Hollywood Electric…Throwing the smack down around

Actually kinda cute….Never a fan of people calling competitors Vaporware, especially when they know the product is being made…but it is what it is…could be a good deal… [url=http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Still-waiting-for-vaporware–We-ll-… Go to Source

Looking for a Used 12" Oset

Looking for a used 12" Oset for my boy.

The Place to Post when Brammo asks you for a Deposit…

Ok, so Brammo has now asked us to confirm our place in line for the Enertia Plus…. Next step is Brammo asking for the 1000 dollar deposit…Then a wait of about 3 months and the magical motorcycle fairy drops a Plus under your pillow (not exactly a p… Go to Source

Mugen EV Video

http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=kiIDqEjcDp4 Nothing like some healthy competition! I'm sure it won't be long before some other major Japanese co… Go to Source

Newer Batteries for 2009 Zero x?

Does anyone know if the newer batteries will work on a 2009 X? I am looking at a used 2009 X, and it would be good to know if the 2012 battery will work with this bike. Right now Zero's website has the 2010 battery available for sale. Will that work on… Go to Source

replacement front brake lever needed

hi all,anyone know how to source a fitting front brake lever ? Due to my mishap (fallen over) my front brake lever was bent and part broken off. Zero is 10000 miles away, therefore not the best and fastest option. The lever might be a standard part t… Go to Source

Motorcycle.com reviews the 2012 DS

http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/2012-zero-ds-review-91239.html Go to Source


Take a ride on a ZERO motorcycle at Eckenhoff Motorcycles of Cherry Hill, New JerseyWe just became a dealer for ZERO and we are very excited to have these cycles in our showroom. Please sto in or give us a call. Ask for Glenn Or alan[email]ecycle@ecke… Go to Source

Lito Sora News

Some more news about the Lito Sora : http://cmgonline.com/2012/03/technobabble-litos-sora/ Go to Source

Signs to look out for.

Brammo is looking for new employees lately (as you can tell from their tweets). Since the Empulse is slated to be built in Oregon, perhaps we're going to start to see job postings for "Electric Motorcycle Assembler" just before production starts. On th… Go to Source