Front fork oil leak on 2012 DS

Well, I was leaving work today, and while removing the bike cover I noticed a grease spot on the lowest part of the front rim. As I pulled the cover off, I saw a lot of dirt/oil residue on the right fork slider, and the whole bottom bracket was covered… Go to Source

Vanity Plates

Thinking of a couple.. FOPEC .. Freedom from OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) or maybe EFFOPEC .. Ensuring Freedom From OPEC Go to Source

New Dealerships?

If you find a new dealer…add it here Some I've found that seem to be in the "setting up" process   France   Tampa [url=h… Go to Source

Latest Facebook image…Boomerang painted again….

Ok, since even the Brammo people are painting their boomerangs (Brian's is painted, and this one is Adrian's)….well shouldn't it stop being a Mod and become standard?? [img width=600 height=448]… Go to Source

Extension cord question

Help me, Protomech. You're my only hope.  Okay, my dad always taught me that you can't solve all your electric problems by just getting a longer extension cord. Problem: I want to charge my bike in a certain garage that is not my own.  My current c… Go to Source

ZF9 First Ride

My S9 was delivered last night. Today took it for the first ride to dropbattery charge down below 25% (per Service Dept). I went 70.4 milesat speeds of 35, 45, 55, & 65. Finally got down to last two bars nearthe end. They start flashing when only tw… Go to Source

Top cases revisited

If you've been following my search for a usable top case (the bag or case that is mounted directly behind the rider), you're aware of my frustration behind the Brammo Enertia taillight design.  Why have that useless tray aft of the taillight?  I've sea… Go to Source

Can’t wait for the Plus so I can do rides to the top of the Sandia Mountains.

One of my favorite group rides (and solo rides too) is leaving Albuquerque and going through the Canyon and then up to the top of the Sandia Mountain (I've done it on my bicycle too, but the scooter is much funner)… Can't do it on the Enertia….32 m… Go to Source

what if ? – different looks on the Zero platform. Shiver meets Zero

with our battery powered Zero as a platform on can imagine differnet designs. I played with one – Aprillia Shiver meets the Zero. there can be many others like retro meets Zero and so on. I try to think of it to make the aero dynamics better while at i… Go to Source

EPR spied

Thanks Eugene! Breaking News: Production Brammo Empulse R Electric Motorcycle Spied! by Brenda Priddyon 04.30.2012 21:41 No “concept” or prototype here—this is the real thing. After years of rumors, concept introductions and even so-called prototype… Go to Source