Kawasaki Gets Envolved.

http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/racing/kawasaki-zytek-zx10ev-electric-motorcycle-details/#more-31097 Another big dog takes a bite! Brammo me… Go to Source

Great Article On Electric Vehicle Range

Here is the link to the site, below is the copied article. http://www.ntsworks.com/Range.html Range AnxietyThere are electric motorcycles that claim to get over 100 miles of range, but if you read the moto… Go to Source

Roadtrip on the Zero

Hi all, seems we are getting into longer and longer rides. I came across this one:  – 1000miles around Florida – in part two uphttp://www.facebook.com/terryhershner I only hope Terry posts his adventure… Go to Source

Battery Breakthrough!!!

This is just the beginning! http://www.cyrilhuzeblog.com/2012/05/22/electric-motorcycle-battery-breakthrough/ Very cool stuff! Go to Source

2012 Zero S Full Review in New Cycle World

Just picked up the June issue of Cycle World, full 4 page review article of the Zero S starting on page 64, small pic on the cover! Big magazines are starting to take this electric stuff seriously. I wonder when the first all electric motorcycle magaz… Go to Source

Valence Battery Diagnostic LEDs Definitions

Hello, Can someone supply the definition of the Valence Battery Diagnostic LEDs I know they blink green frequently and can also blink red.  What does green mean?  What does red blinking mean?  What does steady green or steady red mean?  Valence is unc… Go to Source

Can’t Imagine What the 2012 One Is Like!

I know by now this is pretty old, anyone got any info on the 2012 version? http://www.wired.com/autopia/2011/06/motoczysz-e1pc-2/ Go to Source

Zero announces a Police DS model

Zero has decided to get into the police and security EV business (what BMW calls "authority" motorcycles) with their 2012 DS model. That is a smart move. There is lots of money to be made selling electric motorcycles to big city police departments and … Go to Source

Zero announces a Police DS model

According to a report by Ultimate Motorcycling, Zero has just announced the availability of a Zero DS model specifically designed for police use. Here is a link to the article: [url=http://www.ultimatemotorcycling.com/2012/zero-launches-2012-ds-police-… Go to Source

What’s under the seat?

It looks like there is some room under the seat, but I can't see a keyhole anywhere that might unlock it. Did anybody who saw the bike see any way to open the seat? Also, is there some way to lock gear to the bike? I haven't see any lock points in all … Go ...