Who is going to Intermot 2012?

I am planning to pay the Brammo stand a visit at Intermot.Will I meet any other Brammo enthusiasts there? Go to Source

Brammo’s Friday rides just got an upgrade…

2 things. a) those bikes are hot…and the white? does it come with black forks? i hope so, that looks great.b) there are now "used" de… Go to Source

Dealership in Denver

I have been doing a little day dreaming about starting an electrics only dealership in Denver. I even have a location in mind just outside of downtown Denver. What do you think of this name: Denver Electrics I know, its genius… lol, Im not really ser… Go to Source

Marking a spot for Sunday’s Group ride to Madrid….New Mexico…and a bonus…

So I thought I would show a nice sunset photo I took tonight…I have a few others, but saying them for the blog next week… I will put more up here, along with photos from the ride I'm taking on Sunday. Gavin [img width=600 height=428]http://brammobl… Go to Source

Who wants to travel to Ashland???

ok, on Facebook: with caption: Gene Seymour of Brutus electric motorcycles swings by Brammo HQ to check out the Empulse R! Swings by? S… Go to Source

Two Caibration Questions from a New Owner

Putting miles on my 2012 Zero S . . . Slowly. Two questions for more experienced owners – 1) how accurate is the speedometer at highway speeds?  Although the speed flasher in the MacBook zone seems to confirm the 22 mph reading on my speedometer,  75 m… Go to Source

Rode my Enertia home in the rain and was shocked . . .

 . . . at how well it handled.   Go to Source

Polaris is busy

http://www.powersportsbusiness.com/top-stories/2012/09/13/polaris-electric-bicycles-unveils-new-line-of-bikes/ Looks pretty cool f… Go to Source

Electric Plug Location

Does anybody find the location of the plug to recharge the 2012 Zero S annoying?Every time I get home and try to plug the bike in with one hand without looking, it won't go in. Every time I have to get on my knees, lean, look and then I can plug it in… Go to ...

Sunday Group Ride…Anybody in Albuquerque want to go?

So this Sunday the 16th a group of riders will be going from ABQ to Madrid and the famous Mine Shaft Tavern. Seen in Wild Hogs and Paul and other movies. Should be fun…and great buffalo burgers…We leave Tramway and Central at 11am. Join us if you'r… Go to Source