Zero wins race in eSuperStock category at TTXGP

OK, Zero wins, coz it was all Zero's … confirms they are here and have well working stock bikes that can even be raced. Zero is racing at the TTXGP electric motorcycle racing series in the eSuperStock category. This means they race standard producti… Go to Source

Corbin seat?

One of the accessories Zero offers is a Corbin seat (either low profile or regular). I find the stock 2012 Zero DS seat uncomfortable on longer rides and Corbin has a reputation for comfort. The thing that turns me off though is that I will be unable t… Go to Source

The zero at the 2012 TTXGP race! Doc Go to Source

Who’s riding their enertia to the Empulse private event on the 8th???

If it wont rain I will definitely be riding my Enertia It would be cool if there would be other Enertias or electric motorcycles who would be riding down there, if so maybe we could meet and all ride together. I'll be coming from Burbank call or txt me… Go to Source

I wonder if the Mission R will release at the same time

What do you guys think? I wonder if this bike will swing by on Sunset on the 8th just to spice things up This guy goes 160mph This activity brewed today at a secret location in Burbank, CA[img width=600 height=450]… Go to Source

Empulse RR – Close up (pre-crash)

Asphalt & Rubber have some very… Go to Source

Zero Motorcycles on hold in Australia

"After a soft response to the American-made range of e-bikes downunder, Zero has now been withdrawn from the local market – for the time being anyway" "and alarm bells started ringing when the 2011 range of Zeros failed to make it downunder, which has … Go to Source

Steve’s scraped helmet?

Brian just posted this on twitter with a "This just happened": Nothing besides that.  I inquired further and will update. Go to Source

Comparing ergonomics of different bikes. The DS is listed here. Note you can indicate your height which changes the angles as well. It also lists seat ht. Go to Source

2012 S BMS fault

Rode the bike in to work yesterday in the rain. Rain stopped mid-day. Left from work to meet friends for dinner last night .. when I left the restaurant, the bike displayed a BMS fault (two flashes then four flashes on the warning indicator on the gaug… Go to Source