Adding Balance connector to a Zero battery

I got my zero 2011 motorcycle recently and decided to add a cell balance connector to allow me to monitor the cells voltage with the celllog8 cheap RC devices and also to actively rebalance it faster just in case. The interior wires i added to teh cell… Go to Source

MIC develops electric motorcycle top speed test

The MIC (Motorcycle Industry Council) has developed a standardized method for testing electric motorcycle top speeds, so that direct comparisons can be made between various models (instead of various advertizing departments' puffing).  Read about it in… Go to Source

NEDRA drag racing records

The Zero bikes would be classified as a PMC (production motorcycle class) / H (52.9 – 72.9 V measured). There are few production or modified production recor… Go to Source

Solar installation going up in my neighborhood

Looks like a few sun-tracking systems, a couple fixed parking canopies, and a bunch of fixed tilt ground-level systems. Should have a dozen Blink J1772 charger supplies, supposedly 120v outlets as well. Neat [img width=600 height=448]http://img.tapa… Go to Source

Last Friday’s ride – new video

Brammo Friday Ride 4/20/12 – 3 – Helmet Cam View Some comments – just ffwd to the last minute or so of this video (although watching the Engage rocket off from a stop sign is pretty cool).  Th… Go to Source

Fuel Economy Thread

Would it make sense to start a "fuel economy thread"? Or does one already exist? I've seen three online docs so far: Brammo Efficiency [url=… Go to Source

Laguna Seca–2012

Ok….took off work…rented rooms…so it looks like I will be at Laguna Seca! Hope to see some of you there? Maybe? I decided to rent a pick-up and drive out. My thought behind driving vs flying is I can either: Ride out with the Loaner and ride back… Go to Source

My Zero DS ZF9 600 mile scheduled maintenance …

… was a non-event. Done in 30 minutes, everything looking good Go to Source

Kawasaki to proxy-contest 2012 TT Zero? A&R notes that one of Kawasaki's top teams is entering the TT Zero with the support of Zytek, a m… Go to Source

Help! I’ve got the D4 "DMC Not Communicating (Disable Drive )" error

Hello Enertia owners, I'm in tough spot. Friday while riding home I made quick errand stop only to find the D4 error being reported when I turned my Enertia back on. A Brammo service agent took a look at my diag logs and found nothing pointing to a maj… Go to Source