id like 2 buy….

javascript:void(0);id lik 2 buy… either inertia plus or impulse…. but when??? and which one…my trip to work is 26 miles ,,, one way.. 1st 5 miles is 45mph highway (=59 mph in normal driving)then 5 miles of 60mph freeway(65-70 mph normally)th… Go to Source

Riding in the Rain

I just searched through the owner's manual (2012 S ZF9) and it doesn't mention riding in the rain. I plan to ride year-round, but it would be nice to have the assurance that the bike is OK in the wet weather. When I picked up the bike from the dealer… Go to Source

Zero Pics from 2012 Chicago IMS Show

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Myths and Facts about Electric Vehicles

We've seen articles (and videos) about this before, but it's always nice to have a current one in the chute when someone mouths off about EVs not being particularly good for the environment. http://med… Go to Source

Zero S High-Speed Charging

Has anyone received their high-speed charger? When I picked up my windshield and bags last weekend I was told that the charger should be arriving any day now. Go to Source

Edison Award Finalists to be announced 2/13/2012 – Empulse?

Just saw on Twitter that the Brammo Empulse is a 2012 Edison Awards nominee… will it be a finalist?  I guess we'll find out Monday.[url=!/BrammoSay… Go to Source

BRD seminar video

If you have the time to watch it, here is a fascinating video of a seminar discussing electric vehicles by the co-founder of BRD motorcycles (located not too many miles from my home).  His thrust is that electric vehicles are not really all that practi… Go to Source

2012 Zero S/DS belt tension gauge

I asked my dealer to order a belt tension gauge (as shown in the owners manual) for me. I received a message last night informing me that she was told by Zero that they were temporarily out of the gauges. However they were kind enough to provide a link… Go to Source

Brammo + WalMart = Batteries?

A WalMart store is closing in Talent, Oregon (just down I-5 from Ashland) and several organizations are interested in moving into the building.  Check out the local news video, featuring Craig Bramscher (and some interior shots of the Brammo HQ) talkin… Go to Source

2012 Zero California EV Rebate

I just tried to apply for the California EV rebate program (the 2009-2011 Zeros are worth $900), but got rejected because Zero hasn't certified the 2012 models yet. However the staff person who sent me the message said that they were pretty good about … Go to Source