Any Brammo Owners up for a Men’sHealth electric car tour meet’n’greet?

@Brammosays posted this on twitter: Quote Men’s Health, the world’s largest men’s magazine, announces the launch of its 2012 Electric Car Challenge… Better link here: [url=… Go to Source

what is this – called Zero X and no Zero in sight ?

A Honda or so video called Zero X. Is this a rip off or what ? can they do this ? trademark etc. do we need to get the lawyers out ? Seven Films & JCR/Honda Present: ZERO X or am I just not under… Go to Source

Won’t be the only electric motorcycle rider here in Albuquerque for much longer

A local dealer (nice people…I've done some work with them and slightly know the owner and fairly well know the lead mechanic) is now selling Zero. I do plan to ride over this weekend and do a test ride…will be nice to compare to the Enertia… [quo… Go to Source

Fabio and the Zero

Some guy by the name of Fabio made a commercial for Plug in America and also made a video plugging (  ) electric cars and motorcycles. The video is 9 minutes long, but if you want to pass by the car stuff, you can go directly to the Zero section at … Go to Source

KTM Freeride video

The KTM 350cc IC version of the Freeride has just been introduced. The attached link has a great video showing the bike in action. It looks very impressive and gives you some idea of what the electric version will be like. It looks like a blast off roa… Go to Source

Video On How Fabio Became An Electric Motorcycle Lover

Been wanting to shoot a follow up to my Brammo Stories Episode One for some time, but I've not been able to find any subjects here is SoCal. Therefor, I shot a video about Fabio and how his appearance in a Plug In America public service commercial and… Go to Source

online sites awaiting your reviews of the Zero

hey everyone, There are a number of sites like that are waiting for owners to write reviews of the Zero blake Go to Source

power surge issues?

I'm still close to buying a 2012 S-ZF9, as soon as we can get insurance issues sorted out here in Ontario. I have a question for you all. I have a Trek hybrid electric-assist mountain bike and I notice that the power delivery gets wonky once the batter… Go to Source

Any dealership plans for AZ?

Are there any plans to put a dealership in Arizona? Go to Source

These boot are killing me!

This is really off topic, but perhaps the motorcycle experts out there can offer some advice… I bought a pair of Dainese boots that were on sale, and then almost fell over when I tried to use them on my bike. They have these ribs under the arch that … Go to Source