Jackson Browne Is An EV Guy

In the continuing series of short videos I make about people and the EV experience, my latest stemmed from a conversation I had with Jackson Browne at a dinner party of a mutual friend. He and I started started talking about electric cars and he said h… Go to Source

Two up on an Enertia?

Not recommended, but worth a look because she's pretty: I'M AN ADRENALINE JUNKIE!!! She's riding behind Peter Anton (Brammo Media dude) and is talking a mile a minute about being at the Empulse l… Go to Source

E-mail confirming Empulse NON-R being revealed tomorrow

Just got an e-mail regarding the event tomorrow.  It says "Brammo introduces the Empulse and the Empulse R"! Confirmation 24 hours early! Go to Source

RideApart – the "shocking" truth

Okay, so here's the video: The Shocking Truth About Electric Motorcycles – RIDEAPART And, as background, these are they guys who run Hell For Leather – my favorite motorcycle onl… Go to Source

Vaporware cars

This article from GreenCarReporst talks about cars that are "real" and those that have just been developed to satisfy Califo… Go to Source

Zero announces (some) results

Although they are a private company, Zero took the unsual step of touting their sales results, presumably to bolster confidence in the company. Nothing wrong with that! (Althouhg they only actually released % growth not unit growth.) Here is the press … Go to Source

Reward: Corbin seat "low" for the 2011 DS

I am looking for one low corbin seat for my 2011 DS. i dont wanna pay 300$ + tax since i already have the brand new unused zero ds 2011 seat that i have nothing to do with if anyone have one of these low seat to offer i take it! stefspk@hotm… Go to Source

Empulse Launch Event!

Only one more day before we get the final information about the Empulse! This should include: Detailed images of the bike! Differences between the Empulse and the Empulse R! Delivery dates! Winner of the Fre… Go to Source

Zero wins race in eSuperStock category at TTXGP

OK, Zero wins, coz it was all Zero's … confirms they are here and have well working stock bikes that can even be raced. Zero is racing at the TTXGP electric motorcycle racing series in the eSuperStock category. This means they race standard producti… Go to Source

Corbin seat?

One of the accessories Zero offers is a Corbin seat (either low profile or regular). I find the stock 2012 Zero DS seat uncomfortable on longer rides and Corbin has a reputation for comfort. The thing that turns me off though is that I will be unable t… Go to Source