Parking brake

If you haven't noticed yet, electric motorcycles need a parking brake.  While there may be several different ways to secure the Zero when parked on a hill, here is the cheapest and lightest method.  You can get a roll of this hook and loop strap in you… Go to Source

Welcome, Peter! (Got news?)

Brammo has just appointed Peter Anton as director of digital media and marketing.[img width=144 height=125]… Go to Source

Honda’s Going Electric-Motorcycle Racing

I know this is a Brammo forum, but this might up the ante on eletric motorcycles Go to Source

Team Mugen to contest 2012 IOM TT Zero

This is an interesting story.  I gather from the article that Mugen is sort of a Honda skunk works.  It is about time that Honda showed some interest in electric motorcycles.  I think the IOM TT Zero race is going to be something to watch.  It will be … Go to Source

EV article doesn’t even mention Brammo

This article, "inspired" by the Zero display at the Chicago Motorcycle Show, is pretty lame. They don't even mention Brammo and interview people who just want to make noise.    [url=… Go to Source

EnerG2 nano-carbon battery plant

Does Brammo need a new source for batteries?  Shipping charges should be low.… Go to Source

2012 TTXGP North America Schedule

TTXGP announced the North American schedule for 2012 with a great list of venues. Electric racing kicks off at Infineon for the third year in a row and then hits PIR. Both venues are close to many EV manufacturers and enthusiasts which makes for a great atmosphere. The final at Daytona will host electric motorcycle ...

2012’s and 12 Volt Accessories

Has anyone with a 2012 checked to see if there's an easy way to tap into the 12 volt system for running accessories (i.e. heated grips are nice, uses under 50W typically) ? Go to Source

MOVED: Brammo and Racing, 2012

This topic has been moved to Brammo News And Views. Go to Source

Brammo and Racing, 2012

I just asked Brammo on their FB page what their plans were, relevant to TTXGP's announcement yesterday of the North American Racing Schedule.  They said: Quote "We plan to contest every North American Round of TTXGP and the World Final in Daytona. Pl… Go to Source