Electric Bikes in China.

Check out this guy. He has a rather large collection of videos about being an Expat in China (i.e. a foreigner), and a few of them are about the practicalities of owning an electric scooter. In this video, he replaces a set of batteries. Part 1:[url=h… Go to Source

Haven’t done this in a few months: The Place for Feb 2012 Brammo NEWS…

Feeling hopeful that we hear something this month*….but I could be ever so wrong. Gavin *and by "something" I'm kinda hoping on final specs and delivery dates and such…oooo, maybe a special edition collaboration with Icon? Go to Source

30 Miles On One Electric Wheel with a RYNO

This looks like something right out of science fiction, and yet here it is: I'm not sure how effective … Go to Source

Today’s ride distance

Today I did a ride on my 2012 DS that I had done on my 2010 DS of 46 miles. It was a beautiful southern CA desert day with light wind and temp in the mid-seventies. An open desert highway with no traffic and some ups and downs with two steep short grad… Go to ...

Real World Range 2012 S FZ9

First of all – THERE ARE ELEVEN (11) BARS ON THE FUEL GAUGE – what a strange number.I thought there were twelve when I first posted. In the owner's manual the diagram shows ten bars. But there are actually eleven. Really. Real World Riding Range from … Go to Source

Purdue students convert Yamaha to electric

http://www.gizmag.com/kleinschmidt-danielson-alltech-electric-motorcycle/21299/ Pretty impressive:  Two Purdue University engineering students have recently comp… Go to Source

Range of 2012 Zero S with ZF9 at 74 mph?

If I were to ride at 74 mph, which is the speed I drive my car along with almost everyone else on I-35, what kind of range could I expect with the 2012 Zero S with ZF9 battery do you suppose? Would 50 miles be reasonable to expect? I really don't want … Go to ...

SAE – standards for wireless charging

http://www.plugincars.com/sae-reveal-standardized-wireless-charging-j2954-guidelines-end-2012-111827.html Roll up and charge… coming … Go to Source

2012 shutting down when in ECO mode?

Anybody else out there having a problem with their 2012 S DS shutting completely off when riding in ECO mode. Mine has done that both when riding at a steady speed (55mph) as well as when I'm decelerating. When decelerating it's dead when I roll on the… Go to Source

No so much a trip report as a report on a trip….

Get Brammo to Hawaii STAT…. Just spent a week on the Big Island and there are scooters everywhere. Gas is over 4 bucks a gallon and the weather is perfect for riding. As tourist, my wife and I put over 100 miles a day on our car as the Big Island is … Go to ...