AirHawk seat pad

I installed the Corbin low seat (which was hanging on my dealer's wall at the time) and found it to be wider but just as hard as the stock seat for my tender butt.  So I then installed a Butt Pad that I had in my closet.  It worked OK on my BMW (anothe… Go ...

Brammo Dealer Requesting A Deposit for the Empulse

I received an email from the local dealership requesting a refundable $500 deposit by 10/31/12 for delivery around end of November through December.  Awesome news I think I'm going to call right now! Go to Source

Enertia in Boise, Idaho Quote Are you tired of paying for gas? Would you love to own a motorcycle that you will never, ever, have to pull into a gas station? If you ar… Go to Source

Ask an Electric Motorcycle Racer

I was riding in today and, for the first time ever, I was listening to music.*  I got to thinking, given that electric motorcycles are (relatively speaking) pretty quiet, they would allow a racer to listen to music during his (or her) race.  And then I… Go to Source

Costs of CHAdeMO infrastructure rollout

Cross-posted on the Brammo Forum. 47000 miles of interstate in the US. Nissan sells a $10k CHAdeMO station. Figure installation is $10k apiece. Say servicing is $500/station/year, figure… Go to Source

is it just me?

i am having trouble interpreting my charging indicators, as they differ from the manual.  attached is a right-side-up pic of my indicators.  the second one down (AC) is solid amber.  the last one (iiiii) is flashing amber.  what does this mean? Go to Source

Condensed Information for those new to electrics

I'm relatively new to current electric technology, especially vehicle stuff.  I played with electric RC (planes and helicopters) so I am somewhat familiar with battery pack ratings and descriptions along with speed controllers and brushless motors.  I … Go to Source

Controller firmware update

I read in one of the posts that the firmware update recall is done via CAN using a USB to CAN tool.  Can anyone verify this? I ask because I've done a few firmware update tools for a few car tuners along with lower modules and the like.  All were CAN b… Go to Source

2013 CHAdeMO charging

Ok, so I'm really excited about this as sometimes I ride my bike 200-300 miles a day. Trouble: Not a single CHAdeMO charger in Florida.  They're mostly on the west coast. But that's ok, I just want to know what the batteries can handle. If it's 11.4kwh… Go to Source


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