Fuel Economy Thread

Would it make sense to start a "fuel economy thread"? Or does one already exist? I've seen three online docs so far: Brammo Efficiency [url=… Go to Source

Laguna Seca–2012

Ok….took off work…rented rooms…so it looks like I will be at Laguna Seca! Hope to see some of you there? Maybe? I decided to rent a pick-up and drive out. My thought behind driving vs flying is I can either: Ride out with the Loaner and ride back… Go to Source

My Zero DS ZF9 600 mile scheduled maintenance …

… was a non-event. Done in 30 minutes, everything looking good Go to Source

Kawasaki to proxy-contest 2012 TT Zero?

http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/racing/kawasaki-enter-2012-tt-noticing/ A&R notes that one of Kawasaki's top teams is entering the TT Zero with the support of Zytek, a m… Go to Source

Help! I’ve got the D4 "DMC Not Communicating (Disable Drive )" error

Hello Enertia owners, I'm in tough spot. Friday while riding home I made quick errand stop only to find the D4 error being reported when I turned my Enertia back on. A Brammo service agent took a look at my diag logs and found nothing pointing to a maj… Go to Source

Electriphobia: It’s treatable

http://www.electriphobia.com/ Trust me.  This is a good one.  Go to Source

O-ring chain

Not sure if this counts as a "mod"… But just put on an O-ring chain…and dang the ride is quieter and smoother.. Maybe any new chain vs 3350 mile chain will do this, but the bike feels brand new… Highly recommended. G Go to Source

riding in the rain

Anyone ride the Zero S in the rain and can share their experience? Go to Source

Zero Mirror Adapters

I just completed the purchase of an S-9 (in transit).  The test ride today on a S-9and two weeks ago on a XU confirmed what everyone has been saying about themirrors. Ypou cannot see the cars behind you..Someone posted that their dealer had an adap… Go to Source

Zero S-9 Battery breakin

Just joined today. Just purchased S-9 ( in transit). 24 April 2012,I have been working with E-Vehicles since 2007. 1st and 2nd scooters were ZAP Zapinos.Limited range and speed. Today I am the main E-Vehicle Tech at a E-Vehicle business. Imainly as… Go to Source