Enertia Plus on the Dyno

Enertia Plus Dyno Test = 23.5 hp @ 64mph Anybody care to comment on the information up on that screen at the end? Go to Source

Brammo Facebook Timeline… ugh :(

I cant stand this new layout damnit! IMO Brammo needs to go back to the traditional layout… The timeline truly sucks ass. Their facebook page is one of the few reasons I still have a Facebook account… Probably going with a Google+ account only, but… Go to Source

Ordered a Zero…

I put a deposit down on a Zero XU today. The original Enertia Plus price would've made this a no-brainer for a decision, but with the announced price increase and the no-timeline for Canadian release I decided on the XU for commuting duties. If you guy… Go to Source

Satisfaction with 2009 zero x?

If there is anyone there reading this post an owner of a 2009 zero x? I'm curious about your impressions with the bike. I am looking at a used one, and would like to know what the major issues have been with that bike. Thanks Go to Source

Hollywood Electrics Wager, Vaporware, Brammo

Just read a post from Harlan of Hollywood electrics over at elmoto.net. Apparently Hollywood Electrics is offering $1k cash back on a Zero purchased now if the ebike you are waiting for is delivered before the END of October. To me this is a wager that… Go to Source

TTXGP Promotional Video

Enjoy! TTXGP IET Promo Some observations: This video has IET all over it. I assume that's The Institution of Engineering and Technology, rather than the Integrated Electric Transmissio… Go to Source

I Just Don’t Know

Can people tolerate one more guy agonizing over what to do, based on the recent E+ email from Brammo?   I hope so and apologize if not! What's my story? Long-time lurker – I've been a fan of the forum since last summer.  Really appreciate the insights … Go to Source

Jacking the Zero

For the past week I have been thinking about how to jack the front and rear wheels off the ground on my Zero, in case I had to remove the wheels or adjust the steering bearings. Although I have a rear wheel race stand, there are no stand spools on the … Go to Source

Flextronics and Sevcon Partner Up

I wasn't sure if I should put this in the Brammo Enertia Plus subforum, or even, possibly, off-topic, but since it's a "news" release, I'm putting it here.  Sevcon is supposed to be making the motor con… Go to Source

Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re A Brammoholic When…

10. You go on a vigorous exercise and diet program to lose 20 lbs in hopes of increasing the Empulse's acceleration, top speed and range. Go to Source