2012 Zero California Rebate

I just tried to apply for the California EV rebate program (the 2009-2011 Zeros are worth $900), but got rejected because Zero hasn't certified the 2012 models yet. However the staff person who sent me the message said that they were pretty good about … Go to Source

Zero modifications and accessories

In case you haven't noticed yet, the Zero doesn't have an on-board clock.  And the mirrors have a dead space on the in-board half of the glass. So here is my solution to both issues.     The clock shown was purchased from a novelty catalog for use in… Go to Source

Questions For Scot Harden

Hey all, I should have the chance to talk with Scot Harden – VP OF GLOBAL MARKETING at Zero very soon. Any questions you would like to hear the answers to? Any messages you would like pass… Go to Source

J-1772 Decision

Just a mile from my house, Walgreens installed the first (and only) public charging station in Stockton, CA. I asked Zero Customer Support about charging with the J-1772 adapter, specifically – it won't charge more quickly? Quote Hello,    Your [… Go to Source

2012 Zero suspension adjustment and settings

I thought I would start a thread about adjusting the 2012 Zero suspension.  The owner's manual is detailed about adjusting the suspension, but it doesn't provide any stock settings, other to say that the rear shock preload is set up for a 180-pound rid… Go to Source

I bought a Zero

As some of the members here already know, on Friday I picked up the ZF9 Zero S that I ordered late last December. If you want to read about the my experiences owning the bike so far you can visit [url=http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/boards/index.php… Go to Source

Banned from elmoto.net ???

Has anyone been banned from elmoto.net ? I registered in order to see pictures, forgot my password, retrieved the password, and now I'm banned    Go to Source

Grocery run….

I think I will get the side bags…. Gavin Go to Source

Windshield Makes a Difference

I got the windshield today for my Zero S ZF9. The first thing I did was hop on the freeway to check the top speed. Instead of maxing out at 79 MPH – the speedometer kept climbing… to 83, and then a second later to 84… and for just a split second I … Go ...

Folks who build their own bikes.

Here's a video of a couple of guys trying out their home built bikes. Electric motorcycles chase around parking lot More info here:http://experimentalev… Go to Source