White Noise Empulse

Just posted on the Brammo Facebook page: What say you, Empulse lovers?  Prefer the white? Frankly, I'd vote for a name change on the … Go to Source

Trial Bikes

Sorry if this has been mentioned before but… ELECTRIC TRIALS BIKES!! http://www.osetbikes.com/ http://plugbike.com/2010/03/16/… Go to Source

Winter hand guards

I know most people are not thinking about winter right now, but here are some waterproof fabric universal-fit handlebar covers that will keep your hands warm and dry during inclement conditions. They are lightweight and can fold up into a small package… Go to Source

MSF approves the 2012 Zero XU as a M/C trainer

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has approved the 2012 Zero XU for use in their motorcycle training program. Here is the article: http://www.autoblog.com/20… Go to Source

New Owners please respond!!!

Hi all Just a quick post to ask all of the new owners who have bought used Enertias to email us here at Brammo. For us to be able to help the used owners, we need to know where you are! please Email me dharvey@brammo.com with your vin number and your i… Go to Source

Telsa S getting raves…I want the Empulse to be just like the S

http://green.autoblog.com/2012/06/25/tesla-model-s-reviews/ Some delays, some issues with prices…but in the end Tesla come out strong with what could be a game changing vehicle…… Go to Source

Hand Guard / Deflectors

Has anybody tried, or know if it's possible to mount hand guards or deflectors on the handle bar of a Zero S?I am mostly thinking about winter weather, commuting on the bike…  Go to Source

One more reason to hate EmpulseBuyer…. :)

http://green.autoblog.com/2012/06/25/new-colorado-law-makes-it-easy-to-sell-electricity-to-evs/ Great news for people in Colorado…. they get EV… Go to Source

My BrammoBlog….

http://brammoblog.com/ just a start…should be able to easily do a couple of posts a week as I don't plan to be anything… Go to Source

1700 mile roadtrip completed

Hey guys, it's Terry.  I've been back for a few days but finally got time to post thanks to 4 solid days of tropical storm Debbie keeping me from doing anything else lol.  Over 4000, close to 5000 miles on the bike now in almost 2 months, charging at … Go to Source