Unfair Comparison!

Has anyone seen this video? 2012 Zero S and Brammo Enertia Walk-Around! They say in the beginning that they are not there to compare the two, then that's all they do…. Go to Source

Zero to Hero – Australian Motorcycle News – May 2012

There is a interesting article in Australian Motorcycle News May 2012 Vol61 No22 p62-64 Interviewing Karl Wharton who was instrumental in Triumph re-launch and worked as Managing Director/CEO for 17 years now works as Chief Operating Officer and under … Go to Source

Empulse Marketing Boo Boo

I know other threads have covered this and I've said it before but I think it's worth going over again. I think Brammo have the marketing for the Empulse all wrong, certainly for Europe and here's why: Thanks to very technically astute people on th… Go to Source

What Happened to Motoczysz?

It's like they disappeared. You go to their website to look at motorcycles and the newest they have is the " '11 E1pc- coming soon " and it's greyed out. Anyone know what's up? Go to Source

Reservation change?

I read in this article: "If you already pre-ordered, do so again to specify which model you want. Source: Gas 2.0 (http://s.tt/1bmfr)" Do we really have to re-preorder? I dont believe Brammo mentioned anything to that effec… Go to Source

European charger idea

Because 240V is the standard outlet in Europe would it be possible to have the optional second charger fitted to the bike permanently and always charge with 2KW? A single 240V outlet would handle that without problems. Almost all outlets in my country … Go to Source

I.E.T. and Other Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers

A simple Google search of "Electric Motorcycle" and "Electric Motorcycle Transmission" returns the obvious results of mostly Brammo, the Empulse, Engage etc… Brammo is the only manufacturer with a production electric motorcycle that has the I.E.T. Th… Go to Source

Work Parking Spot

Got permission from my employer to plug in at work.Even better, the spot is under a porch, so it's in the shade and rain-free!How cool is that? Go to Source

Jay Leno reviews the Mission-R

See Jay Leno and the Mission-R motorcycle story in an 18-minute video here: http://www.autoblog.com/2012/05/14/mission-motors-mission-r-electric-… Go to Source

Jay Leno reviews the Mission-R

Here is a link to a 18-minute video showing Jay Leno reviewing the Mission Motors Mission-R motorcycle:  http://www.autoblog.com/2012/05/14/missi… Go to Source