Where to find stock tail or rain guard?

Hi all, I bought my 2015 Zero DS used. The previous owner shortened the tail. But I installed the Givi side cases, and need the longer tail for it to look right. Does anyone know where I can get the stock tail? I also tried getting the rain guard tail,… Go to Source

Firmware, warranty and dealer service

I haven't read much about Firmwaregate lately.  Are people still having problems with firmware? The reason that I ask is because I'm considering taking my bike in for the check engine light, but I figure they will update the firmware.  Even though Zero… Go to Source

best home charger to hardwire into the garage

I dont know much about chargers beyond some are faster and some are slower. From what I understand not all chargers are created equal and some can harm our bikes. What are your thoughts on FLO Residential chargers @ [url=https://flo.ca/at-home/single-f… Go to Source

Who has actually gone off road on a DS?

I live on Vancouver Island and have access to a few back roads and some double/single track. I have street tires on right now but will switch to some 60/40 or 50/50 tires soon. I only commute 15km one way but have the option to stretch it out and take … Go to Source

Dealer Issues

Hi, Its been a while since I post on this forum… but still have my DSR. I had an issue with my front break and took it to an Authorized dealer a month ago… after a few issues, a warranty claim was filed with Zero. It was denied due to the warranty… Go to Source

Trailering a Zero

I have a Subaru Outback with a trailer hitch.  IIRC, the tongue weight limit is 200lbs.  I swear this is the same limit as on my SUV I owned previously as well. I would like to bring my Zero with me on a trip next month for use while out of town on the… Go ...

Putty into a 2010 S

Hey all, Anyone ever manage to gain access to the 2010 MBB? There isn't an OBD2 port on the bike, just 4 wires labeled "COMMS". I've traced them to the MBB and have identified 3 of the 4 connections. Ground, 3.3V, one connects to U1 (the main chip, vol… Go to Source

Kickstand replacement basic how to in Say10 easy steps

After converting my ‘15 FX to 17” wheels (see post in pics and video section) the kickstand was just a little too long and the bike was likely to tip over. I ordered the medium long kickstand for the FXS. Here is the technique I used to swap it over. T… Go to Source

New fluoride battery design

Honda, Caltech and NASA are trying to develop another "world-beating" battery, this one based upon fluorine. (Not everyone's favorite chemical on the periodic table, but they are tossing in a little copper and lanthanum, too – whatever the heck that is… Go to Source

Just got a Zero X and need some help.

Hi, I just picked up a zero X over the weekend and the battery pack has gone dead. It hasn't been charged in years and the charger is giving me the fault code. So is there any replacement options out there? Anything besides the 3 grand one from zero? … Go to Source