MidWest IXXAT Sevcon Controler loaner or sale

Does anyone in the MidWest have a Sevcon controller I could borrow so I can add reverse functionality to my 2017 DSR?  I'm in Central WI (near Wausau) and could travel to you or pay shipping.  I can provide collateral if you like. Cheers! Go to Source

Symptom of a toasted charger?

Bad news for me this afternoon I believe.  I had my Zero plugged in and charging after going for a ride today. After charging fine from 44% SOC to 69% SOC, the bike stopped charging, the screen went blank and I smelled an odd smell, kind of like garlic… Go to Source

Got a copy of the Enertia (legacy) service manual.

Hello everyone, I have just received a copy of the Enertia service manual from a very kind and generous former Brammo employee.  It's definitely a good resource for owners of the original Enertia.  I'm going to be scanning it in the future as time per… Go to Source

2010 zero MX BMS / MBB

Looking for a stock BMS for a 2010 MX.  Also possibly a MBB.  Anyone happen to have an extra?thanksJeff  Go to Source

Zero $1500 "Cash for Carbon" offer for purchase of SR/S & SR/F (USA only)

https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/custom/cash-for-carbon IIUC, for people trading in an ICE bike when buying a new SR/S or SR/F, Zero will throw in an extra $1500 in addition to whatever t… Go to Source

Diagnostic Software

Hello, I have a 2011 Brammo Enertia. I grew up in the Rogue Valley, so Brammo motorcycles were kind of a local legend. I was lucky to find one in Seattle a few years ago. Anyway, at about 3900 miles, I am now getting a B55 unbalanced battery error. The… Go to Source

What crash protection do you have and has it helped?

I dropped my previous bike before I fitted any protection and did quite a bit of damage, snapped clutch lever, bent bars, snapped foot pegs, dislodged shifter (luckily it didn't snap), and some scuffs on the rear axle nut. Obviously with the Zero there… Go to Source

Faulty Motor Temp Sensor

Another problem with my Empulse TT.  I've notice my motortemps have been incorrect.  Generally it runs 100F-200F but it reads way too high AT FIRST.  I notice it will flash the temp light under 390F.  390F is the max I guess and it just stops complaini… Go to Source

S vs DS Dimesions

I'm a taller rider (6ft 2in) and have been looking at these model bikes. Obviously the first thought for taller riders is to go to the DS/DSR because of the higher seat height, but that doesn't cut it. You can have a 40in seat height, but if the ergono… Go to Source

Vectrix throttle source

I think everyone likes the idea of the throttle used on the Vectrix scooters. Here is a source for the throttle should you want to replace yours.  No guarantee that it would work on your bike, though.  [url=http://www.shop.vectrixparts.com/throttle-… Go to Source