Wes Siler’s review.

As noted by Protomech Quote from: protomech on August 16, 2012, 12:55:47 AM Quote Sorry for the stock images and short review, the CD Honda gave me with riding images won’t load on my computer and I’m (trying to) fly to Ashland… Go to Source

Breakthrough in lithium battery charging time

If this method is applied to high power lithium ion batteries, like our bikes use, the recharge time would just be dependent on how much AC power we had available. Trikester Here is a copy of the article:What if the battery in your came… Go to Source

2 Up?

In the promotional video, we get some great footage of Steve and his passenger on the same bike. I always thought that the passenger was supp… Go to Source

High Centered

Question for the Brammo techs and designers:What, if any, damage might occur as a result of scraping the bottom of the body across a concrete surface? Background: Today I had to get my Enertia over a concrete divider (similar to a median) in order to … Go to Source

Zero XU top speed and range

What is the real world 2012 Zero XU top speed and highway commuting range? I realise that Zero specifies 28 miles highway commuting range, but is this real world range or an optimistic estimate? Likewise sustained top speed is specified as 55 mph. Can … Go to Source

Electric airplane sets new speed record

Not a motorcycle but I've know for years that this day would come and now it is only the beginning. Full Video! World's Fastest Electric Airplane Flight and Deadstick Landing! Wish I could be … Go to Source

200 MPH Electric Drag Bike!

6.9 seconds, 201.37MPH…   800HP…   14.2kW-hr,  355Volts  … http://machinedesign.com/article/electric-motorcycle-tops-200-mph-0809   Go to Source

Transmissions, etc

Quote from: ZeroSinMA on Today at 12:58:24 PM Quote …there's really not much left to talk about until the bike lands in third party hands – which [url=http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2012/08/honda-nc700x-the-swiss-army-k… Go to Source

Who Is Leading In Tech?

If you had to pick an electric motorcycle company that you think is leading the way in the development of the best all around EV tech who would it be and why. Obvious candidates are Brammo/SMRE with the Transmission and Empulse Motoczysz with the E1PC … Go to Source

Beautiful Empulse "in the wild" photo.

Very nice….but who is riding Empulsebuyer's white Empulse? Gavin Go to Source