Brammo Empulse excitement on other forums

 (I know, should be "other fora.") Over on they have a thread on the Brammo Empulse.  [url=… Go to Source

California Rebate

I got my rebate check in the mail today – woo hoo!  Go to Source

New shot of Empulse on

Cant believe this was missed for more than a minute… Gavin, where you at? Go to Source

The sound of the future?

Brammo's facebook page has this video of a column of electric bikes thundering down the highway.Okay, so it's more like a light shower than thunder. Go to Source

If you could do only one TTXGP event this year….

Which would you go to… I am trying to decide between Seca and Daytona… Gavin Go to Source

request for a detailed Owner model review

dear Zero owners, I've been scouring these pages and the web for a detailed review of the Zero S (or XU) by an owner, but am having trouble finding anything. Can someone direct me to a good in-depth review or perhaps write one for those of us consideri… Go to Source

Susanna Schick a/k/a Pinkyracer – hit and run Susanna Schick, friend of electric motorcycles, cool lady, a/k/a @pinkyracr on Twitter, writer for etc.,  was the vic… Go to Source

Brammo Enertia for six months?

Want to be a Gavin? Check this out: Quote One lucky customer will get to ride a Brammo Enertia for 6 months free (well almost, we aren’t pa… Go to Source

Who makes the Zero instrument cluster?

Does anyone know? I think it was maybe discussed before at some point.It might be used on the Brammo as well? Go to Source

Pouch cells vs cylindrical cells

Tesla used cylindrical cells (18650s) in the Roadster and now again in the Model S. Presumably the same cells in the Model X due in 2014. Most of the other "major" EV industry players have gone the pouch cell route. Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Zero (switc… Go to Source