Mileage poll, reliability discussion

One of the promises of electric bikes is low operational costs. Electricity is pretty cheap everywhere – even in CA's 30-40 cent/kWh tier, you're looking at 3-4 cents per mile. The other big operational cost is repairs and maintenance. I'm like to cons… Go to Source

Thinking of buying a S

So hear me out.  We had a Vespa lX50 back in the day.  This is our first and only two wheel ride we have owned.  Loved it, but sold it do due to power. Shopping around now for a Vespa LX 150 (will upgrade the engine to the larger cc kit), but have now … ...

Similar Looking ICE Bikes

I have stated in other posts that I am a Harley guy but I still appreciate good motorcycle aesthetics! I think the Empulse is pretty damn nice for the type of bike it is. What other ICE Bikes do you think the Empulse resembles! I see KTM Duke in the si… Go to Source

The Middle Ground

I have been a fan of Brammo since the beginning and will continue to stand by them. I discovered this emerging company doing a simple Google search for "Electric Motorcycle" and discovered the Enertia and fell in love. I have been waiting patiently ove… Go to Source

Drool-worthy video – Empulse glamour shots

Brammo Empulse R beauty shots No audio.May I suggest listening to Ravel's Bolero while watching this. Go to Source

The next member that spells it E M P L U S E …

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Has anyone…

…been contacted by Brammo regarding their pre-order "purchase" of the Empulse? The email I received when I pre-ordered said that a dealer would contact me around 90 days of manufacture. Which means I probably wouldn't get the Empulse until mid August… Go to Source

Forum web chat…

The Empulse reveal had me thinking that we should do a once a month, or once a quarter, web chat get together… Shoot the bull (hmmm, maybe not an apt metaphor for a Brammo forum), talk EVs and such and watch BrammoFan drink a few beers… Any thought… Go to Source

Picked up a nail..

….in my rear tire last evening. I drove a bit on it flat to get home anyway and took the tire in to AF1 racing this morning and they had a new tube installed in 15 min.  You know how when you reposition the drive belt you have to slant the wheel a b… Go ...

2 driving modes?

Is this new? Quote Operating Modes:    2 Operating Modes selectable through the handlebar switch: 1. “Normal” – limits acceleration by reducing maximum current delivered to the motor through the motor controller in order to maximize driving range. 2. “S… Go to Source