Congrats to Brammo…Now do this….

No rest for the Champions….ok, well a bit of rest, but then back to work Sooooo, I love giving Brammo projects…they ignore them….but I still like doing it. Here is the latest project they can ignore. Make a Special Edition Empulse RR copy. Bas… Go to Source

My Zero ZF9 was raced in the 2012 TTXGP World Final Championship

And it took 4th overall! I'll post more here soon but for now there's more on the Off The Grid page: http://www.fac… Go to Source

Is the Zero way the right way?

No doubt most of us think about Zero's product design/development/marketing approach every time we buy, or think about buying, one of their motorcycles.  Zero is advancing their technology rapidly, with huge improvements every year. But this makes it t… Go to Source

Change from SMRE to Parker motor

Talking to both Jim @ Parker motors and Brian at Daytona .. the production Empulse is switching from an SMRE motor to a Parker motor. Same GVM family as the Empulse RR, kind of neat. Still integrated with the SMRE IET. I'm assuming this information is … Go to Source

Brammo Sustaining Electrical Engineer opening on craigslist

Quote Brammo is among the most innovative power sports companies in the world, and also one of the most admired and accomplished international electric-motorcycle racing teams; currently the North American champion TTXGP/e-FIM title-holder. Brammo is … Go to Source

2009 Brammo Enertia Limited Silver – $4250 (Charlottesville)

It claims to only have 87 miles on it. Go to Source

World Champions…

Congrat to Brammo! And especially SteveO For Brammo, and Steve most of all, it was a tough start to the season, but North American AND World champ is a nice way to finish Gavin Go to Source

TTXGP Reporting Sunday

Sunday is the day of the 2012 TTXGP Final. The race for the electric bikes is scheduled for 10:30 am EST, but is subject to change based on earlier races that morning. Both Brammo riders have raced at Daytona before, on gas bikes, and both want to win,… Go to Source

Finally Zero faces real competition

Forget Brammo. Here's a real company with a mature, volume shipping product and a serious distribution network: Stealth Electric Bikes. Now you might ask, how can a maker of e-bikes compete with Zero's big bad electric motorcycles? By starting at the l… Go to Source

Congrats EmpulseBuyer

Congratulations, Jeremy on being this year's EVangelist! Go to Source