MotorTrend reviews Elon Musk’s Personal Model S P85 Synopsis:MT does a track test, recharg… Go to Source


I was looking around for a Brammo T-shirt to buy for when I'm walking around Daytona, but the Gear section of Brammo's website is pretty sparse. So I came up with my own design, and asked Adrian if it… Go to Source

How can you be sure of the year of the Zero?

Apologies for a seemingly tedious subject but….Looking at a Zero for sale a few states away from a dealer, but not a Zero dealer. He's acknowledged that he's not very familiar with "them 'lectric cycles". He has the bike, an S, advertised as an '09 … Go to Source

Ryno "Bike" Video

Y'all may have seen this or heard of this before but I just came across this video. This thing has to pretty amazing engineering in it. RYNO Motors Full Story Go to Source

Brammo Batteries & Empulse Assembly Pics

There's some new pics of the Brammo batteries and batteries being installed in an Empulse on Brammo's SmugMug gallery "other"http://brammoelectricmotorcycle… Go to Source

Brutus Ground-up Build Video

Came across this, thought I would share. Brutus, Pile of Parts to Picture Perfect Go to Source

NA TTXGP Race 4: Miller Motorsports Park Sep 1-2

What?Race 4 of the North American TTXGP electric motorcycle race. This is the final race of the NA championship, though there is a World Final at Daytona later this year. Where?Miller Motorsports Park, near Tooele, Utah. The race takes … Go to Source

The Carbon Fiber Era Enertia

Did the Enertia prototypes circa 2008 with the carbon fiber frames and body pieces have any significant weight difference over the current Enertia with the aluminum frame a plastic body pieces? If so, was it even enough to produce an increase in perfo… Go to Source

BMW dusts off the electric C1

Well, not exactly, but this article believes that BMW thinks that scooters are the transportation wave of the future and the C1 may make a comeback – although the original just didn't sell. Maybe an electric version will.    [url=http://www.autoblog… Go to Source

BrammoBrian on the Empulse RR

Brian just posted this.  Said it was the first time he'd been on the bike since "early 2011."  Looks great! There a some more pics on Brammo's Facebook page of Steve Atlas and Eric Bostrom testing at Thunderhill.  They look prett… Go to Source