loud horn

Hello everyone,I would like to install a loud horn on my 2011 Zero S.  Can anyone tell me how to tap in to the 12 volt power output?Thanks Go to Source

A future mod?

Well if a 150cc Bajaj scooter can pull a side car…. Well surely the Enertia and Plus could pull one too… Hmmmm, throw 3 battery packs in the side car a… Go to Source

Empulsive Contest…

Ok, not to win an Empulse…but it does let us know teaser images are coming… G Go to Source

Intrigued… with questions…

Hi all… new to this forum… I'm spending about $250/month for gas. I'm in my mid-50s, retired, very fit/athletic, and busy building a custom home that requires me to drive 30-50 miles a day (to the construction site and on related errands). By natur… Go to Source

Good news for the EU

I just saw that Brammo has updated their dealer locator page with numerous dealerships in Europe.http://www.brammo.com/store-locator/ Brammo Europe AUSTRIA Elektrofahrzeuge Silent DriveHengstberg 49St…. Go to Source

Racing Fairings Anyone?

Am I the only one wishing that there is a fairing option? Go to Source

Ordered Zero DS ZF9

I just ordered my 2012 Zero DS ZF9 Dealer told me it should be there Saturday! Go to Source

Brammo Empulse excitement on other forums

 (I know, should be "other fora.") Over on Sport-touring.net they have a thread on the Brammo Empulse.  [url=http://www.sport-touring.net/forums/index.php?P… Go to Source

California Rebate

I got my rebate check in the mail today – woo hoo!  Go to Source

New shot of Empulse on asphaltandrubber.com

Cant believe this was missed for more than a minute… Gavin, where you at? http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/brammo-empulse-debut-teaser/ Go to Source