Honda Accord Plug-in CR prev… Go to Source

Empulse headlamp subassembly

Just posted by Brammo on twitter, via Instagram: Quote A bulls head? Nope! But close… It's an #Empulse headlamp subassembly fixture! Is it yours? #Brammo Go to Source

DuHamel to race Lightning at Le Mans Quote Five-time Daytona 200 winner Miguel DuHamel will return to organized racing this weekend when he takes part in the FIM e-P… Go to Source

Amber Composites features on Brammo

Just found this: Quote "With Amber Composites prepreg, we were able to shave 30% off the weight of the assembly versus the previous design," s… Go to Source

Icon Airmada Helmet video, featuring Brammo Empulse RR and SteveO

ICON® AIRMADA® HELMET Great wind tunnel and track footage! Go to Source

Chain replaced at 2000 miles

I now have 2000 commuter miles on my Enertia. I have been adjusting the OEM chain about every 300-500 miles. Even with regular lube and maintanence the chain looked and sounded bad. (Hey I live in Issaquah outside Seattle and have to ride in the rain)…. Go to Source

Service Manual 2010 and 2011 DS

If somebody have copy of that, please could you PM it to me! Thanks Go to Source

Mod for Enabling full power to the Zero 2010 and 2011 S and DS

For those who dont have any motor problem and that would like to push a little higher the power of your 2010 and 2011 zero S and DS, this might interest you. A few month ago i talked about a mod to bypass the power limiting  feature of the MBB at low s… Go to ...

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New photo of Engage by the Empulse Guy

Our new member, the Empulse Guy, posted this on his FB page as "Army stealth prototype."  Looks like our good ol' Engage, ready… Go to Source