April Showers?

Craig Bramscher just tweeted: April showers bring May _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Discuss. Go to Source

MCN electric motorcycle poll

Here is an on-line poll by the British magazine Motor Cycle News. They ask if anyone might be interested in buying an electric motorcycle within the next 5 years. The electric motorcycle crowd is loosing at the moment, so you many want to help o… Go to Source

What questions would you ask?

If you had the chance to ask some questions about the Empulse, what would they be?Let's rule out the obvious ones of price and date of availability. Go to Source

Well that was a wet snow ride today….

A) when you wake up and check your email and get this from a local ski area: Quote Powder Alert SIPAPU RE-OPENS TODAY!After picking up 14 inches of new snow overnight, Sipapu will fire up the lifts from 9:30-4:00 today! To celebrate of the epic condi… Go to Source

Gray Empulse?

I randomly found this picture.  This looks amazing!  May be a Photoshop. PS: Ya, I am posting a lot… just getting excited that one of Brammo's… Go to Source

Zero 2012 review that says it all !

all, found this a spot on review. and like the picture with a whole bunch of Zeros' cruising the countryside. Guess we need to organise some group rides now. So you is in Sydney ? http://w… Go to Source

Old meets new in this leaked image of a Brammo with range extending sidecar

this is kinda hush hush, but I got a leaked image…three extra BrammoPower battery packs fit in the sidecar, greatly extending the range and utility of the Plus… [img width=600 height=446]http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7054/6893638532_1b6f9ab58d_b.jp… Go to Source

Poll: Empulse news announcement?

Note: one of these answers is actually a trap to spot employees form a possible competitor. Go to Source

Fox News 180?

Amazing. I have no idea what kind of backroom deal went on for this to happen, but after months Fox News beating up the Chevy Volt, they've done a complete 180 degree turn.(And yes, I do believe that Fox News has a narrative that they… Go to Source

The place for April 2012 news

This should be a big month for the Empulse. I was told that the final specs would be released for the Empulse in April, and in response to an Empulse question of Facebook, Brammo posted this on the 2nd of April:"You can expect to hear news this week….. Go to Source