Hands up who has got "Over 100 miles" on a single charge?

Zero have started their consumer mailout today and lead with the mileage capacity and quoted the 100 mile + claim and I am interested to know if anyone has actually done it out here in the real world as we all appreciate that the average speed at which… Go to Source


Woot! Only onemoreday and we'll get the specs for the Empulse!Can you tell I'm excited? Go to Source

new color

This is the first non red empulse I have ever seen. Just in case you missed it, here it is: Go to Source

Soundproofing a 2010 DS

One of the problems of having such a quiet bike is that I can hear all the other sounds the bike makes.  Right now the fairing where the gas tank would normally be makes a clacking sound when I travel over railway tracks or potholes.  I also have some … Go to Source

New Enertia owner in Boise

Hello Brammo owners and Brammo motorcycle fans. I am a new owner of an Enertia in Boise. As far as I know I am the only Brammo owner in the Boise area (or Idaho in general). If you are curious about the Enertia I would love to let you take a look and t… Go ...

free Enertia for 6 months if you live and work in SF..

for a Brammo Fan..https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1640550&l=9a686f901a&id=173795189299817or go herehttp://www.scuderia… Go to Source

Carrying a passenger on a Zero S/DS

Zero DS "Features" page says "Ability to accommodate a passenger with an optional accessory". What kind of accessory is it? I have not seen it in the dealer's catalog. Did anyone install it? Go to Source


anybody successfully install a windscreen….? I saw these uiversal screens at givi…. was curious http://www.giviusa.com/Screens–spoilers/Cupolini-universali-en/ jim Go to Source

Coolest motorcycles

I just found this site with 10 of the coolest motorcycles around. Specially interesting is Mission representing the electrics. http://www.toxel.com/tech/2010/01/08/10-cool-and-u… Go to Source

loud horn

Hello everyone,I would like to install a loud horn on my 2011 Zero S.  Can anyone tell me how to tap in to the 12 volt power output?Thanks Go to Source