Glitch Recall

It looks like Zero wasted no time in recalling the "glitch": NHTSA Campaign ID Number :   12V455Manufacturer :   ZERO MOTORCYCLES INC.Make / Model Years :   ZERO / 2012Subject :    Motor Encoder Position Signal/Possible Stall    Go to Source

Will motorcycles become more utilitarian?

As you know, electric motorcycles are very useful as a utility vehicle and non-sporting transportation.  Many current riders complain that they are not fast enough and too boring.  That may be true at the moment, but apparently Honda thinks that slow a… Go to Source

heated grips? saddlebags or top rack/bag?

just wondering if anyone has successfully installed/used heated grips?  i'd be interested in doing it on the ds.  i thought i read mention of it somewhere here, but a search comes up blank… also looking for luggage options that work/don't. thanks aga… Go to Source

The new horse in the old west

I posted this photo on my previous post about the 50 mile dirt ride. I'm posting the photo again here because I thought it might be interesting to those who would not be interested in (and not click on) the subject of my previous post. Trikester Go to Source

ZF6, 50 mile dirt ride, plenty of "juice" left

Yesterday I did a 50 mile dirt ride in Utah (total out and back) with an elevation difference of 2,000 feet on my 2012 DS ZF6. I had 4 bars left which would indicate 1/3 of the charge remaining. It took 4 kwh to recharge so that would also indic… Go to Source

National Plug-In Day Meetup?

I'm curious if any U.S. folks are planning on attending the plug-in day events around the country this Sunday? I plan on stopping by the one South of LAX. Any +1's? [url=… Go to Source

Big congratulations to BrammoBrian and family

Brian posted on Facebook last night that he and his wife have a new member in their family – "Carter" was born yesterday morning.    Go to Source

Windscreen for Zero S

I'm a little pissed at my dealer — I ordered my Zero S ZF6 with the mini-cowl and windscreen, but they delivered it without one, told me that the windscreen was on "back order," then shipped me the screen a week later to install myself (I did not want… Go to Source

Tesla Roadster vs Nissan Leaf RC

Race Car, not Radio-Controlled. 50 km race in Japan. Electric Vehicle Racing at Sportsland Sugo The Tesla won, though the Leaf RC was 5 seconds faster on the fast lap. I guess they went very cons… Go to Source

Brammo HK posts "acceleration" video

Brammo Hong Kong_Enertia_Acceleration.MOV Ahhhh, so that's who got stuck with the baby blue body panels.  Come on BrammoHKJames et al., you're in Hong Kong.  Get some awesome colors painted… Go to Source