New Enertia Plus Gallery on Brammo’s Google Plus Page

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Random 2012 Zero questions

I have a few general questions about my Zero that have been nagging me and I thought I woulds ask them here. The older model Zero batteries used to need to be run down to near zero capacity a few times to "condition" them.  My understanding is that the… Go to Source

Drive Motor power VIN designations

On page 1-5 of my 2012 Zero owner's manual, there is a VIN numbers designation break-down explanation. Reading from the left, the first three numbers, 538, mean "for use on the road"; the next letter, S, is the "motorcycle type" (S/DS platform); the ne… Go to Source

Wired briefly reviews the Enertia Plus Quote For $1,000 extra, the Plus doubles the range of the three-year-old base-model Enertia to 80 miles. Tha… Go to Source

Tyre pressure on Battlax

Hi all,so I was hoping not to stop all the time at the petrol station. Now I see me every other day stop to adjust tyre pressure  It seems the Battlax 17" tyres on the 2011S loose air just like that. With my other tyres – Dunlops/MEtzlers I found t… Go to Source

2012 S ZF9 Speedometer Accuracy

I finally got around to comparing the speedometer reading to the GPS reading on my iPhone.I found that there is quite a discrepancy, but I don't necessarily know which one to believe! When my speedometer reads: 60 MPH, the GPS says 57 MPH65 MPH, the … Go to Source

Electric Ossa motorcycle

Here is a "one-off" that is a little different. Well built and designed, though: Go to Source

2012 Zero S ZF9 acceleration

I'm about 200 lbs in full gear + backpack. Tests were done in sport mode, level ground, no wind. Initial battery charge was 10 bars of 11. Acceleration was performed by holding a steady speed, quickly twisting the throttle to the stop, and timing until… Go to Source

Everyone knows it’s WINDY….

Partly Cloudy / Wind    High 62°F Precip20% Wind:    From SSW at 47 mph mmmmm. 47 mph SUSTAINED winds…gusts much higher…fun ride into work today…might have to get some video as it is impressive…. Gavin Go to Source

Enertia is DEAD. Won’t turn on for charge or run.

It's warm in Colorado this week and I'm bringing my Enertia out of storage. I just charged it up about six weeks ago; it's been in my garage during this entire very mild winter. Pressing and holding the tank button will not get it into charge mode or r… Go to Source