"Revving" the Empulse?

I'm sure that I'm not the only person out there who has generated some excitement by revving up their ICEs to get the "Vroom!" sound. Since the Empulse has a clutch, we should be able to do that too. Of course there will be some significant differences… Go to Source

How much more will a Brammo Empulse cost than a Zero S ZF9?

I've speculated here that if and when the Brammo Empulse ever ships it will either have fewer features or a higher price than originally advertised. Based on the spec released yesterday it looks like Brammo kept all of the features they promised but no… Go to Source

Subaru vs Enertia "Enertia Wins $50"

I won $50 from this dude who backed up on my enertia, all the bike had was a nick on the bar ends and the peg, and this is not the first time it got dropped anyway, I dropped it before taking it out of the bike trailer… gotta love this bike Go to Source

My motor needs replacement

I knew there was a problem with my enertia from the very day I got it, I was always having intermittent heating problems and just 3 days ago things started become worse, I thought it was the cain having tight spot which BTW is a Regina Chain which is s… Go to Source

Can we attend the May 8th unveiling?

I've inquired via Twitter and Youtube and just sent a request via Brammo's website. I'll let you know if they respond. Go to Source

Empulse haters

I don't understand why the children these days don't believe in the technology. Is it because it is soo different they are afraid of it. They still think ICE is the best for motorcycles. Do they love the sound or what? I am having a hard time talking s… Go to Source

Interview With Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher

http://www.brammo.com/video-ceo/ The page has changed from: "Please enjoy this video while we get the interview video ready" (Or something like that)– The Fast Forward Video – To: "This video will be availab… Go to Source

Zero communications?

So, how have you perceived communication from Zero Motorcycles?  Are they good about answering sales questions? How about service/repair/technical questions? Go to Source

Dominos get silly

Dominos has solved the quiet electric scooter "problem". I wish they hadn't: http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/News/news… Go to Source

zecOO Japanese Maxi-Scooter

Saw this e-scooter on asphaltandrubber, looks like someone did a lot of nice fabrication work… http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/zecoo/#more-29863 Go to Source