KTM Freeride E

News on KTM's e-motocrosser: http://blog.derestricted.com/greenmotoring/ktm-freeride-electric-test-ride/[url=http://blog.derestricted.com/greenmotoring/ktm-freeride… Go to Source

What would you change?

I asked something like this earlier, but the options may have been too limiting… This one should be allow you to select all that apply. Go to Source

Electric Pride- Show It Off!

Monday is ride to work day, let's hope a lot of riders follow along. In the spirit of all things motorcycle, more specifically to this forum, all things electric motorcycle, lets list make this post about personal electric motorcycle stories, photos an… Go to Source

Need Help understanding a 2011 Zero S please.

My wife just bought one and the range she is getting is an average of 16miles until the battery guage up at the Instrument panel is flashing no bars. She and I have tryed a bunch of throttle practices but still the same result. Is this normal? Is there… Go to Source

Empulse pit stop

@brammodesigner: Great week of testing the #Brammo #Empulse! Aaron getting the F1 pitstop treatment…  http://m.lockerz.com/s/217522431 Go to Source

Custom Plates

I finally got around to mounting my license plate – anyone else get custom plates? I also ordered a custom license-plate frame… which I haven't received yet (photo coming soon). Go to Source

Empulse R in Europe

Found on the site Lautlos Germany. Price : 15.149,00 €  (inc. taxes)delivery: end 2012 start 2013 http://www.lautlos-durch-deutschland.de/index.php?id=253&tx_lddproducts_… Go to Source

Zero S and DS different fork ?

I guess that these fork are the exact same except one is less extended.. ? but if so… how can i drop mine ( a DS ) to become same lenght as an S ?.. is there some spacer block to remove inside?.. or repalcing the spring inside? Doc Go to Source

Ashland cop….

Not my thread…a "found" thread. http://www.xt225.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=97854 Gavin Go to Source

The Place for June 2012 News

Okay, we skipped May, obviously there was a lot of new information and Empulse shiny to go around : ) So what's the word on deliveries? Enertia Plus"US deliveries are expected to commence in Ju… Go to Source