Zero vs LiveWire video review

You might find this long video interesting. It is a comparison between the Zero SR and the LiveWire by a fellow whose family owns a Harley dealership in LA, so don't be surprised when he is a little defensive regarding the comparison:… Go to Source

2019 LED Headlight Retrofit

Anyone else intrigued by the new 2019 Zero Headlight teaser for 2.25.19 ? Already thinking of a retrofit for my 2017! I'm currently running the Sylvania Silverstar ZXE headlight bulb and Sylvania – 194 T10 W5W ZEVO LED … Go to Source

Buy FX or FXS?

I was leaning towards FX, but realized the tires have tubes. I'm assuming the FXS does not have tubes? If so, what made you decide on which FX model to buy? Go to Source

Charging noise at 96%

hello, I don't know wich version of enertia basic I have. I live in Spain, I bought it in the second hand market. My enertia doesn't have central button and no need to block it for charging. It does charge right and the pannel lights when charging. Two… Go to Source

What tires are on your Zero?

I bought my bike used and the PO put some ridiculous hard-compound touring tires on the bike that don't exactly inspire confidence when leaned over in a turn. Maybe it's all in my head but I'd like to put something a bit softer and rounder; what does t… Go to Source

What’s the Real World Range of a FX 7.2?

What's the Real World Range of a FX 7.2? The website says: 91 miles in the city39 miles at a constant 70 mph54 at a 50/50 mix of each Is this accurate?  My local dealer told me it was a low estimate rather than high. Go to Source

Indiegogo update

Campaign complete! Hello IndieGoGo supporters! From the bottom of our hearts thank you all for participating in this campaign. Literally everything helped, from $5 to $2500 and everything in between. You guys are awesome and we're so excited to see the… Go to Source

Are Zero Motorcycles Crash Prone Due to Lack of Traction Control?

Hello, newbie here, first post. I went to the local IMS bike show last weekend and saw Zero motorcycles.  Then went and test rode a DS and FX yesterday.  I was very impressed with them.  Their torque numbers are higher than my Honda Africa Twin CRF1000… Go to Source

problem with throttle

Hello, I'm an Italian owner of a SR '18 since last may. after a bad fall, I had to take apart the handlebar for some fixing. After putting everything together again, the throttle command do not work anymore. Everything is correct at mechanical level, b… Go to Source

Limit of 11kw models

Hello,is it possible to unleash 11kw models so that it exceeds the limit of 130 km / h?On another post, a person says he has unlocked his Zero and can go up to 157. Go to Source