2012 Zero suspension adjustment and settings

I thought I would start a thread about adjusting the 2012 Zero suspension.  The owner's manual is detailed about adjusting the suspension, but it doesn't provide any stock settings, other to say that the rear shock preload is set up for a 180-pound rid… Go to Source

I bought a Zero

As some of the members here already know, on Friday I picked up the ZF9 Zero S that I ordered late last December. If you want to read about the my experiences owning the bike so far you can visit [url=http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/boards/index.php… Go to Source

Banned from elmoto.net ???

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Has anyone been banned from elmoto.net ? I registered in order to see pictures, forgot my password, retrieved the password, and now I'm banned    Go to Source

Grocery run….

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I think I will get the side bags…. Gavin Go to Source

Windshield Makes a Difference

I got the windshield today for my Zero S ZF9. The first thing I did was hop on the freeway to check the top speed. Instead of maxing out at 79 MPH – the speedometer kept climbing… to 83, and then a second later to 84… and for just a split second I … Go ...

Folks who build their own bikes.

Here's a video of a couple of guys trying out their home built bikes. Electric motorcycles chase around parking lot More info here:http://experimentalev… Go to Source


While we're all enduring the Great Wait (which will hopefully end some time this month), here are a couple of videos from the past. July 2009. At around 0:50, note the curious collection of drawings that show what the Enertia could have looked l… Go to Source

Real World Range 2012 S ZF9

First of all – THERE ARE ELEVEN (11) BARS ON THE FUEL GAUGE – what a strange number.I thought there were twelve when I first posted. In the owner's manual the diagram shows ten bars. But there are actually eleven. Really. Real World Riding Range from … Go to Source

Electric Bikes in China.

Check out this guy. He has a rather large collection of videos about being an Expat in China (i.e. a foreigner), and a few of them are about the practicalities of owning an electric scooter. In this video, he replaces a set of batteries. Part 1:[url=h… Go to Source

Haven’t done this in a few months: The Place for Feb 2012 Brammo NEWS…

Feeling hopeful that we hear something this month*….but I could be ever so wrong. Gavin *and by "something" I'm kinda hoping on final specs and delivery dates and such…oooo, maybe a special edition collaboration with Icon? Go to Source