e-miglia 2012

This year an e-motorcycle has entered the e-miglia 2012. It seems to be a 2012 Zero DS and according to the GPS tracker it is doing well. Check the e-miglia website And a [url=ht… Go to Source

ICE’ing of EV Charging Spaces – Video and article

A well done article done about a video I made and my pursuit to get Santa Monica to pay attention to a ten-year-old law protecting EV spaces. I think you'll be surprised by the video which is in the body of the story.[url=http://www.greentechmedia.com… Go to Source

Haven’t gone electric yet

  I rode the Zero S the other day and was thoroughly impressed. I've been looking @ Brammo on the computer for about 1.5 years , but haven't seen one yet. I'm going to Tampa Fl. next week to the dealer. My plan is to keep my BMW Xmoto for longer rides…. Go to Source

Glitch or No Glitch?

No one reports good product reliability. We all expect products to work perfectly. We hear from owners who have experienced problems and glitches. But we have no idea if these folks are the exception or the rule. This poll is to help us establish how … Go to Source

Another battery "breakthrough"?

Today's battery breakthrough news was announced by General Motors' CEO Dan Akerson. They invested in a company called Envia Systems, which claims to have made a "huge breakthrough" in the amount of energy density of a lithium-ion battery. GM says that … Go to Source

Stackable Batteries Article

Found this on CNET. Looks pretty interesting, wonder if it could work in a vehicle application? http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57490803-1/exo… Go to Source

Have you been ICE’d?

One of our forum's very own, Kelly Olson, has made a video that has captured the eyes of many, including a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor: [url=http://www.csmonitor.com/Business/In-Gear/2012/0808/Have-you-been-ICEd-Gas-guzzlers-park-in-elec… Go to Source

"Creating lustful machines" – the core to Brammo’s business

An interview with Craig Bramscher, Brammo CEO in MSN's "Exhaust Notes" column this week.  Polaris Invests $13 Million in Electric-Motorcycle Startup… Go to Source

Steve-O and E Boz at Laguna

Steve Atlas has written a new blog post:http://www.brammo.com/blogs/?p=1565 I have to give Steve credit: his description of the races he's in continues to be pretty amazing.  He can describe something in … Go to Source

Potential Zero owner query…

The machine is a 'new' 2011 Zero S demo that has 1500 miles on it but would be sold with a full two year warranty. I would buy the bike from out of state and have it shipped to me. The nearest Zero dealers to me are a minimum of FOUR hours away, with t… ...