road testing

like cars that a tested in the real world before production, where is brammo doing this for the EPR? Pics would be nice Go to Source

Zero response to Empulse? Go to Source

crash safety

say I am whining down the road on my EPR and a car pulls out just as I get into the intersection. I try to avoid impact but the driver pulls out just as I pass. The EPR's batteries are smashed and in pieces. The car cathches fire. What do firemen and r… Go to ...

Motor life expectancy

Everyone talks about battery life, and for good reason, but my guess is that AC motors are pretty expensive too.  So my question is what sort of life might you expect from a high-performance AC motor, like the Empulse will use?  What could go wrong? I … Go to Source


check this out. another player. Go to Source

Empulse concept bike at Earth Day

From the Brammo FB page: Quote Adam from our team is representing Brammo at Earth Day in Ashla… Go to Source

Zero Construction/Specification Oddities

Just thought I'd post any oddities found on my XU. It's technically a parts bin special, and the S/N 15 (first run of XU's for 2012) so there's bound to be some. So far there's this: Advertised XU dash panel (pics online, in the X/XU Owner's Manual):[… Go to Source

Battery that breathes air, by IBM It uses oxygen from air to create electricity.  It releases oxygen when you charge it.  Very cool stuff and exactly what we need! Go to Source

Quick charger?

I got the quick charger as a part of my Zero DS deal but I am finding no good use for it. When I arrive home I am charging overnight and the bike is ready to go in the morning. I guess if I rode in the AM and emptied "the tank" then had a ...

S vs DS ‘gearing’

In an online review of the 2012 models in Classic Driver (, t… Go to Source