Help! I’ve got the D4 "DMC Not Communicating (Disable Drive )" error

Hello Enertia owners, I'm in tough spot. Friday while riding home I made quick errand stop only to find the D4 error being reported when I turned my Enertia back on. A Brammo service agent took a look at my diag logs and found nothing pointing to a maj… Go to Source

Electriphobia: It’s treatable Trust me.  This is a good one.  Go to Source

O-ring chain

Not sure if this counts as a "mod"… But just put on an O-ring chain…and dang the ride is quieter and smoother.. Maybe any new chain vs 3350 mile chain will do this, but the bike feels brand new… Highly recommended. G Go to Source

riding in the rain

Anyone ride the Zero S in the rain and can share their experience? Go to Source

Zero Mirror Adapters

I just completed the purchase of an S-9 (in transit).  The test ride today on a S-9and two weeks ago on a XU confirmed what everyone has been saying about themirrors. Ypou cannot see the cars behind you..Someone posted that their dealer had an adap… Go to Source

Zero S-9 Battery breakin

Just joined today. Just purchased S-9 ( in transit). 24 April 2012,I have been working with E-Vehicles since 2007. 1st and 2nd scooters were ZAP Zapinos.Limited range and speed. Today I am the main E-Vehicle Tech at a E-Vehicle business. Imainly as… Go to Source

see the new Zero accessories?

did you all see the new line-up of accessories now listed on the Zero website? (heated grips, new screens, passenger foot pegs, accessory power sockets, and other goodies not previously listed) Go to Source

NEVs in China, lead sleds

Report from Reuters: "Mini electric cars fill gap in China as official EVs sputter"[/… Go to Source

Empulse questions answered by Brammo

When the e-mail went out to people who pre-ordered the Empulse, there was an option to send Brammo questions. Here are three questions that I asked Brammo and the answers came from Adrian Stewart, Brammo's Director of Marketing. Here are the questions … Go to Source

Standard or Metric?

Can someone tell me if the nuts and bolts on the Enertia are Standard (i.e. inches) or Metric (mm). I would expect them to be standard, since it's an American product, but I could be wrong. Go to Source