How much power do you need?

When I first started riding on two-wheels, 5 hp was all that I could afford.  That got me up to about 50 mph and got me down the road. It just took awhile.  My first real motorcycle was a 1963 Yamaha YD3. It had about 10 hp at the rear wheel (18 PS cla… Go ...

Hey all

Picked up my white Empulse R last week and have been riding it around with a stupid grin on my face so much that I forgot to register here and say hi.  I live in Oakland and work in SF, so you might encounter me in either of those places laughing mani… Go to Source

Custom Brammo in Italy

Just saw this story.  "Brammo Timeless" (Rough translation): Quote Origgio (VA). Italy. January 31, 2013. The OMT Garage Origgio (VA), relying… Go to Source

City Biike test riding the Empulse R today

A little bird (hopefully one that just pooped) just told me that Gabe Ets-Hokin, the editor of San Francisco's monthly City Bike magazine, will be riding around the Bay Area today on an Empulse R (most likely on loan from Don at Scudera West).  … Go to Source

Just growling in the rain (2012 S ZF6)

Tuesday night I rode home in an unexpected steady light rain.  The bike had been outside, covered, all day, temperature in the 30s. Right from the start I noticed an unusual motor growl — similar to the usual electric motor noise but much louder and w… Go to Source

Toyota to build an I-Road

According to this report, Toyota plans to announce a concept electric vehicle that seems to be an updated version of the 1950's Messerschmidt 200, called the I-Road.  Read more here: [url=… Go to Source

Agni motor trouble (again) on Zero 2011S

Hi all,me again, still seem to be running into problems with the Agni motor after every couple of k miles. Replaced the motor about 6 months ago with similar originating symptoms. In the hope that other rides have experienced similar and know more of … Go to Source

BMW sells Husqvarna

Today BMW announced that they are selling Husqvarna to KTM.  So why is that being posted here?  Because the press release includes the following statement: "The next step in the expansion of the product line-up in this segment will be the series la… Go to Source

JCAMJAMES just posted a photo…

"New Enertia Plus just in…any favorite colour?" Go to Source

a broken frame

No good day today. I took a ride with my Brammo to the office, as it´s spring time in vienna. 10 degrees! But it also has been very stormy, and after some hours a colleague told me that the wind has thrown my bike to the ground. Not that bad, the fron… Go to Source