Electric snowmobile

I bet this electric snowmobile really sucks the juice, especially when the riding conditions are likely to be well below freezing:  https://electricmotorcycles.news/taiga-motors-unveils-electric-snowmobiles-for-production/ Go to Source

Suggested Belt Tension for 2017+ dsr models (wider belt)

Hi! Sorry to open another thread about belt tension, but now that I have decided to adjust the belt tension by myself I would like to know what belt tension are you putting on newer models. Most of the threads I have read talk about 25kg, but this valu… Go to Source

Using the costum setting as speedlimiter

I have bought 2 months ago a FXS to ease the travel to work as I am living in Brussel, Europe. As in a lot of city's there is some evolution to create vast  aera's with a general speed limitation of 30kph (=20mph). As the bike rides that very nice (=fa… Go to Source

Headlight and dash stuck ON

I looked out my window this morning and my bike was there in the rain with the headlight on. At first I thought I must have left the keys in it overnight, but the keys were in my pocket. The headlight, tail light, and dash are stuck in an "on" state ev… Go to Source

SR/S official owners manual available

Only the English translation is published so far:https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/owner-resources/ [url=http://media.zeromotorcycles.com/resources/owners-manuals/2020/2020-Zero-Owners-Manual-S… Go to Source

First time rider, looking to get a Zero DS, i have a question…

Hello all, I hope this finds you well. Forgive me for anything that may sound stupid. I’m still learning about evokes and bikes in general.I’m 28 yrs, 5’ 9” 165# if that helps anyone.Firstly, I’m interested in the DS because it’s reliable, doesn’t ne… Go to Source

Zero SR/S in Reno

They have one each, a SR/F and a SR/S at the Reno  Eurocycles. They have the SR/S  fixed up with all the hard touring luggage. The hard side cases and travel trunk.  And I didn't know the SR/S came with a centerstand as well as a sidestand. I sat on t… Go to Source

My DS 6.5 Battery

I mentioned my DS battery a couple of times here before, how it's range is about half. Well, I checked on it today and they told me they completed my bike the same minute I walked in the door (other than the test ride). They said I could have it then, … Go to Source

2009 Enertia is starting to die suddenly

The first time it died suddenly it was cold and it died 3 times,but all I had to do was reboot it.Now it's not so cold and dies suddenly after a few miles…..any ideas?….Also is there anyone out here (Southern Oregon) that knows how to work on thes… Go to Source

Rear Wheel Nut Replacement

Hi! While I was trying to fix some vibrations and noises in my dsr 2020, I scratched a little the rear wheel nut. I am looking for a replacement but can't find any.I think this it the exact item I need: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wheel-Nut-M20-1-5-15-2/… Go to Source