and swear I saw a Zero if just for a few frames. Anyone have access to the Net to check? Go to Source

With 108 cells in a ZF9, whats the chance a few aren’t as strong as the others?

Ok, so I have a little over 10,000 miles on the 2012 ZF9.  Had it for almost exactly 5 months now, although it was out of commission for almost a month while I waited for a belt and then a new BMS board, so a good 4 months of riding it every day.  1/2 … ...