Total Zero Miles

I now have 4,200 miles on my 2011 S. Anyone out there with more miles? Go to Source

Extending range best practices

Hello all, I thought it was a good idea to start this thread. let's see if we can come up with some good ideas… – Wear high quality and "motorcycle" design clothing whenever possible (not "loosing" jackets). Safety is also important…– Tucking or w… Go to Source

RFID Ignition :)

Built and coded in 3 days  Video : [img]https://fbcdn-s… Go to Source

Brammo FaceBook post….let the speculation begin….

Gavin Go to Source

Dirt Bike Magazine reviews the 2012 Zero MX

And it seems they like it!… Go to Source

Tesla Model S – Coming soon

Here's another video showing some behind the scenes action at the Tesla factory. Inside Tesla 6.05.12 – Body Center on Vimeo Go to Source

Service Manual

Does anyone here got the service manual for their zero?… I mean not the user manual.. but the service manual with all the wirring harness, etc.. ? Or ever played with the Can Bus or MBB to get or send some parameterswith the zero? Doc Go to Source

Big climbs dirt riding experiment.

Later this month I'll be spending a week at a lodge in the Klamath National Forest with my 2012 DS ZF6. Each day I will ride from the lodge at 1200 feet elevation up dirt fire roads to elevations of 7,000 to 8,000 feet and then back down to the lodge. … Go to Source

Moto-Electra in Rider magazine

I finally got around to reading the July issue of Rider magazine. Rider is a general-interest motorcycling magazine that is offered for sale at most newsstands. Rider has written a full three-page article (starting on page 20) abou… Go to Source

Honda electric Fit

My newspaper published an article by the LA Times reporting that Honda's new all-electric Fit will have an estimated EPA-approved range of 82 miles, compared with the Ford Focus EV range of 76 miles, the Nissan Leaf's range of 73 miles and the M… Go to Source