Corbin accessory saddle

Today, in a moment of weakness caused by a sore butt, I stopped by my dealer and bought the Zero accessory Corbin low saddle that they had hanging on the wall.  I just installed it and I offer the following comments. The saddle seems well made and is n… Go to Source

Temperature extremes….

Ok….so I've ridden the Enertia at 9 degrees this winter. Today at lunch my display showed 108… I thought it was probably an error…but … Go to Source

Meet the Brammo Team…

or at least a photo of them That is a lot of staff…good to see the company growing. Though a bit of a sausage fest….and hella angl… Go to Source

Geeky question – does the Enertia have an OBD port?

OBD = On Board Diagnostics.  These are the ports that, when you go to the mechanic because your "check engine" light is on, they plug a scanner into the port that tells them what fault codes are in the car's computer.  I was reading over on… Go to Source

If Harry was a bit more rocker and bad ass….

of course the gas bike needs to go so start growing some chin scruff Gavin Go to Source

Cycle News tests Mission R

If you missed, Cycle News reviewed the Mission R on it's latest issue: Go to Source

Durango place holder….

Went to Durango last weekend with the family… and kinda got carried away Planned to take the Enertia and do some photos around town, with the old Steam … Go to Source

2012 Evangelista….Will be decided SOON….

Quote Busy days here at Brammo!One of the more interesting things that you don't know about involves us scouring the Interwebs to find the biggest Brammo fans. We're constantly reading blogs, digging through social media and visiting forums se… Go to Source

2012 Zero DS review by Ultimate Motorcycling

Here is a review of the 2012 ZF9 Zero DS by Ultimate Motorcycling.  The review is generally positive, but not very thorough (in my opinion) and you won't learn anything new. Here is the link:  [url=… Go to Source

welcome Kinky Kylie

a bit on the easy reading this one. if Electric Cowboy   gives her a name what do we do. thought about it and came up with this one. a 2011 winner. and has Australia in its name even. great. this is after my firs one 2010 "black beauty" — and one … Go to ...