Zero S and DS different fork ?

I guess that these fork are the exact same except one is less extended.. ? but if so… how can i drop mine ( a DS ) to become same lenght as an S ?.. is there some spacer block to remove inside?.. or repalcing the spring inside? Doc Go to Source

Ashland cop….

Not my thread…a "found" thread. Gavin Go to Source

The Place for June 2012 News

Okay, we skipped May, obviously there was a lot of new information and Empulse shiny to go around : ) So what's the word on deliveries? Enertia Plus"US deliveries are expected to commence in Ju… Go to Source


Does anybody know if:– the rear brake pedal activate the regen as well?– how to gage when the regen is maxed out, and the mecanical brakes take over.thx Go to Source

GearChic seems to love her Enertia

It's apparently on loan from Scuderia: Her caption: Isn't she looooovely? Isn't she wooooonderful? #motorcycles #steviewonder [url=… Go to Source

Front fork bleed screws?

What the hell is that?If I understand correctly, you need to open the screws, apply pressure to the front fork, close the screws. Then release pressure and re-open the screws, then close again!?I've has a few motorcycles, even mountain bikes, but nev… Go to Source

Brammo CEO on Motorcyclist Radio

Just came across this on one of my favorite podcasts, Motorcyclist Radio: Host Steve Natt natte… Go to Source

Refuel Races

Essentially a Free Track Day at Laguna Seca for EV's, Zero Motorcycles included! Go to Source

Time weighs heavily..

And the Empulse is now listed as 470 lbs on Brammo's Empulse specifications – up from 360/390/420 lbs on the 6/8/10 kWh concepts, if you recall. As recently as mid-April, when the production spec… Go to Source

Enertia Plus LE all in a row

@BrammoSays: Brammo Enertia Plus LE bikes for the Hong Kong Police. Go to Source