Charging stations are growing in number…slowly….

So we have two public charging stations in Albuquerque. Santa Fe just added 2 also.… Go to Source

Could We Be Lucky? The Mission "Unicorn" May Become Real!!! As long as the right OEM picks it up and does a good job this would be sweet!!! Go to Source

Super Impressed With This

Hey folks, been a while since I posted on here, being active duty military will do that! Anyway came across this and was extremely impressed with this guys machining and engineering skills and thought I would share. [url=… Go to Source

100 degree desert 2012 DS dirt ride

Today I did a 9.3 mile dirt ride, in 100 degree (F) heat starting and ending at my desert cabin with no problems. I was on my 2012 DS and it preformed flawlessly. I also got to try out my new handlebar mouted momentary switch that puts it into ECO mode… Go to Source

A&R reviews the Mission R

Here is a long review, containing a lot of hot air and some nice photos, of the Mission R by Asphalt & Rubber. They ride the bike from San Francisco to Stinson Beach in Marin County, north of SF. Naturally, they run the bike's 14 kWh battery pack out o… Go to Source

Feds working on the electric MC rebate — almost approved

Approved in subcommitee, just waiting on full Senate approval. [url=… Go to Source


Anybody know where they hide the TTXGP standings? Gavin Go to Source

Mission R Review.

Here is a very nice long article about the Mission R. "It is funny, for how much talk there is about how electric motorcycles will always lack the soul of a gas-powered motorcycle, the connection between rider and machine is surprisingly more entrenche… Go to Source

Handlebar switch works great!

I installed a double pole momentary (spring return) switch to do two functions. When riding in SPORT mode actuating the switch with my left index finger puts the bike into ECO mode and it also lights the stop light which puts it into the highest regen … Go to Source

2012 model Zero reliability issues and repairs

I thought it would be a good idea to put all of the problems that we have experienced, our mileage, riding style and how the problem was addressed by Zero, in one location for easy reference. I am an easy rider, rarely go far on the freeway, never ride… Go to Source