zero motorcycles 2013 website update

So, just a month to late, the site of zeromc has been updated to the new bikes. Horray!featuring some videos, prices etc. for your convenience: The pricing still pisses me of. … Go to Source

Wow…. $1800 more for CHAdeMO

I was just looking over the accessories page and saw the $1800 extra for the CHAdeMO adaptor.  I find that a bit surprising given that Zero has promoted the 2013s as CHAdeMO capable.  I guess they are if you add 11 !/4 percent to the price of the bike … Go to Source

We’re on Zero’s new website!!!

If you haven't already checked it out, here are some customer experience videos starring members of this board!  I think they did a great job editing the videos.… Go to Source

Zero updates there website with 2013 model info.

Just a heads up to all Zero has updated there website with 2013 model info, for those not on the zero mailing list, and its looks as good as there bikes. [url=… Go to Source

AC Charge Port Cover for 2012 DS

Just took delivery of a leftover 2012 Zero DS last week.    Still awfully cold and wintery here in Idaho but it broke up into the high 30s last week and I took the new bike for a spin.   I am very happy with the new ride and looking forward to warmer w… Go to ...

1st 2013 Zero Bikes delivered to customers!

I know it's buried in another thread, but I though it deserved it's own…. Can't wait to see some real world reviews and videos Go to Source

Consumer Reports tests the Focus EV and MiEV

Consumer Reports in their March issue, tests the Ford Focus EV and the Mitsubishi MiEV, which I will get to in the next paragraph.  But they have also driven the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, Toyota RAV4 EV, Chevrolet Spark EV, the Honda Fit EV a… Go to Source

2010 DS – Burning Smell coming from Motor

Hello everybody! I just bought myself a used 2010 DS with around 100 miles on it. I've ridden it for a couple of days and it seemed fine, but yesterday, I noticed a strong electronic burning smell when I was at stop signs. When I got home, I noticed a … Go to Source

HELD Piston Jacket for Sale

BRAND NEW HELD PISTON. $100 + Shipping. Very high quality comfortable and stylish Textile Jacket.  Good for summer and winter (with the included liner). I paid $200 not including shipping from Germany, but unfortunately its a tad big on me.  This Jack… Go to Source


What have you been able to use on the Empulse for storage? So far, Shinysideup has demonstrated a couple of options: Storage for the parking break.[/l… Go to Source