Listing of all Amp Hours for Zero batteries

I wanted to compile a reference list of all the Amp Hours for the various Zero batteries. Not the listed pack kWh or the listed Ah on the sticker, but what the bike actually sees the battery as. I can't trust the sticker per se because the 2.8kWh pack … Go to Source

Happy Earth Day! How many lbs of CO2 have you saved?

I'm not even at a half a tonne yet! Still got far to go. Go to Source

Any Zero Owners here in the UK ? – New dealer in Yorkshire checking in :)

Hi guys, My bike showroom and workshop; Not Your Average Bikes Ltd, has just this last week been appointed as the Zero Motorcycles dealer for the Yorkshire (and currently the whole North of England) region. I just wanted to introduce myself and my busi… Go to Source

Does anyone know when Zero plans on updating the FX?

Fellow Riders- I bought an  2019 Alta EXR, and loved it.  Then of course, Alta's bankruptcy happened and I sold the bike.  Probably should have just ridden it until it broke, but I did not.  Does anyone know when the FX is due for a re-fresh? I wish it… Go to Source

Sevcon calibrator

Has anyone used the sevcon calibrator to change settings on a Zero? My bike is out of warranty and I wanted to start playing around with it. I was going to rent the calibrator to change throttle response and acceleration. Has anyone messed with these a… Go to Source

Vancouver Island Zeros

Anyone around?. I'm in Chemainus and saw a FX today so there's hope! Go to Source

do zero plan a FXS/F

I would like to have a FXS/Fnice breaknice motortrei frame Go to Source

Is it possible to put a 14.4 battery into a Zero S that currently has a ZF7.2 ?

Hello EMF community !!, I purchased my first electric motorcycle (Zero S ZF7.2 with Charge Tank) and love it on so many levels – BUT – the range is starting to drive me nuts. I live a little off the beaten path of the burbs and to get to the rest of hu… Go to ...

new 2017 FX with front brake squealing problem

I found this topic: but the forum warned that it had been more than 120 days since any activity and I should start a new topic. 2 weeks ago I bought a new 2017 FX with 61 … Go to Source

Need Help: 2017 dsr shows empty when I just charged it last night

Need Help: 2017 dsr shows empty when I just charged it last night. Drove it 2 miles this morning and stopped for lunch. When I tried to leave, it wouldn't go. Lights work, but red light blinks and battery shows zero percent charge. Checked all normal s… Go to Source