my "local" (250 miles) dealer says they have marked down 2012 models since the 2013 models "are coming".  i can't find a stitch of info about them, can you? Go to Source

Pleased with my 2011 S range!

I don't often get to ride "long distances" on my Zero as it is used primarily as my train station commutation and for local errand running. I had to pick up my bike from the shop in Brooklyn after a throttle repair and parked it in a lot near my office… Go to Source

Audio interview with Ttxgpfan…

Well it was nice knowing you all… Just did a hour and a half Skype interview with Ttxgpfan and I'm pretty sure Brammo will be taking back the Plus now… A) I'm not an inside knowledge guy, but I'm sure I said something I shouldn't have…probably… Go to Source

Zero mentioned in Cycle World again

I finally got around to reading the October issue of Cycle World.  The editor, Mark Hoyer, has a column titled "Up Front" on page 14.  In his comments he describes distinctive motorcycles that didn't make their Ten Best Motorcycles list.  His fi… Go to Source

Apple’s North Carolina datacenter powered by solar

http://gigaom.com/cleantech/behold-apples-massive-solar-farm-from-the-sky-photos/ Apple is powering their east coast datacenter with a 20 MW sun-tracking solar… Go to Source

The Empulse Dealer Road Show

I just got an email from Brammo in response to a few questions I had asked. In the reply they said "The Empulse dealer road show starts on October 1st". [Emphasis added by me.] A mere two weeks from today! I'm going to try to see if I can… Go to Source

2011 S Motor Problems

My 2011 S burned through its second motor three weeks ago. Still waiting for a replacement from Zero. The first motor lasted 3,500 miles and the second one 2,000 miles. The first time, I waited three weeks plus for a replacement and it looks like this … Go to Source

Fair selling price for a barely used 2011 Zero DS?

First a little background. I bought a 2010 DS when they first came available after riding one at a Zero demo event in Denver, CO in Spring of 2010. That bike served me well for my short commute (and was a great upgrade from my Vectrix scooter) until th… Go to Source

Who is going to Intermot 2012?

I am planning to pay the Brammo stand a visit at Intermot.Will I meet any other Brammo enthusiasts there? Go to Source

Brammo’s Friday rides just got an upgrade…

2 things. a) those bikes are hot…and the white? does it come with black forks? i hope so, that looks great.b) there are now "used" de… Go to Source