Zero Construction/Specification Oddities

Just thought I'd post any oddities found on my XU. It's technically a parts bin special, and the S/N 15 (first run of XU's for 2012) so there's bound to be some. So far there's this: Advertised XU dash panel (pics online, in the X/XU Owner's Manual):[… Go to Source

Battery that breathes air, by IBM It uses oxygen from air to create electricity.  It releases oxygen when you charge it.  Very cool stuff and exactly what we need! Go to Source

Quick charger?

I got the quick charger as a part of my Zero DS deal but I am finding no good use for it. When I arrive home I am charging overnight and the bike is ready to go in the morning. I guess if I rode in the AM and emptied "the tank" then had a ...

S vs DS ‘gearing’

In an online review of the 2012 models in Classic Driver (, t… Go to Source

Leg Room – S vs DS

I've been looking at the studio photos of both bikes. It looks to me like the distance between the seat and the footpegs is the same on both bikes. The DS obviously has more suspension travel and sits taller. But sitting taller doesn't necessarily equa… Go to Source

Instant Torque!

We're having a "Green Day" at the office today, and they let us test drive a few cars: Leaf, Volt, Prius and Juke. The Nissan Juke was an ICE car, which I think they brought over for a cost comparison. I.e. the sales man was highlighting how much cheap… Go to Source

The "new photos of Empulse" articles, are NOT.

A couple of sites have been posting some photos allegedly of the new Empulse being assembled.  The photos first appeared on an Italian e-motorcycle blog which, usually, is a pretty good source for this stuff.  He has corrected the claim.  See: [url=htt… Go to Source

Zero’s accessory catalog – What should Brammo do?

Details It's shiny. It's filled with some cool stuff, for sure. Kinda pricey, but isn't that to be expected?  Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think.  Particularly, what kind of stuff you'd like to see in a catalog from Brammo … Go to Source

"Revving" the Empulse?

I'm sure that I'm not the only person out there who has generated some excitement by revving up their ICEs to get the "Vroom!" sound. Since the Empulse has a clutch, we should be able to do that too. Of course there will be some significant differences… Go to Source

How much more will a Brammo Empulse cost than a Zero S ZF9?

I've speculated here that if and when the Brammo Empulse ever ships it will either have fewer features or a higher price than originally advertised. Based on the spec released yesterday it looks like Brammo kept all of the features they promised but no… Go to Source