Blinking switch malfunction

Hello, Have you already experienced a problem with the blinking switch ? Sometimes, my blinking switch is ON, but no blink. I have to reset it and switch on again to have the blinking light. Does not occurs all the time, maybe 1 time by 1000km… Anoth… Go to Source

Front disc malfuntion

2015 SR 14000km. Hi there fellow Zero drivers. any one experienced a pronounced knocking from the front brake? Therese is nothing when breaking lightly (normal driving) but when dropping the anchor (spirited driving) (deaf and blind pedestrians, stra… Go to Source

Bike at dealer since 2/16!!!

I haven't logged on to brammoforum in a long while,, Awhile back I took the. Ike out for a short ride, to warm up the transmission oil, changed the oil and grease up my chain,, and then my. Ike wouldn't start. And it wouldn't charge either! Had the b… Go to Source

Intermittent and Slow Charging

My Zero DS 2015 is charging very slow and intermittent.. for a 5 segonds charge, then stop for 8 -10 seconds, and do the same thing again. i reset the BMS pushing the 2 buttons.  a red and green light flashing.-any idea? Go to Source

a bit of math (1C charging)

I'm interested in the most efficient speed for touring, i.e,  the speed that gives the least total time. Equivalently, the largest average mph. I ended up writing a python script (attached, if anyone wants to play with it or check for errors in my math… Go to Source

Electric Road Racer – Zero FXGP Video FX mod taking on Mulholland. get some! Go to Source

Electric Road Racer – Zero FXGP Video FX mod taking on Mulholland. get some! Go to Source

Why voltage needs to be on the app

104 volts at 90% is not accurate. Trust the voltage which says to me about 55% or 60% not 90%. The bike is charging with the onboard right now so real voltage might be 103. So perhaps 55%. 90% should be about 111-112 volts so the SOC meter is inaccurat… Go to Source

DigiNow Supercharger V2 – 6.6 kW/7.9kW Unit

I've seen a lot of reference videos and content for the 3.3/4.6 Diginow Supercharger v2 but not many for the larger kW versions.   Hollywood Electrics' website references it as 6.6 kWs while Diginow website references it as the 7.9 kW unit.   Some surp… Go to Source

street tracker

i love the new concepte off alta motor… Go to Source