SR/F strange noises?

Hi everybody! I’ve just received my SR/f yesterday (it’s really wonderful). I’ve noticed some strange noises.. one of it occurs sometimes during the driving it’s like a “clack” it seems from the motor and I also feel like an hit under the seat. The sec… Go to Source

IOM TT Zero races canceled for 2020/21 Go to Source

Brammo Enertia Plus with Mods for Sale in Los Angeles

I'm selling my mint condition Brammo Enertia Plus.  It has less than 1500 miles on it and has many amazing mods like brand new enduro style tires, custom pleated vintage reissue seat, triumph foot pegs and brand new sport mirrors from Biltwell.   The b… Go to Source

Chinese charging stations

An article in the business section of my newspaper yesterday, published by Bloomberg News, is titled: "China moves ahead of U.S. about 8-1 in building chargers for electric vehicles".  The article states that: "There are almost as many places to charge… Go to Source

Instrument Casing wanted for 2017 Zero SS

I discovered why the top of instrument casing  and ignition switch retainer got melted lines in the plastic. With the larger windshield, and parked in the desert, sun is focussed in a straight line across that area. In time they heat and melt. I caught… Go to Source

See this SR/F You-Tube

I am curious what SR/F owners here think <iframe width="640" height="385" src="// Go to Source

Connecting to the SR/F 12 volt accessory socket

I'm aware that the SR/F has a couple of 12 volt accessory sockets. I have an old Garmin mount which would usually be wired up directly to my petrol powered bike battery. One of these mounts, with crimped "o" terminals:… Go to Source

SR/F Tail Tidy / Fender Eliminator?

Just a quick question: Has anyone found a tail tidy that fits the SR/F? Go to Source

New Empulse rider in France

Bonjour! I'm a Belgian (Flemish) rider currently working and living in France. I have recently bought a 2015 Empulse/R with 15000 km for my daily rides to the office (+/- 80 km of which 30 km on the highway). It's my first experience in electric riding… Go to Source

Fork deflectors and efficiency?

Have any of you tried installing fork deflectors on your Zero and found any gains in efficiency?A fork deflector is supposed to redirect airflow around the legs, so logically it should improve efficiency. Thoughts? -Shayan Go to Source