Brammo Enertia Plus LE?

Consider yourself warned – turn down your speakers Brammo Lights and Siren Go to Source

TTXGP World Final in Daytona + Biketoberfest

According to TTXGP, the world final will be in Daytona on 19-21 October. I plan to attend, but I have very little idea of what to expect, and what there is to do at Daytona during those days. Does … Go to Source

Zero as only bike?

hi everyone, I notice from your online "signatures" that quite a few of you have several bikes (i.e. some kind of ICE alternative for longer trips?). I'm considering the Zero S (ZF9) as my only bike. I've had 20+ ICE bikes over 25 years of riding, with… Go to Source

Food for thought

I have been waiting for the Empulse, pre-order #1305, since Aug, 2011, and it is nice to see that this part of the forums doesn't get used much. Just saying. Go to Source

Where can I buy fuses

I am in need of a pink 4A/32v mini fast-act. They don't seem to sell them on the brammo site. Anybody know where I can get one. Spare me the warranty argument, I voided that a while back. Go to Source

More video of the IET.

Another video from IET's you tube channel: TGR MOTO ITI Looks like they are letting students design and built a trial bike using their transmission to power the bike. I wouldn't have thought that… Go to Source

Cool Supermoto concepts on the Brammo Blog

Check out the Brammo blog: great looking conceptual art there. Go to Source

Another electric concept motorcycle

Everyone is jumping on the electric motorcycle concept concept. Here is another one: [url=… Go to Source

Any Brammo Owners up for a Men’sHealth electric car tour meet’n’greet?

@Brammosays posted this on twitter: Quote Men’s Health, the world’s largest men’s magazine, announces the launch of its 2012 Electric Car Challenge… Better link here: [url=… Go to Source

what is this – called Zero X and no Zero in sight ?

A Honda or so video called Zero X. Is this a rip off or what ? can they do this ? trademark etc. do we need to get the lawyers out ? Seven Films & JCR/Honda Present: ZERO X or am I just not under… Go to Source