EPR spied

Thanks Eugene! Breaking News: Production Brammo Empulse R Electric Motorcycle Spied! by Brenda Priddyon 04.30.2012 21:41 No “concept” or prototype here—this is the real thing. After years of rumors, concept introductions and even so-called prototype… Go to Source

TTXGP Season Opener at Infineon Raceway

On motorcycle.com:http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/762/12963/Motorcycle-Article/TTXGP-Season-Opener-at-Infineon-Raceway.aspx They interview… Go to Source

BrammoBrian on the EV Lifestyle

Short but fun video from Brammo's youtube channel, feature Brian talking about his Chevy Volt and the need to upgrade his garage's electric service. Brammo Q&A – Brian Wismann: Other Ways to Reduce Car… Go to Source

What is happening with the Anti-Scooter?

My sister in law loves the Enertia and wants an electric ride…but she is 5'1" and wants either an electric scooter or much shorter electric motorcycle. The Brammo anti-scooter seems like the perfect fit…if Brammo is making one… Any news? Seems li… Go to Source

Cycle World reviews 2012 Zero S

Anyone see the 5-page review of the 2012 Zero S (a black ZF9) in the latest issue of Cycle World magazine? It's quite a favourable review. Good to see this getting into the mainstream press. Email me at oakvilleblake[at]me.com if you want a scanned cop… Go to Source

Best Brammo PR idea….

Ok…lets have a little contest…. Since Brammo isn't very busy right now (kidding…they are hella busy), I thought we should come up with some Public Relations ideas…with the Plus coming, the Empulse R and Empulse coming…and the racing season st… Go to Source

Eclipse in Albuquerque…

http://stripedpot.com/2012/04/12/may-solar-eclipse-head-to-new-mexico-for-a-prime-viewing-experience/ Ok, not the Eclipse I was hoping to s… Go to Source

Lowering the height of a DS2011 any idea???

Hello, When i take place on my DS 2011, my foot barely touch the ground. I would like to have my foot touchiing completly. I know there is a lower seat option but it's 300$! Since the the suspensions on the S and the DS look the same and that the S… Go to Source

Brammo Livestream channel for May 8

BRAMMO Introduces The Empulse – live streaming video powered by Livestream This is where it is going to happen, folks. (unless you were lucky enough to score an invite and are able to attend)The placeholder … Go to Source

TTXGP update…and some guess work…

Ok, new release is here: http://www.egrandprix.com/news.php?id=275 I thought this was very interesting… Quote As well as the TTXGP class outright winner; there will be  a prize for the fastest bi… Go to Source