Recently purchased an Enertia. Have questions.

Hello everyone, I just recently purchased a 2010 Enertia.  I'm really enjoying the bike and have a few questions for the experienced owners on the forum. 1.  The throttle is sticking and doesn't fully return to the off/closed position when released.  I… Go to Source

Lunacycle Wide Belt Coversion Kit Was anyone tried this? How much stronger is the wider belt compared to the thin one?On paper, looks to be about 20%. Go to Source

Curtiss Motorcycles drama

Companies like Curtiss Motorcycles are why I am usually not very enthusiastic when I hear about a new electric motorcycle startup on the internet. They are not the only company with this sort of business plan. Check this out:  [url=https://www.revz… Go to Source

Power loss during ride ’15 SR

Hello Today and two days ago i had problems with power loss during ride. The screen went blank for a few seconds, and there were no power available until the bike had restarted. I have experienced this earlier, but only right after keying the bike on… Go to Source

Software update

Today my Zero app says there's a software update (2018 SR). Does anyone have experience with this? I know, in the past, there's been some flakiness with updates. So I'm wondering if this update is OK. Also, if anyone (that would be Zero experts) has cl… Go to Source

downloading logs

Having lost two iphones in the last month, I now have a pixel 3a. I got it paired to my Zero SR and tried D/L the logs ("email bike logs").  As soon as the D/L reached 100% the app closed — I was back on my home screen. I tried this twice. Any help/ad… Go ...

Time to schedule service for my SR/F

I think my front brake switch is flaky.I was riding on the interstate with the cruise on and was just catching up to slower traffic.Time to tap the front brake to disable the cruise.Tap.Still on cruise.  Must not have actually moved the brake lever… Go to Source

UK Zero national demo weekend

Anyone that lives in the UK and who wants to try out the SR/F and perhaps other Zero models, can do so this weekend.  See this link: Go to Source

Have you recommissioned your motor?

So a few people talking about the 600 mile (and subsequent) recommissioning supposedly required for our motors. I never did mine, but will probably try it myself when my ixxat comes in. Going to the dealer is a major hassle, and they are kind of incomp… Go to Source

600mi service on SRF

It’s coming up on 600mi. I don’t want to tow (again) to dealer if not necessary (350mi each direction). What can I do on my own, if I need to do anything, for this recommended visit? Go to Source