Enertia Plus 2013 for sale: Amsterdam, NL

Hi all, the moment that I feared, postponed and try to ignore has arrived anyway: I'm getting rid of my Enertia Plus. It was at the workshop for the last half year, after fitting a new chain and front sprocket. After putting it back together, the bike… Go to Source

SR/S not charging on AC public charger

Right, bear with me as these are my first days with the bike. I'm UK based and I'm riding a new SR/S premium.At the moment I've only got the charging cable that was given to me with the bike, which connects to a domestic plug and that works fine. Alth… Go to Source

Double charging speed of UK/EU Zero SR/F on single phase

I've made a type 2 cable modification for the SR/F premium in EU/UK that now allows charging at the full 6kW on a normal 7.4kW single-phase supply! For some bizarre reason, and unlike almost any other EV, Zero split the two 16A chargers across the firs… Go to Source

Yamaha is developing an electric MX

Here is the story:  https://electricmotorcycles.news/yamaha-europe-knmv-dohms-projecten-and-spike-join-forces/ Go to Source

Replacement DS/DSR Rider Footpeg

Has anyone replaced the  Rider Footpegs on a DS or DSR with something larger and more aggressive? Go to Source

Wiring Diagram for Enertia Plus?

I am trying to sort out some electrical gremlins with my Enertia Plus. I've been using the Enertia diagram that's available online, but there are some distinct differences, so I figured I'd ask. Thanks in advance. Go to Source

3d printed plate decoration

Files available on demand (EU plates size) Go to Source

Storage box for FX battery compartment?

I've got a modular 2019 FX, if I remove the rear battery does anybody have a suggestion for how I can use that space for storage, e.g. tools / water? Go to Source

Zero on-board charger models 2014-2020

I thought you might be interested to see four photos of the Zero S/DS/DR/DS charger boxes model numbers during four years of develpment that I have replaced during the past year. The 2014 S charger died a slow death and when replaced would stop chargin… Go to Source

SRF Sidestand drop

Aagh!  just dropped my SRF when parked. Sidestand collapsed up, was pointing slightly downhill. Wont do that again. When I first got the bike i did almost the almost the same thing: parked the bike on the level, leaned on it, it moved just enough forwa… Go to Source