5 days with the 2012 zero x

i like it so far. i haven't used it on the dirt yet. i haven't ridden a bike in over 20 years so i am just riding it around my neighborhood in san diego. i picked it up saturday, feb 18th from the dealer. total price including tax was $12,817. i don't … Go to ...

2011 Zero S motor slip

Hi all.had a worrying moment on my 2011S. Have by now done a good 1000kms on it and while accellerating going a slowish 20miles to overtake a IC bike I felt a brief slip and loss of motor power. Luckily it quickly kicked back in again (only about 1 se… Go to Source

Import a zero from the US to CANADA—Problem

Hello, I wonder if anyone here know about the need of any vehicule that are imported in Canada to be listed in the RIV wich is the list of all authorized vehicule to be imported i Canada. I am in the process of geting one from the US and i'm checking t… Go to Source

The Zero X drag race video

not bad! http://youtu.be/0ljqeIEUhLo Doc Go to Source

EV servicing economics

It has occurred to me that motorcycle service technicians are not going to be too happy if electric motorcycles become too popular.  Right now motorcycle shops make relatively little money on vehicle sales, and sales of clothing and accessories (which… Go to Source

Zero DS in the trunk of a toyota Matrix?

I will get my DS  s in the US and i'll  make a little trip from Quebec, Canada to the US to get it. I just wonder if you think that it can enter in a 2005 Toyota Matrix?    or if i'll have to fid another car or truck? My GF have the Matrix ...

Interview with Marc Fenigstein of BRD Motorcycles

BRD RedShift MX – Click image to see vid Motorcross Action Magazine had a nice series of interviews with vendors at the Indy Dealer Expo last weekend. Buried in the middle of the vid was an interview with Marc Fenigstein, founder of BRD Motorcycles. (see video below) Marc explained the traits of the BRD RedShfit ...

Convert zero DS to S

Do you know the difference from a zero DS to a S ? To modify a DS to S, is the main change are to readjust and lower both suspensions and change the wheel fairing? I guess that the frame is the same right?… so the pitch of the front forkk is the same… Go ...

A turning point??

Well today I had a bit of a shock from the misses….(keep those dirty thoughts out of your heads, boys…It was automobile related). Background. My wife drives a 1999 Toyota Camry that she loves, but A) she wants a new car that will be better for taki… Go to Source

Some old news about the IET shifter.

Another website extolling the virtues of adding a transmission to an electric vehicle. IET Integrated Electric Transmission Motorcy… Go to Source