Just got letter from Brammo on Empulse

Edit:  Gavin beat me to it… Go to Source

I need a little Brammo forum feel good mojo

I just applied for the Assembly Technician position Brammo posted.  Clearly they don't understand that was already my position, and this advertising it is nothing other than the needless inconvenience of electrons. And if you believe … Go to Source

Brammo Enertia Plus LE?

Consider yourself warned – turn down your speakers Brammo Lights and Siren Go to Source

TTXGP World Final in Daytona + Biketoberfest

According to TTXGP, the world final will be in Daytona on 19-21 October. I plan to attend, but I have very little idea of what to expect, and what there is to do at Daytona during those days. Does … Go to Source

Zero as only bike?

hi everyone, I notice from your online "signatures" that quite a few of you have several bikes (i.e. some kind of ICE alternative for longer trips?). I'm considering the Zero S (ZF9) as my only bike. I've had 20+ ICE bikes over 25 years of riding, with… Go to Source

Food for thought

I have been waiting for the Empulse, pre-order #1305, since Aug, 2011, and it is nice to see that this part of the forums doesn't get used much. Just saying. Go to Source

Where can I buy fuses

I am in need of a pink 4A/32v mini fast-act. They don't seem to sell them on the brammo site. Anybody know where I can get one. Spare me the warranty argument, I voided that a while back. Go to Source

More video of the IET.

Another video from IET's you tube channel: TGR MOTO ITI Looks like they are letting students design and built a trial bike using their transmission to power the bike. I wouldn't have thought that… Go to Source

Cool Supermoto concepts on the Brammo Blog

Check out the Brammo blog:http://www.brammo.com/blogs/general/designing-the-standard-of-tomorrow/Some great looking conceptual art there. Go to Source

Another electric concept motorcycle

Everyone is jumping on the electric motorcycle concept concept. Here is another one: [url=http://blog.motorcycle.com/2012/04/03/design/frog-ebike-the-electric-successor-to-1985-frog-fz750-concept/?utm_source=mo04052012&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=wee… Go to Source