Brammo in CW Buyer’s Guide

I just picked up a copy of the 2012 Cycle World Buyer's Guide. They didn't print a ride review of any electric motorcycle in the publication. However, in their motorcycle guide section, on Page 33 and 34, right below the 1455 pound "Boss Hoss Ga… Go to Source

Fisker Nina Spy Shots… HOT!

I must say that I felt the same kinda magic when I first saw the Empulse… Like the Empulse, this car is HOT! Will I be able to afford one when it goes into production in 2014??? Possibly (though unlikely)! That is, if they stick to the claimed price … Go to Source

Comments found on the interwebs….

Check out the 3rd post….;topicseen Not sure which rider that was, as there were a good numb… Go to Source

Motorcycle Daily Quick Rides: 2012 Zero S and Brammo Enertia

Look familiar Go to Source

Brammo Selects Sheffield Financial to Provide Retail Financing to Customers

Quote ASHLAND, Ore., March 28, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Brammo, Inc., a global leader in the electric vehicle industry, is proud to announce that they have signed an agreement with Sheffield Financial of North Carolina to provide their industry… Go to Source

Center stand

The Enertia Plus will have an optional center stand, which is great for maintenance. What I would like to know is, could I use something like this: [img width=600 height=363]http://… Go to Source

Improving the Zero street bikes

Got a call from a Zero rep contacting owners for feedback, went to voicemail. Haven't called back yet. Some things I'd like to see, either available for the 2012 bikes or updates to the 2013 models: 1. Faster charger. The Zero has a 1 kW charger now, a… Go to Source

2012 models for Australia — need your feedback

Hi all from Australia ! at this stage there are no plans to bring in 2012 models and beyond. Please contact me if you are from OZ and interested in 2012 model bikes. If we get enough together it might help to state our case. Why not go for a modern "c… Go to Source

Canadian Discount: Costco and Zero

Hope this doesn't conflict with forum rules, I'm not gaining anything from posting it but perhaps saving another Canadian some money…… Go to Source

Fun with SEO and advertising

I noticed an interesting ad while searching wired – search for "brammo" or "brammo empulse". "Ads by Google .. Zero Motorcycles-Zero S [url=… Go to Source