Brammo and Icon

Brammobrian just posted this on twitter: "Close-up of the highly modified #iconmotorsports Enertia." Also with Brian at Icon in Portland is Adrian (thespecialone), Greg Boeder (co-designer of the Empulse TTX) and the one and only… Go to Source

KTM Freeride E tested in Motorcyclist magazine

Check out the new March issue of Motorcyclist magazine when you pass by the newsstand.  On page 52 and 53 there is a two-page review of the KTM Freedride E.  They give it four stars out of five and call it "the most promising e-crosser yet!" The artic… Go to Source

2012 Zero S ZF9

Looks like someone got a new bike… Go to Source

Best way to charge my 2011 Zero S ?

I just bought a 2011 Zero S with the smaller battery.  Should I just plug in the charger and leave it plugged in whenever I am not using the bike, even if it stays plugged in for 2 or 3 days, or is it best to charge for 6 hours, then disconnect the cha… Go ...

Brammo just uploaded a new video

Those of us who like to hear what our future Brammos might sound like will like this video: 2011 TTXGP Brammo Racing – Without Ba… Go to Source

Icon posts photo of Nick Apex doing a burnout on an Enertia

Check it out: From Icon's Facebook page. Beautiful shot, eh?  That color blue has always been my least favorite, … Go to Source

The Green Economy visits Brammo HQ (Video)

TGE201 Segment 3 – Brammo Motors & Jacksonville Inn Watching this one right now… it looks like a good one. Go to Source

TTXGPod Episode 4: Interview with Brian Wismann of Brammo (full)

My interview with Brian.  A must listen.  Bt then again, it's my podcast. Go to Source

Charging on a 220v

I am planning on adding an outlet for my enertia. She is that special. I want a 220v outlet in theory they should charge the bike twice as fast. But I discovered that the cord only takes 10amp. Its the number of amps that determine charge rate, right? … Go to Source

Our Demographics

I just saw this over on the Tesla forum and thought it would be cool to give it a try over here.Here's the original post from their forum: Quote I am curious as to what type of people the reservation holders are. Let's share some personal information… Go to Source