2014 Brammo Empulse R for Sale – WI

2014 Brammo Empulse R In Southern Wiscsonsin. Asking $5500 OBO. I purchased new in 2014 it has just under 1,500 miles on it. Has been stored inside for the winters, batteries are getting the same range as when the bike was new. Has 1 piece of broken p… Go to Source

dead 2014 zero S – flashing dash, no BMS lights, no blink code, no power.

Hi all, My 2014 zero S has died again. It was parked, unplugged. I wasn't riding it because I am recovering from a bicycle accident. I noticed that the dash is flashing (no backlight) even with the key not in and turned on! Tried plugging/unplugging t… Go to Source

Unavailable Zero parts

2016 Zero SR owner.  I damaged my red (plastic?) tank and contacted my dealer for a replacement and they stated Zero does not have them anymore so I would have to replace with a more recent (metal?) version for $200 more in price. Does anyone else find… Go to Source

Considering buying used Empulse in Portland

New to forum as hoped to get some buying advice. I used to follow these online when they were first about to come out. I've met someone when looking at a used ZEV scooter for sale, who also happens to have a 2013 Empulse. I said, well, why don't you s… Go to Source

Lowest Wattage Generator for Zero FX

Trying to find a small generator for when I go camping to charge my Zero FX.  What's the lowest wattage I could get away with?  I hooked it up to a KILL A WATT meter and am showing a 696 watt draw and 6.19 amp.  Would a 1000w running generator be suffi… Go to Source

Empulse build: E-scrambler

By Droog moto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADf0JAg8kME Go to Source

’19 FXS Battery (s)

Does a '19 FXS have one or two batteries?  I haven't taken the time to dig into it and look for myself, but am curious.  Thanks. Go to Source

belt replacement

I am way over due for a belt replacement that I would like to do myself and am trying to plan everything out beforehand. I'm not quite sure how to remove the swingarm to get the belt on. I have a rear stand that lifts the rear from the bottom of the sw… Go to ...

Advice on Buying Used

My old bike finally gave up the ghost and I'm thinking of going electric.  I'm going to look at a 2014 SR.  What should I be thinking about?  I know there is a dealer pretty close so I can get it worked on when I need it.  It doesn't have the power tan… Go to ...

UK price increase

I notice that the UK price for fxs and the Sr/DS range as increased by £1000. Quite a considerable amount for no advancement of specifications upon the previous year. I think I am now out of the market for a Zero and look with interest at the rapidly e… Go to Source