throttle fix for zero mx

I was wondering weather anyone new of a throttle that had more feel and less lag for my 2010 mx extreme. Go to Source

Mono-Tracer hits production….

though I prefer my motorcycles to be open, this is pretty cool…and very expensive last time I checked…… Go to Source

Envia claims 400 wh/kg and $125/kwh

Envia claims 400 wh/kg and $125/kwh, production batteries in 3 years. Supposing their claims are accurate, that's about twice as good as the best current production capacity and quite a bit less expensive. Raw cell cost for a 20 kwh battery would be $2… Go to Source

OSET Lipo Conversion

Nice thread on converting an OSET to Lipo battery pack……

Official OSET Links

OSET UK: OSET USA: OSET Facebook: OSET Twitter: [url=http:/…

2012 extra battery for zero x / mx

i want to get an extra battery for my 2012 x. does anyone know when i will be able to order it? also, what it will cost? also, i wanted to know if it would be stupid to carry the extra battery on the bike for those days that i need to commute more than… ...

Zero-S 2012 (ZF9) in Jersey

A couple of friends asked if I would write up a post on my impressions of this bike.  Thought an electric motorcycle forum would be a good place to put it.  So far I love this bike! In February I purchased a Zero-S electric motorcycle.  Normally there … Go to Source

Low temp storage?

I now own a 2012 DS but I will be keeping my 2010 DS for at least another 1 1/2 years so that I don't have to return my CA $1500 rebate (required to keep 3 years). A good use for the old bike would be to keep it in the basement of my mountain ...

Another "green" bike, in a way: Altius Scimitar

Run it on Biodiesel and you have a somewhat green bike.  Now if only they would hurry up and start production and import it into the states.  Sucks that Hayes went overseas with this.  The military version has been around for awhile. [url=… Go to Source

5 days with the 2012 zero x

i like it so far. i haven't used it on the dirt yet. i haven't ridden a bike in over 20 years so i am just riding it around my neighborhood in san diego. i picked it up saturday, feb 18th from the dealer. total price including tax was $12,817. i don't … Go to ...