Another fully enclosed EV – the C-1

Here is the latest competition for the Mono-Tracer, the C-1. Its claim-to-fame is that it is stabilized by gyros. Plus, at a price of 15,000 Pounds, seems really (too) cheap. I wouldn't put too much money on this thing being financially successful thou… Go to Source

The place for March 2012 news

Here you go.Discussion of the Enertia Plus emails and the bike model in general, should still probably take place on that forum. Go to Source

Next up – Empulse!

The details of the Enertia Plus are finally out (thanks to Gavin for letting us non-Plus folks see the information). Next up is the info for the Empulse! Here's something that I found on Brammo's Facebook page: Quote Brammo We remain on plan – … Go to Source

BRD RedShift MX Track Video

Motorcross Action Magazine posted some video footage of the BRD Motorcycles Redshift MX in the dirt. To my knowledge this is the first time we have seen the MX in action. BRD RedShift MX Track Video ©, . Go to Source

Enertia Plus announcement

I'm going to leave this here… just in case. Go to Source

Where to get a Canadian ZERO DS 2011 frame only ?

Any idea on how to get only the frame of a zero 2011 DS ?   MUST BE CANADIAN Do i need to already have a zero to get one ? Any trick? Doc Go to Source

Blast from the Past – BrammoBrian on Charging your Enertia

Just saw this again for the first time.  A short video by Brian about how to charge your Enertia: Charging your Enertia Brian produced this video before this forum began, so I'm glad I saw it come … Go to Source

First Enertia registered in Hong Kong

Twitter message from JCAMMATT (from Jackie Chan's EV company): Quote First Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle registered in Hong Kong today 28 Feb 2012! Milestone complete! Congratulations, Matt! I'm… Go to Source

Zero use " Mars " motors on the new 2012 models

I thought that the look of the new Zero 3 phase brushless motors was familiar and then I discovered that is because they are made by the same company that made the original motors for the Zero X who used to be called Mars and have recently changed thei… Go to Source

fastace fork seal replacement

They don't seem to be a standard 40mil seal. Even my dealer couldn't get them , just dust covers. Go to Source