zero crash question

I wanna buy a zero sr in januari but recently saw this crash and i'm i little bit scared about not having traction control because off the high torque. Does anyone has had this happened to ? or is this just something that happens rarely ? Don't want to… Go to Source

zero sr 2019 color choice

Was wondering when i buy a zero sr 2019 in black, iff it is possible to buy the plastics extra in another color ? And iff it is possible can i just choose from the color from last year ( white ) or from further past years to ? Anyone idees of the price… Go ...

Ceteta 506 retro scooter

I guess you have to be of a certain age to really appreciate the design of this Czechoslovakian scooter, but as someone who grew up during the age of tail-fins, I would love to have one of these scooters just to see people's strange looks as I rode pas… Go to Source

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Zero’s description of the firmware updates for those who were wondering.

I was digging around on the Zero web page and found this.  I know a few people had posted that they didn't know what the updates addressed so I thought I'd pass it on. Go to Source

Sprocket replacement parts

Hi all, my Enertia Plus is still going strong, but my local (ex-)Brammo dealer thinks it would be good to replace the sprockets because my chain is rattling a lot lately. It seems that the chain tension is not constant and he thinks the sprockets are… Go to Source

LED turn signals

I asked this question over on Facebook too.  Has anyone tried these drop-in turn signals in their Zeros? Go to Source

The latest Italian Volt design concept

Look nice, but I sure wouldn't want to ride it very long. Those bars are really low. Go to Source

Hyundai and Kia solar roof

Interesting stuff wonder how fast it will charge in the daytime. Go to Source

Real life consumption

For my Zero DS 2013 12,5kW with handprotectors, standard Zero screen and Zero bags and Zero Givi topcase.I'm 1,83 m (72 inch) and 85 kg (187lbs). So with 12,5kW battery: 50 km/h (31 mi/h)1kW = 20    km (12,4 mi)1V    =   9,2 km (   5,7 mi)1%    =  … Go to Source