Teach Me Please

My answer to the question you will read shortly is this- Because the battery is rated at a higher kWh. Here is the question- An electric bicycle weighing about 46lbs with a 2.3Kw/3hp motor running off a .53kWh battery has a top speed of about 31 mph. … Go to Source

Extra power cable — where to buy?

I would like to buy an extra power cable for the internal charger. The socket looks just like a PC power supply socket but most PC cables are 18 AWG which is way too small for charging the bike. I was looking for either 14 AWG or 12 AWG cable but had n… Go to ...

Shelina Moreda on the Brammo YouTube Channel

Brammo uploaded several videos featuring Shelina Moreda. Brammo Q&A – Shelina Moreda: First impressions riding the Empulse! Go to Source


http://www.oyetimes.com/sports/other-sports/23396-a-fly-in-my-eye-why-electric-motorcycles-are-stupid This article is…well interesting. Y… Go to Source

Brammo Swag

Seriously … what else was in those Brammo backpacks they gave out at the launch?  I had to find this on Facebook. Go to Source

2012 S ZF9 pdf manual?

Hi all, I ordered the S ZF9 today and was wondering if anyone has the manual in pdf form that they could send me.   I'd like to be prepared for delivery..  Thanks! Go to Source

Mercedes-Benz makes an e-scooter

It looks like everyone is getting into the EV business – or at least dipping a toe into the pond. Here is a short video showing the building of the cute "Smart Escooter" (catchy name, huh?) [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tA… Go to Source

Empulse Wallpaper

I am not too sure what wallpaper is but you can see it here: http://www.ultimatemotorcycling.com/2012-brammo-empulse-r-wallpaper (I tried wallpaper, but I prefer paint or pa… Go to Source

Use my TCO Calculator to Help You Make a Decision!

For those who dont follow me on Twitter… I have just updated my TCO calculator and PV Calculator apps… Check em out: TCO: http://www.empulsebuyer.com/tcoCalculator.php PV: [url=http:/… Go to Source

WiFi Watt Meter?

With my 2012 S ZF6 coming in a week or so, I'd like to monitor my consumption from day one.– What is the preferred meter people use? (only saw Kill-a-watt in a forum search)– Are there internet capable meters available so I can monitor remotely? ie, … Go to Source