SAE J1772/120v Adapter

The Empulse only has the J1772.I plan on installing a 240v J1772 at the house at some point. My place of employment only has 3 J1772 charging stations (where I'm not allowed to park) and numerous 120v (where I am allowed to park). The down side of co… Go to Source

Empulse Purchase

I'd like to know how the price announcement of the Empulse and Empulse R affected you. Go to Source

Implovator’s Blog post

It's a must-read.The Empulse Arrives . . . Finally An excerpt: Quote Brammo has touted the Empulse as a no-compromises electric motorcycle for the enthusiast. They're ab… Go to Source

The 19 Thousand Dollar Question

So who is buying an R? Its out of my price range so Im saving funds so I can get a base one for next riding season… I have sent my appeal to get an Empulse this season to Brammo via email, I will let you know when I hear back from them. On a ...

My 2010 DS is out of commish

Well my 2010 DS is in the local Denver dealer (about 20 miles from my home) getting a new controller. It would intermittently fault on starting up. Giving it some throttle would barely make the bike creep and would make an awful electric clunking sound… Go to Source

A Kinda Trip Report….

Though very different than my usual Enertia trip report… This one isn't about riding my Enertia, but about leaving it parked in front of the rental car office as I went on an outreach clinic. Bike sat in front of Enterprise Car Rental from 7:30 am to… Go to Source

The fever

I got the fever, and I got it bad.  Yikes!  I love my new Zero.  I've had my Zero less than 2 weeks, and I've already let 16 people try it.  I find myself talking it up like a salesguy.It's a real attention getter.  Strangers walk up to me in parking… Go to Source

You don’t know who you’re messing with…

If this is any indication of the type of service….We just received the new Empulse R brochures less than 24 hours after world launch!!Never seen anything like that.. still don't have some of our pther brand brochures for 2012 Go to Source

CNN Money Video Go to Source

It’s the little things that count

I've been pouring over the photos and trying to catch a glimpse of what's to come when I take delivery. I've been noticing tons of little details that I think are really contributing to that promise of a no-compromises motorcycle. I won't list everythi… Go to Source