Anti-Theft devices

So…. anyone got/or will install anti theft devices on their rides? Ideas? comments? Was thinking at the very least a disk lock for whenever I'm out and about, or when it's home on a weekend we're gone (we have a house alarm as well). Might eventually… Go to Source

Brake Servicing

Since there doesn't seem to be a sub-forum yet on how to service the Empulse models, I will post this link to a good article on repairing and servicing motorcycle brakes, such are used on the Empulse, as a future resource when the time comes to perform… Go to Source

Brake Servicing

Bike Bandit has published a pretty decent general information article on how to service and repair motorcycle braking systems, such as are used on Brammo motorcycles.  You can see it here: [url=… Go to Source

Dealing with the Clunk

I'm finding the "transmission slop", which we're all calling "the clunk" on this forum, to be quite distracting, and even somewhat risky in some situations. Slow CirclesI was practicing some slow circles and figure eights in the street in front… Go to Source

MX (Cross post with 2013 forum)

Does anyone have experience with the MX?  I am looking for something to ride in a residential setting that won't disturb the neighbors. Will the MX disappoint? Go to Source


If you want to present a fairly detailed view of an Empulse R, using Photosynth can give you some interesting results. Check out my latest blog post:… Go to Source

Florida Man: the superhero we have, not the superhero we need or deserve

Saw this amusing twitter feed. It's auto-generated from florida newspaper headlines that contain "Florida Man". The headlines are typically amusing, sometimes vulgar. Quote Florida Man Arrested For Spanking P… Go to Source


Does anyone have an MX or its predecessor?  I am looking for something to be able to ride motocross in a residential area without disturbing the neighbors. I am inclined to wait for the KTM since they have more experience building dirt bikes, but would… Go to Source

Anybody get stranded?

As you have probably read, a blogger for the NYTimes recently got stranded in a Tesla Roadster going from DC to Boston and back.… Go to Source

Mount Diablo

This weekend on a whim I decided to see how the Empulse fared going up Mount Diablo — for those not in the bay area, it is apparently about 3800 ft or so.  Got to the base with roughly 66% charge, a… Go to Source